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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Wednesday, February 13, 2013
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Rally losing neutrality

Says BNP

BNP yesterday hailed the youth movement at the capital's Shahbagh, but said repeated chanting of a particular slogan from the podium at the venue had created confusion in the public mind about neutrality of the movement.

Without mentioning the slogan “Joy Bangla”, the main opposition party said, “Questions and serious confusion have arisen about neutrality of the [Shahbagh] gathering due to chanting of a slogan that was used during the Liberation War but lost its general acceptability for being made too much partisan in the post-independence years.”

The observations came in a press statement endorsed by the BNP standing committee at an emergency meeting in the early hours of Monday.

Chaired by party chief Khaleda Zia at her Gulshan office, the meeting discussed in detail the youth movement, its future direction and possible impact, insiders said.

In the statement, BNP criticised the prime minister's remarks in parliament on Monday, saying she “urged the judges to award capital punishment to the war criminals considering the expectation of the people while her responsibility as head of government is to ensure justice in all sorts of crimes including crimes against humanity”.

“If the judges cannot independently deliver verdicts based on their evaluation of the arguments and evidence, then the entire judicial process will become questionable. It's contrary to the rule of law and justice,” the statement continued.

“Though the gathering is claimed to be a neutral one, it is gradually becoming clear that followers of a particular political party are trying to wrest control of the movement.”

The party assured people that if voted to power, it would ensure complete independence of the judiciary, and fair and impartial trial for crimes against humanity; offences like killings of Bishwajit Das and journalist couple Sagar-Runi; and Padma bridge graft and share market, Hall-Mark and Destiny scams.

The statement observed the movement could have been more glorified had the youths also raised their voice against extra-judicial killings, forced disappearances, human rights violations and the government's corruption and other misdeeds.

It further said, “People of the country are now in a movement demanding an acceptable election with the participation of all parties under a non-party and neutral government. So, we all expect the new generations will play an important role in saving democracy and maintaining its continuation.”

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It's frustrating and unfortunate that BNP is demanding their own political agenda by this movement whereas the entire nation are united to get punishment of Razakar. It show the complete absence of idealism in its politics.

: Mohammad Jasim

BNP is digging its own grave deeper , exposing its weaknesses clearer to the people by making such comments and statements.People are asking question now what is the diificulty of BNP in changing their slogan to Joy Bangla ? after all its senior most leader like Moudud Ahmed changed party several times!!!!!!!! People of Bangladesh have not forgotten history. People are not fool , BNP should realize that!!!!!

: yasmin


  • Nuzhat Rifa Ehsan
    Wednesday, February 13, 2013 01:51 PM GMT+06:00 (156 weeks ago)

    Come on BNP... its too late to talk about neutrality when the whole nation out pours against the verdict .

  • Rashid Ahmed
    Wednesday, February 13, 2013 03:17 PM GMT+06:00 (156 weeks ago)

    Do not try to confuse people that BNP is against punishing war criminals. Sheikh Mujibur Rahman declared General Amnesty and pardoned these war criminals. Sheikh Hasina made political alliance with Jamat-Shibir.

    The rally organizers are 100% Awami League agents, they are not keen to raise questions on other murders and corruption that had taken place recently in our country. If these bloggers had been honest and truly loved this country, then they would have raised voices against all social vices, corruption and murders that had engulfed our country.

  • Shafiq Ahmad
    Wednesday, February 13, 2013 06:08 PM GMT+06:00 (156 weeks ago)

    Years ago, I was travelling by Air Ariana (Afghanistan airlines at that time). This UN chartered plane was bringing me along with other stranded Bangladeshis from Lahore to Dhaka (Dacca at that time). I was returning to my motherland which was now a free country. At the end of the flight when we were about to land, Air-Ariana air hostess announced, “we are about to land Dacca, the capital of Bangladesh”. She paused for a minute and the said,” Joy Bangla.” There was a thunderous applause. Everybody in the aircraft was shouting, Joy Bangla, Joy Bangla.

    With very deep sorrow and regret, , it was made a taboo to say Joy Bangla immediately after the assassination of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. Though it was a slogan of every Bangali, it was islamasized by Bangladesh Zindabad. In its own context, the word Zindabad has been used and is still being used by non-muslims also (like Hindus in Uttar Pradesh). Can anybody explain, if this allergy to Joy Bangla is due to fact that the slogan was used during liberation war and they consider themselves as the anti-liberation force? Or it is because Awami League picket this slogan (Awami League is not the author of this slogan).

  • probashi
    Wednesday, February 13, 2013 02:18 AM GMT+06:00 (156 weeks ago)

    Forget about neutrality at the rally - just clarify if you want war crime trial or not.

