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Different Types Of Lovers

There are many lovers in this world. But all of them aren't the same.

People of this world are different. Everyone has different skin colour, hair and are different mentally. So that means there are different ways of loving. Here are a few groups which I have sorted out:-

True lovers- These people are near to their marital lives. When they find that special person they quickly rush to arrange their wedding. If they fail in this love, some will be totally heartbroken and few might commit suicide (deadly). If they win it's a happy life forever.

Ditchers- This group of people is usually in their teens. They are heartless if you ask me. Anyone a bit good looking is all they want. When someone better looking arrives they simply leave the one they loved before. Here's a short story about a ditcher: Ali loved four girls. He ditched one. Two did not love him. Now he's hanging out with one of them. The girls shall be known as 'A', 'Sa', 'P' and 'So'. He first loved 'A', who did not want any sort of serious relation with him, preferring to be his friend. I guess he did not get her. Then he fell for the girl 'Sa'. She agreed at once to the proposal he gave her. So began a simple love story. Now, Ali, had loved 'P' even during that 'simple' love story. He first made friends with her. Then he proposed to her. 'P' did not agree to his proposal. He got irritated when she didn't agree to his proposal. Later, 'P', had to transfer schools (finally she got some peace). 'Sa' knew that Ali was doing all this but she still did not leave him. A few months later, he ditched her. 'Sa' was totally heartbroken. She started blaming 'P' for all this (isn't she stupid). Now Ali is with 'So', who I am sure will be ditched within a few more months.

Well that's the story of the ditcher. So remember, BEWARE OF THE DITCHER!!!

Disturbing elements- This group of people goes on blabbering to their friends or anyone else that they are in love. They try to irritate their victim by pointing at them or acting too cool whenever they see him/her. now if you have one of these elements behind your back, do this:

a) knock the daylights of "him/her".
b) shout at "him/her" so that "he/she" never thinks about you again.

Secret admirers- This group is very shy and doesn't talk too freely. They cautiously drop a note into the bag of their loved ones. They do a lot of hard work to get those romantic phrases. They also learn how to control their emotions in front of the victim.

Internet lovers- This pair spends most of their time staring at the monitor of the computer to get a message or chat (for at least 3 hours). They try to impress each other as much as possible. That's when they decide to meet each other. This is how you can also get that special person in the net.

Secret lovers- This pair's love is a top secret file. They don't see much of each other (of course they have the Internet, telephone where they are free). Whenever they see each other in front of public they just plant a shy grin on their faces. It's better if we just don't bother them in their secret love. Shhh....

Sad lovers- They mourn and cry all day maybe because:

a) They were ditched b) The ones they love don't love them back c) There might be pimples on their face (well this isn't the cause usually). They write poems titled like 'The one I loved is an idiot'. Finally, they find out that love isn't easy. The world out there is very, very cruel. They commit suicide; a few of them, that is, cause most people are afraid of death.

So we saw the types of lovers there are. You can be one of them (don't be shy). Maybe not today, not tomorrow, but one day. Until next time.

