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Rana Plaza compensation

Why the delivery shortfall?

RANA Plaza disaster will continue to remain for a long time a blot on the country's RMG sector. And whatever we do or fail to do to address the multifarious issues related to the disaster, that will have a far reaching effect on the relationship between the buyers and the industry, and the longer it will take the country to remove the blot.
Compensation and rehabilitation of the survivors are two such issues that we cannot give a short shrift to. And we cannot but view the matter of compensation to the victims and their relatives, as it stands now, with a degree of consternation given the poor delivery of compensation even after nine months of the disaster.
It is not as if there are not enough funds with the government. Reportedly, the PM's fund has nearly a 100 crore taka of which only 18 crore have been disbursed. We fail to understand why not all of the families of the 1135 dead workers have received the compensation as yet. The problem we feel lies with the process of ascertaining the exact number of victims and confirming their identity. And as long as that remains indeterminate, the victims, dead, injured and missing, and their families, will be deprived from getting the proper compensation.   
While there is reservation about the amount of compensation, we feel that it is more of a management issue which must be removed in order to make the matter of Rana Plaza compensation more efficient, speedy and transparent.

Published: 5:01 am Tuesday, January 28, 2014

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