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"Excess SUCCESS through change in career"

MAny people have changed their careers and been rewarded with success in excess. Making the right decisions at the right time is certainly one of the major factors affecting a person's career.

Some of the major headliners are born successful, and remain the same; their fame in name lives ever after. Unfortunately, it is true that some of the names of these so-called successful men/women get to our mind and soul, forcefully, more than wilfully. Take for example, KALA JAHANGIR, there is no beauty in his name, nor in his abstract profession, yet he is more popular than our very own president.

It is that a very respected teacher of some government institution, operating in complete honesty can work their heart and soul out, only to earn RESPECT of the society. It is evident that respect won't earn them any fancy houses or whirlwind wheels. In short, respect can't afford standard of living, but standard of living can produce respect.

Fame is the name of the game.
A career change, perhaps can change a life. It can let people LIVE ALIVE, let that be in a way of legal elegance or be that financially blissful.

Some of the symptoms and 'what to do-s' during a career pause are listed below:

· BOREDEM- If your job is as boring as watching BTV world, and your pay is as high as that of a hawker, it is time that you change your profession, for your own good.

· FRIDAY FEVER- It is a term used to describe how tired and depressed you get just thinking that you have to be on time at the office on Saturday morning. Moreover, it is the day when your parents stay home, and spend some family time with you. We understand, that it can be nerve numbing at times. (This is the universal solute for which, scientists haven't yet come up with any solution)

· ABSORPTION- You think that you're forced to work overtime, without an over time payment. Since your corporation believes in Bangladesh standard 4 followingequation;GMT+600HRS=BST+3HRS=BAT (Bangladesh ACTUAL Time). The gist of the equation is, if your boss wants you to stay 3 hours more after office time, you can definitely make it, by going to the office 3 hours late. That is, 9:00(BST)= 12:00 (BAT) and 5:00(BST)= 8:00(BAT) Well, if he asks you, you can tell him about the BST.

· SALARY STAGNATION- When you are sure that there is no way you can make more money staying at this profession, then definitely a career change is necessary. One option would be coaching at a teaching centre of O' & A' levels and university admissions; this option boosts your real income, since the govEARNment can't charge tax on your income.

Some of the (in)famous people did lead us with examples, courtesy, to my consultation.

A list of my success if provided in the following:

· ERSHAD SCHICKDAR : He was a successful man, but unfortunately passed away, but that's everyone's destiny. A successful man is one who can earn more than his wife can spend; but Mr. E. Schickdar has earned so much, even his three wives can't spend it all. Successful man redefined. He was a coolie at a rail-station before he contacted our consultation firm.

· TOKAI SEAGOR: Once upon a time, he was a tea-stall pichhi, and now he has properties across the globe. He has a house in Long Island, NY, true! So what if he is a criminal? (there is CREAM IN ALL.) What is the secret of his excess success? Our consultation firm.

We have a huge list to compile the entire year, but we value your time. Not everyone becomes an emblem of success, financially; some become a symbol of emotion and devotion.
…is a small poem by one of our hurt in the heart client.





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