  • rahim
    Wednesday, February 13, 2013 02:00 AM GMT+06:00 (156 weeks ago)

    We hope the rally will maintain extreme neutrality, not to fulfill any party agenda but to express solidarity to wipe out with other mismanagement , corruptions and to hold free fair election maintaining highest neutrality under the short term interim government with independent people.

  • Sengupta, Canada
    Wednesday, February 13, 2013 01:49 AM GMT+06:00 (156 weeks ago)

    Questions and serious questions have arisen in public mind about the political stand of BNP against peoples' spirits and aspirations. It has been loosing ground if it continues to underestimate the value and dignity of the current movement by the youths.

  • Nasim Hasan
    Wednesday, February 13, 2013 12:45 AM GMT+06:00 (156 weeks ago)

    What a shameless statement. After a long week, it has come into their realisations that the rally is not neutral. What a mockery. We, the young generation are fully aware of their agony. There is no point of thinking us deafs, dumbs or blinds. We know the history of Bangladesh. We know how the founder of BNP rehabilitated alleged war criminals in the name of democracy. We know how he killed thousands of defence officers and soldiers in the name if court martial. Most importantly, we know how he destroyed the fundamental structure of Bangladesh which was brought with a price of three million peoples' blood. And the Khaleda Zia regime of 2001-2006 is beggar description. Rajakars got flags, extra judicial killings, oppression over minorities, religious extremism, empowerment of war criminals, hawa bhaban, khamba, Mr. Ten Percent, Bangla bhai, pichchi Hannan, Shayekh Abdullah, Series Bomb Attack, Ramna Attack, 21st August, One Eleven blah blah blah... all started during your regime.

  • Asad Zaman
    Wednesday, February 13, 2013 02:29 AM GMT+06:00 (156 weeks ago)

    What is wrong with Joy Bangla slogan? It signifies victory and glorification of Bangladesh. It is not clear why does BNP fear this core slogan of the liberation war? Furthermore, the statement issued by BNP is full of logical contradictions and confusions: For instance, if BNP truly welcomes the youths’ Shahbag Movement – that is demanding the capital punishment of war criminals, including Quader Mollah -- why does it then question a simple slogan chosen and valued by the youths? While the BNP stated that the whole nation is united for ONLY the trial of war criminals, the youths have moved a step further—they demand the capital punishment of the war criminals. So if BNP truly welcomes and support the youths’ movement, it must also support the demand (capital punishment) of the movement. Without supporting that core demand, the BNP’s use of only words -- glorified (youth movement) – in the statement seems to be an oxymoron. In the statement the BNP said this movement could have been MORE glorified had the youths raised their voice against country’s many other misdeeds, corruptions etc. In fact, the youths’ Shahbag protest is already a glorified movement by the people, and the BNP has not yet clearly recognised or supported its core demand (the capital punishment of the war criminals).

  • A Choudhury
    Wednesday, February 13, 2013 02:45 AM GMT+06:00 (156 weeks ago)

    Cry, Cry again BNP face the consequences like the trials of its friends & accomplices now in jail waiting for final judgement - Death by Hanging.Joy Bangla Joy Bangabandhu.

  • Nadeem Tariq
    Wednesday, February 13, 2013 12:18 AM GMT+06:00 (156 weeks ago)

    These BNP people should feel ashamed of themselves. Where were they in 1971? Did they not hear the Joy Bangla slogan? Allah has saved us. We shudder to think what the BNP would have done if it was around in 1971. Khaleda Zia and her party should remember that Joy Bangla will always be our national slogan. Why don't they tell these young people at Shahbagh that they don't like Joy Bangla, if they have the guts?

  • neutral
    Wednesday, February 13, 2013 05:13 AM GMT+06:00 (156 weeks ago)

    What kind of neutrality the BNP wants, the youth should sing the song of their taking over power giving martial law.

    Why afraid of 'Joy Bangla', this was the most popular slogan of the independent movement and inspiring to achieve the objectives. It is very easy to assume that the BNP failed to read the mind of the people on the issue of the trail of the war criminals and thought that the Jamaat would manage the show with muscle power and money, and they would support from behind without being exposed as anti-liberation force.

  • WA
    Wednesday, February 13, 2013 05:16 AM GMT+06:00 (156 weeks ago)

    good joke BNP, saying 'Joy Bangla' is destroying the neutrality of the protest in Shahbagh.. good joke.. so I'm sure you would suggest everyone say 'Bangladesh Zindabad', an Urdu word in a protest that is aimed at getting a Rajakar Hanged.. just go home BNP, you're drunk.. go home!

  • Asad Zaman
    Wednesday, February 13, 2013 05:59 AM GMT+06:00 (156 weeks ago)

    The Oxymoronic Statement of the Day: BNP yesterday hailed the youth movement at the capital's Shahbagh. The first sentence of the online edition (of this article) also states: BNP has welcomed the youths’ Shahbagh demonstration. But the rest of the articles otherwise are full of direct or indirect criticism and/or suggestions -- that the movement would have been better if different other political issues were included in its manifesto. So in which way has BNP hailed or welcomed the youth movement? By only criticising or by suggesting a new list of different other issues? Has it (BNP) supported or hailed the prime demand of those youths and their enormous supporters? I don’t think so.

