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Hey People!
Let me start off by wishing you all <>Shubho Nobo Borsho<>. I hope you had a blast on the 14th, and found time to hang out with friends and family. I wish I did.

Hey, has anyone been following American Idol? I'm not sure exactly when I got hooked on to the show, but now my week seems incomplete without a good dose of the music, the suspense, the heated competition, and of course, the acerbic opinions expressed by the judges. Which reminds me, my mailbox this week has seen a lot of music, competition, and acerbic opinions. Let's take a gander at them, shall we? The first message is from Enigmatic, and this is in response to the mails from Rez, Electron, and Rudmila. Enigmatic says:

"I don't even want to think about what's going to happen if rap ever makes it into the Bangladeshi music industry. I mean, just take a look at Black's disastrous "Prakritik". Okay, some people are gonna argue that Mark isn't even a proper MC, but it still shows that rap is definitely not suitable for the average Bangali ear, which can absorb copious amounts of Rock/Alternative/Metal and still have room left over for grunge, techno and pop. Guys, the R/M/A genres are so widespread that you can almost call them international. Rap, on the other hand, is American street trash. Take it outside the USA, and it becomes worthless. The Dhakaiya MCs are probably thinking, 'Yeah, right', but it's the truth, DMCs. Rap is basically poetry (and very poor poetry at that; the language is horrible) read at a very fast pace with some sort of light rhythm playing in the background. It contains no room for creating variations, mostly because it has no tune -- the monotony that results because of this deficiency is rap's Achilles' Heel. R/M/A, on the other hand, contains very rich tunes, and this is why it is the most regal genre of music there is. Sure, bands like Papa Roach rap like maniacs, but they always back their chatter up with furiously cool music, and they have choruses that sound great, so there you go. Let's not pochafy the local R/M/A industries. They rule. Many of them are good enough to go head-to-head with internationally acclaimed R/M/A artists...and maybe even win. Bands like Aurthohin and Artcell and Black are what are keeping this industry alive in Bangladesh. Their sounds are anything but stereotypical. One last thing -- when the first rock/metal bands of Bangladesh like Warfaze and Rockstarta appeared, they got a warm welcome from the people, because many people listened to stuff like Iron Maiden and Metallica, and were used to that type of thing. The added attraction was, these local artists were just as talented as the international ones, and they were singing in their native tongue, which meant they were more down to earth with the local people than any foreign rock star could ever possibly be. When Black appeared with their alternative music, they were also greeted with quite a bit of warmth. Loads of people listen to Linkin Park etc., and the alternative genre appeals to lots of people. Unfortunately, the same thing cannot be said about the rappers. For one thing, rap sounds extremely stupid in any language other than English, which means our Dhakaiya MCs will have no choice but to do their stuff in English. Problem: any English albums released by local artists ALWAYS end up in the trash bin, regardless of whether it is Cryptic Fate or Miles that release them. Also, the audience for rap in Bangladesh is so tiny (at least when compared to the R/M/A audience), people won't even notice the DMCs even if they do manage to scrape together an album. And anyway, if anybody wants to listen to listen to English rap, they can always turn to Eminem and Ice-T and 2Pac and The Notorious BIG, no problems there..." Hmm…well, once again, I wouldn't pochafy one genre in favour of the other. Enigmatic, when you're talking about the language of rap being horrible, I'm guessing that you're talking about gangsta rap and similar genres. Southern Rap (of the Outkast type) is a bit cleaner…and look at Will Smith's work…he doesn't follow the usual theme of sex and violence that's so prevalent. Some of the more interesting parts of rap, as one of my friends pointed out, and indeed, what makes it so popular elsewhere, are the beats. If you look at producers like N.E.R.D. or Timberland, You'll see that their music has a very innovative approach within rap, specifically since the beats and the music behind the rap stuff is different. Plus, it's not like rock always has great lyrics, and here, I'm not referring to Bangla R/M/A. Don't get me wrong, I'm no great fan of either rap or R/M/A, and maybe that's why I fail to see why supporters of either have to be at each other's throats. I thought music was supposed to be the universal language?

Anyway, that's a lot for one week. Next week we have the rebuttal, before I close the book on this argument. Till our next tête-à-tête, take care!

Send your polls, opinions, and queries to thegirlnextdoor1@hotmail.com
By The Girl Next Door

RS Mailbox

To RS Editor,
Hey! First of all, thank you for printing an article on me. Now, please allow me to apologize to ALL musicians/fans/readers/AM fans/AG fans and so on, "IF" any of you were hurt or insulted in anyway after reading the article on me titled "The man behind new bands."

I know this is late but this had to be done! I said, defined, described, and explained over and over again each and every topic that I was being asked about. For some weird reason, a name like Rohan [I don't even know who he is!] came in the article where as names like Anjan, Indi, Ron got deleted! A lot of other stuff got deleted as well, including people with whom I organized concerts (sorry man, I guess you were hurt to god knows what limit judging from your reaction.)

It is not that all names or occasions definitely have to be mentioned because I know the RS staff and I feel that you are doing an amazing job of fitting the article into a certain limited space in your paper, "BUT" unfortunately, "IMPORTANT" names and occasions got deleted thus making me look like an arrogant person and making it look like a "BAD" interview!

