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Guitar on the Web

By Anup

HI buddies! After pondering myself for a while, the idea just popped up in my head to write an article on guitar related web-pages. I have found a lot of guys/guls (in some cases) buying costly guitars and keep their guitars marooned in the box soon after they lose interest in that just because of lack of proper guidance. For those people and for novice, as well as for every person who likes to play guitar, this article could be handy for you. In this write-up, I have brought before you some web-pages which provide free guitar lessons, tabs and chords for both English and Hindi songs.

Okhay! Now let's get to the point. First of all, preference given to the beginners. A lot of sites online provide lessons and guidance to the beginners. These sites mainly include fingering tips, holding the pick, chords, general guitar terms, tuning guidance etc. Just listing out those pages for you. This is just an ideal beginners' site http://guitar.about.com/library/weekly/aa071200a.htm. It has got 8 parts with different lessons including practice schedule. Another site here for you: http://guitarsecrets.com/homework1.htm. This site consists of more than 26 chapters demonstrating the lessons step by step. Well! Most of the beginners I have seen seen try to play tabs seeing the tablature at their primary stage. If you are one of them, then you should pay a visit to this page: http://guitaralliance.com/guitar_lessons/guide_to_guitar_tablature/index.htm

This site provides quite dexterous guidance to learn to read tabs and apply them. Besides that, for a bit more advanced users, this one could be handy: http://guitaralliance.com/guitar_lessons/guide_to_guitar_tablature/index.htm giving you good idea on vibrato, hammer-ons, tapping which are quite used in tabbing. Let's wrap up the beginner section here and move on to some tab and chord sites.

A deluge of tab links list really caught my eyes in: http://www.guitar-tablature-guide.com/onlineguitarlessons.html. It has got a lot of tabs of the hit songs of your favourite singers/Bands from Bob Dylon to Cold Play or U2. Check it out to find yourself a real lucky one!

Oo! Got another one…a very large tab archive that includes many Spanish bands. url: www.tabsplanet.com. Guys searching for Metallica, Beatles, Neil Young or Smashing Pumpkins? A major collection is there waiting for you at www.jauko.nl/tot/search.htm

Tablatures for Pink Floyd, The Beatles, REM, U2 and others can be found at this site:

A small collection of hiphop guitar tabs includes Eminem, Xzibit, Tupac and others.

well! That's all for the English section here. For the people looking for hindi guitar tabs, www.indianguitartab.com is a must-visit page for them!

Before ending up….I got a real rousing news for you guys who are seeking for chords of Bengali songs. Visit http://bdguitarfreaks.tripod.com for more info! The thing that may catch your eyes of this site is the flash effects! However, you can even contribute to this site by sending your guitar chords and tabs. It should be added here….it's going to be the first and largest deshi guitar site on the net. So…waiting for what buds??? Go….go through the pace!!





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