  • Kazi Salim
    Wednesday, February 13, 2013 06:09 AM GMT+06:00 (156 weeks ago)

    It is a ridiculous comment on the slogan of JOY BANGLA. It was a popular, national, martial slogan of the people of Bangladesh during our historic Liberation War in 1971. With this slogan the valiant Freedom Fighters used to attack the Pakistani army and their local stooges and to keep the moral high of the people of Bangladesh. It is a slogan of patriotism and valour, not a slogan of any particular party's slogan in 1971, even their leader late Ziaur Rahman used to chant this slogan until August 15, 1975. Don't try to hide yours hypo critic and ill motivated intention by making a useless comments on this slogan. If you people are sincere, go to Sahabagh and express solidarity with the hundreds of thousands of brave and great patriotic youths, people who are demanding death sentences to the Pakistani and local war criminals of 1971.

  • Abdur Raquib, London
    Wednesday, February 13, 2013 06:10 AM GMT+06:00 (156 weeks ago)

    Excuse Madam Zia, You do not speak for the public!

  • Mohammed Shah Alam Khan from CANADA
    Wednesday, February 13, 2013 06:23 AM GMT+06:00 (156 weeks ago)

    This is the time for the people to justify BNP. I am praying to Allah to save us from the evils of the country.

  • Anonymous
    Wednesday, February 13, 2013 08:59 AM GMT+06:00 (156 weeks ago)

    It's true, the movement should be free from all political influence and to raise voice on all mismanagement, specially corruption, share market debacle, killing , abduction , law and order situation.

  • Mizan Rahman
    Wednesday, February 13, 2013 06:56 AM GMT+06:00 (156 weeks ago)

    We observed during liberation war one particular group told the liberation movement was partisan and was trying to serve the interest of a neighboring country. That group also told the movement was not protecting the religion Islam rather it was protecting the minority group. To understand the heart of the majority of the people is not difficult if you open your eyes especially if we remove the glasses of political agenda from our eyes. BNP has been trapped and does not understand the heart of the common people. Without the support of general mass the movement at Shahbagh would be collapsed within 1-2 days. This is very simple. We hope all political parties will understand the spirit of liberation war and build their strategy and political agenda based on that spirit. General people expects many more from BNP not to serve the agenda of the opposition group of liberation war. Time will not wait for anyone.

  • shawkat haider
    Wednesday, February 13, 2013 09:29 AM GMT+06:00 (156 weeks ago)

    BNP is only digging its own fact both the parties should take lessons from Shahbagh uprising's people power.... this time no credit goes to any political party.....their failure resulted in such a great event....a new history in the making for this country.....we must win this war against Jamaat.....

  • Faisal
    Wednesday, February 13, 2013 10:00 AM GMT+06:00 (156 weeks ago)

    Joy Bangla does not belong to Awami League. It is a slogan of the nation. It has been popularised by Sheikh Mujib, true, but it was not coined by him. So, shouting Joy Bangla makes one a patriot, not an AL supporter.

  • Ahsan Kabir
    Wednesday, February 13, 2013 10:06 AM GMT+06:00 (156 weeks ago)

    It seems to me a sheer stupidity to draw flak surrounding the term 'Joy Bangla' echoed in the Shahbagh rally. The term was supposed to be our source of inspiration during the liberation war. Following the independence AL supplemented the term with another term 'Joy Bangabandhu' but no copyright for the first term is protected by AL. So please don't try to make the people's demand encrypted with this type of cheap remark rather make your position crystal clear about war criminals and the ongoing movement demanding their trials.

  • Asifuddin Khan
    Wednesday, February 13, 2013 10:13 AM GMT+06:00 (156 weeks ago)

    BNP stays blind folded. Pity for them.

  • S K
    Wednesday, February 13, 2013 10:26 AM GMT+06:00 (156 weeks ago)

    BNP's such utterances are nothing but rubbish. They are now choking in fear of being isolated in the political arena. The sky-high protest at Shahbagh has shaken the whole anti-liberation forces and those who are harbouring them. BNP are now shouting just for the sake of shouting helplessly. They do know what is happening at Shahbagh and elsewhere across the country, but are not acknowledging. They have been cornered absolutely and same is the condition of Jamaat-Shibir that are not waging hit-and-run violence which will not save them from being annihilated in the soil of Bangladesh. The roar of Bangalees is being louder day by day and hopefully this protest will usher in a new dawn of Bangladesh free from Jamaat-Shibit and their cohorts.





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