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Sunday, November 25, 2012
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Workers' Migration

KL aspirants offered easy bank loan

The people who want to go to Malaysia on work visa can have bank loan on low interest to meet their cost of migration.

The state-owned banks and the Expatriate Welfare Bank already made arrangements to provide the potential migrants with easy loans to meet their all expenses including that of air passages, visa fee, training fee, medical bill, travel taxes and other related expenditure.

It is initially estimated that the cost of migration for a person would be around Tk 40,000 and the banks would offer people the entire amount as loan at only nine percent annual rate of interest.

The banks would recover the loan on instalments from the salary or wages of the migrants under agreements with their employers. Persons, authorised by the migrants, can also pay the instalments.

"A total of 5,00,000 workers from Bangladesh will get jobs in Malaysia in the next five years. Each of the migrants can have loan from the Expatriate Welfare Bank," CM Koyes Sami, managing director of the specialised bank, told BSS.

In the first phase, 50,000 workers will be sent to Malaysia, beginning from January next year.

The workers will be sent to Malaysia under a government to government arrangement, which will be finalised next week in Kuala Lumpur, the Malaysian capital, he added.

Sami said a potential migrant who wants to get loan should open an account with the bank. The airfare of the worker would be paid directly by the bank to the airline to protect people from forgery or harassment.

Besides the loan, Sami said the migrants would get priority cards, which would entitle them to get services on priority basis from the Bangladesh High Commission in Kuala Lumpur.

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That is really good news, but we must see that it materializes first; I do not think BAIRA will be sitting idle as this threats their business interest directly. It is absolutely right that if our workers are taken government to government basis that would be exactly the right amount of expenditure. No way it can possibly cost more than Tk. 40000; but through those scrupulous manpower agent the same cost goes as high as Tk 2.5 Lakh. I hope the project sustain and survive successfully.

: Tajuddin Ahmed





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