I will not make this any longer. Once more I would like to take this opportunity to apologize to all the above mentioned people and my friends out there if this article gave you a wrong impression, or made you feel bad in any way.

Thank you all for your patience and understanding,

Brain teasers

Think you are smart? You can find out yourself! Solve the problems
below. You have only 1 minute. Best of luck and don't peek at the answers!
1.Akhter is dumber than Kuddus and Monju is smarter than Akhter. Which of the
a. Monju is dumber than Kuddus
b. Monju is smarter than Kuddus
c. Monju is as dumb as Kuddus
d. It is impossible to tell
2. If some Nerds are Jerks and some Jerks are Dorks then some
Nerds are definitely Dorks. This statement is
a. True
B. False
3. What is the missing letter?
4. Which number should come next?
3 , 5 , 8 , 13 , 21 , ?
5. Hand is to Glove as Head is to
a. Hair
b. Hat
c. Neck
D. Earring

ANSWERS : 1-d , 2-a , 3H , 4-34, 5-b
Compiled by AES

Press Release
On the occasion of "Pohela Boishakh" EWU Environmental Social Club is organising a Bangla literary competition for the school, college, and university students. The subjects of the competition are Short Story, Poetry and Essay writing. Participants will be divided into four following groups: Group A: Students of Class four to Class six, Group B: Students of class eight to class ten, Group C: College Students and Group D: University students.
Short stories and poetry can be written on any topics. Following are the essay topics for the different groups: Group A "My Parents" (Word limit 300), Group B "My Home" (Word limit 800) Group C: The Role of Student Community in Protecting Environment" (Word limit 1500) and Group D: "The Role of Family in Developing The Society" (Word limit 2000).
The last day of submission of articles is May 5, 2004. The prize giving ceremony will be
held sometime in May. Interested students are requested to submit their entries to the following address:

Syed Sadrul Huda,
Moderator, ESS, East West University,
45 Mohakhali
C/A, Dhaka 1212
email: es@ewubd.edu

Shout It Out! Hey People!

Hey people,
We are back this week with some really touching messages. Remember one thing though. "Apology" messages do not count as "love" messages, so we will be able to print that. This is in response to a question asked by one of our readers. So if you ever feel the need to say sorry to someone, then there is no better way to do it, than it print! Just send in those messages and keep enjoying!

My room is quiet because there is no one to talk to. It is cold because I sit here alone. It is sad because it is far from children's laughter. No one has ever entered and benefited of your presence and your presents, and there is no remembrance of you except in this poor old heart of mine. It engulfs me, it eats me up inside like a merciless beast. I regret the moments when I threw my dearest possession away. In fits of rage, I had given away your presents, threw them at your face, insulted you. I am sorry.
Remember I will be waiting.
From the lost,

To Ankon, Asif, Kayes, Nashid, Absar.
Guys, it's been great to meet you all in this last moment of college life.I had no good memories thus far, but now I have some really beautiful moments to remember, and some really good friends to count on.Hope we'll always be friends.
Thanks guys.

To Maisha,
Well, remember that bratty girl in the 7th grade who totally made your life a living hell when you were the new kid in school (how could you forget!)...as she still irritates you, shares every happiness and sorrow with you and above all surprises you like sending this message in the RS (yes, I'm the greatest friend ever!).
Your best friend

Little Miss Goody-Goody,
I'm lucky to have you as my best friend and always will be there...Your only best friend (better be!!),

Dear Seven Suns & Urmee,
I love you very much and I know you do too. Anyways, best of luck for the practical exams.
Tushi, Snowy, Laltoo

I will always love you, and only you, and will always hate you, and only you.
"The one you love to hate"

Hey Synthe, Reza, Razib, Mayedah, Marzia and Tikli,
How are you all?

If anyone needs a rapper or something, mail to Jay_C_ADK@hotmail.com / A_ReZ_ADK@hotmail.com

Hi Faria,
Happy Birthday! (25th April) When is the treat?
Your friends

Hi Ghazala Miss,
Happy Birthday! I hope you have a great time when celebrating your birthday with your family but please do not forget me. May your birthday be filled with happiness and joy and I hope our team (India) wins the test series.

Happy Dappy Doo,
Happy Birthday to you! (11th April)
Hope you have a big blast on your birthday, and do not forget our treat.
With hugs and kisses,
Noor-e, Nahin, Rehnuma, Shahana, Rajee, Kaykasha, Nashid, Sarah, Farhana and all your old friends.

Dear Tamanna,
From: the whole class (excluding the person you detest the most!)

Hi everyone!
This is for Onindita. I saw the message you have printed in the Rising Stars, the one about your old friends, Shahir, Altaf, Saqib. Dipa, Vina etc. Well, I am not one of them, but I know them. Shahir and Saquib are still in Mastermind and Veena and Dipa are in ESS......and Samir and Altaf left the school and well, I do not know about that. By the way, my personal message goes out to all Rising Star readers: I am 16 and so you can add me just for friendship at
Cyber Devil

Hey Cadets
We, the cadets of Class XI (PCC) proudly announce that we are forming an association called AFCA (Association of Friend Cadets). The first meeting will be held at 1600 hrs. on April 27, in front of Sangsad Bhaban. Please join us!
For more information, contact CN. 1106. P.C.C







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