By The Sorter

The worst valentine's day gifts

1. Souvenirs of Cupid, hearts, babies, angels, etc: They are tacky and completely useless. If we want something to decorate our rooms with, we can buy them ourselves.
2. A bunch of wilting rajanigandhas: These flowers are way too long, too thin and remind us of albino giraffes. Instead, the classic roses or the orchids are much more welcome.
3. A book of poems by some chhakafied local poet no one's ever heard of before: Spare us bad literature.
4. Fluorescent pink candles in shape of teddy bears: Last time we checked, we weren't eight-years old. And the colour is blinding.
5. Red, heart shaped cards with golden frills and white laces: Ever heard of revolutionary companies called Hallmark and Archies and Blue Mountains?
6. Fake perfumes: Nothing can be more distasteful on V-Day than a bottle called 'Tomy Hilgifer' or 'Happy Clinic'. If you don't have the money to buy the real ones, don't try to impress with fake brands.
7. Tight men's shirts with yellow cheetah prints: Not unless the guy in question has a physique like Josh Hartnett. Tight simply isn't manly.
8. Deformed, ugly, yellow teddy-bears: Who wants to have nightmares on V-Day night?
9. Music album filled with corny, love songs from the 80's: Take hints from MTV. And not everyone is a George Michael fan.
10. Cocola chocolates and mimis: Never, ever cheat with chocolates. Get the real ones (Twix, Hershey's, Kit Kats, Ferrero Rochers, Snickers, Mars, etc).
11. Fake Zippos: Bad idea, bad idea.
12. A date at someplace where the food ends up giving you a stomachache: Throwing up on Valentine's Day or rushing to the bathroom every five minutes isn't the most romantic thing to do.
13. A long letter with the spelling of his/her name wrong: Buy yourself a plot in the graveyard. Hurry, you still have time.
14. A stolen mobile phone as big as a brick.
15. Lockets with alphabets spelling I-Love-You: We know how to spell.
16. Soundtracks of Hindi movies under the names of "Munna Bhai" or "Love in Nepal/Bhutan/Botswana or whichever country it is".
17. A phone index with Libra written on it to your Aquarian girlfriend.
18. A bracelet that does not fit your girlfriend's wrist when you insist on putting it on her.
19. A handmade card in an envelope your ex gave you.
20. The latest album of "Prometheus".

By Maliha Bassam


Hey People! It's been a long time. Although I had mixed feelings when we decided to close down Tête-à-tête, I have to admit, it's good to be back. So let's get down to business, shall we?

A' level candidates who want to go to college abroad, but are having trouble with funds, here's good news for you: The United World College is offering scholarships for Baccalaureate studies at any one of their campuses in different universities around the world. If you have 7 A's in your O' levels (English Medium), or 7A+ grades in your SSC exams (Bangla medium), you could be eligible. For further information, contact the President of the National Committee, UWC, Bangladesh. Fax no. (8802) 8823678, and e-mail intserve@citechco.net.

Sunday, January 25, was an exciting day for the Rising Stars. We had our walk-in interview for the new team. There was a turn out of almost a hundred applicants, some of whom were accompanied by their rallying relatives. The interviews stretched on for several hours, and believe me, the existing team was simply inundated with CV's. We finally short-listed our winners, and so now the RS family has some new members. Curious to know who they are? You'll just have to keep reading the RS to find out.

A new team of writers isn't all that's new about the RS. Your favourite teen magazine is getting ready for some radical changes, so keep your eyes peeled. We'll be having loads of new features, more campus news, and a few other goodies I'm not going to mention because I don't want to spoil it for you. With Valentine's Day just around the bend, love is in the air…or is it? Our writers seem to have a different idea….

Which brings us to the discussion forum, and the topic of the week is: Going out in the 21st Century: Who makes the first move? The feminist movement has allowed many women, young and evergreen, to step out of the stereotypes and take on roles that their predecessors couldn't have dreamed of, and this includes the relationship battlefield. While some laud this new-found expression of freedom, others, even other women, believe that some things should be left to the men. What's your take? Do you believe that girls should be more proactive, or should they just wait to be wooed?

I'll be waiting to hear from you. Until our next tête-à-tête, take care, and Happy Valentine's Day.

Send your polls, opinions, and queries to thegirlnextdoor1@hotmail.com

By The Girl Next Door


Scenario Valentine

Once again the sun rose with its grandeur from the east
The rays were tinged differently; it was a feast
Announcing the victory of love and bringing love all the way
Awaited by lovers of entire universe, it was valentine's day.
Celebrated by love and warmth from the bottom of the hearts
It's for lovers who are together; maybe not for who are apart.
People becomes eager to express their love in different way
This seems obeying a custom, if we love do we have to say?
What is thy love if it can't be read from the sparkling of thy eyes?
Why is only smile regarded as an icon of love? Why not the sighs?
Love is not only the acceptance expressed proudly outwards;
It is also the platonic enigma hidden deep inwards.
Everyone who loves is not so lucky to be loved in return;
Maybe it was their fault to love for which now they have to yearn.
Love is not it's expression in different way on a particular day
Lovers language is silently read; we don't have to say.
And every day in a lover's life is a new everlasting valentine's day.

By Ishita Khan






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