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Point of view

Of dogs, superheroes and flirts!

Okay, so it's pink in colour_ a bit weird for a dog. So what? How many other dogs can save their owners every time they are about to be transformed into alien chickens? Or consult a highly intelligent computer for advice on how to battle supernatural evil forces? Courage is undoubtedly one heck of an inappropriately named, irresistibly adorable and outrageously hilarious dog. He lives with his owners, Muriel and Eustace in the town of Nowhere. This old couple represents two completely different poles: Muriel is chubby, soft-spoken, kind and loves Courage while her husband is a thin, cranky farmer who loathes their pet and loves referring to him as the 'Stupid Dog'. Created by John R. Dilworth, Courage the Cowardly Dog, like Johnny Bravo and The Powerpuff Girls, started on the 'What a Cartoon Show' (now more familiar as The Cartoon Cartoon Show). The most appealing aspect of this cartoon is the fact that it's simply… weird. Instead of using traditional villains, the ones starring this cartoon happen to be, well…
just a little freakier than usual. Whether, it is LeQuack (a duck/ bank robber with a French accent), aliens, zombies, psychotic barbers or evil eggplants_ with amazing animation and background music that can actually spook you out (I'm not kidding!), this cartoon outdoes any other canine entertainers. A combination of comedy and horror, this cartoon is a portrayal of an unappreciated hero of a dog who lives in a perpetual state of anxiety but who confronts his fears to rescue his beloved owner, Muriel and the not-so-beloved Eustace. Personally, my favourite cartoon of all times, Courage's loyalty to his owners and the battles between his natural cowardice and much-needed bravery endear him to all his viewers.

Sugar, spice, everything nice and some accidentally poured Chemical X_ the formula for the perfect little girls. Interestingly, the creator, Craig McCracken conceived this popular cartoon, not in any lab, but in his class while working on it as a project in The California Arts Institution in 1992. Originally titled as The Whoop-Ass Girls (thank God, that didn't last…
could any other name defile the cutest superheroes as badly?), it got aired on Cartoon Network in 1998. Red-haired Blossom is the leader of the trio, has ice breath as special powers and is probably the most balanced and practical amongst them all. Bubbles, clad in baby-blue is the most adorable one. Full of 'joy and laughter', she's into drawing flowers, colouring and ponies but is equally good at teaching the bad guys a lesson. Buttercup is the toughest sister, with a no-nonsense attitude, wearing a frown meant to intimidate the criminals. Their guardian, Professor Utonium might be cool about these little girls fighting crimes for Townsville but they're not spared from fixed bedtimes and attending Pokey Oaks kintergarden under their teacher, Miss Keane. Then there's the, err… slow mayor who's known as err… just the Mayor and his efficient secretary, Miss Sara Bellum, a beauty whose face is mysteriously never revealed. The city of Townsville has its share of criminals, starting from Fuzzy Lumpkins, wannabe PPG and daddy's spoiled little rich girl, Princess Morbucks, The Rowdyruff Boys, the evil-sounding Him and of course, my favourite, the evil genius monkey, Mojo Jojo.

'The Powerpuff Girls' has become almost everybody's favourite over the last few years; testified by the gaining popularity of its accessories in the market (which, sigh, reminds me of this Powerpuff Girls watched that I owned once upon a time and which I never saw again after… oh well, that's a long story…). These fun, delightful super-girls can surely save your day no matter how disastrous it's been with childishly innocent and interesting storylines, that never get old.

Johnny Bravo may be narcissistic and possess an ego as big as a certain somebody's (whose name I shall not mention) head_ yet, it is impossible to not like this guy. Something about his big hair and big muscles is reminiscent of Elvis Presley; except he's devoted not to music, but to the female species. Sure, his approach to them is probably not the wisest one out there but hey, he's a good guy. He believes himself to be God's gift to women and gives the word 'self infatuated' a whole new meaning. Unfortunately for him, women seem to be repelled by his cheesy pickup lines and juvenile antics. With an impenetrable confidence in his good looks and karate chops, which do nothing to get him out of sticky situations, he's not someone who'll take no for an answer. Rejection leaves him unfazed; maybe because such a word doesn't exist in his vocabulary. He dotes on his mother Mama Bravo and shows patience with the character of Little Suzy, the only member of the opposite sex who seems to have a crush on him. The biggest flirt among cartoons, Johnny Bravo's dimwitted actions not only leave you shockingly amused but also make you realise that somebody out there has worse luck with romance that you do. Even if it happens to be just a cartoon.

By Maliha Bassam

Cartoons that just get on your nerves

Cartoons are meant to make people laugh and relax. After a hard day's work, anyone and everyone would rather sit down and laugh at a few cartoons, rather than watch BBC. Most cartoons live up to that expectation, and are simply too hilarious, except for an inexcusable few. These few are so annoying that you would shoot them if you could. It's fantastic when something horrible happens to them but most of the time you have to see them more often than you would like to. Here's our list of the top five Toons that Get on Your Nerves!

5. Daffy Duck from the Looney Tunes
The very personification of the word 'moron', Daffy reveals a higher and higher level of idiocy, making the otherwise much loved Looney Tunes Unbearable. Hanna-Barbara made a real effort in making this drooling duck as annoying as annoying can be and that lands Daffy fifth in our list.

4. Ed from Ed, Edd and Eddy
Stupidity of unbelievable heights is revealed when this member of the trio of Ed, Edd & Eddy is on the spot! The entire show itself is bad enough with its concept and story line and Edd successfully makes it downright irritating. His corny lines and annoying looks make him the fourth most annoying toon.

3. Dee Dee from Dexter's Laboratory
Probably the dumbest person to ever grace the airways of Cartoon Network this sunshine girl is perfect material to prick on your delicate nerves. Episodes without her, as a rule, are more enjoyable. Does being popular and close to Nature also mean being dumb? Not to mention her irritating friends…

2. Scrappy Doo from Scooby Doo
Exactly how did a dog like Scooby end up with a nephew like Scrappy? He's not cute, fun or adorable and he is totally devoid of humour. A total misfit, his character is of no known use in the otherwise hilarious show probably the reason why we didn't see him in later seasons. His absence in both the Scooby movies proves this is one pup without Puppy Power.
And the #1 spot goes to…

1. Olive Oyle from the Popeye Show
Is it just us or does no one else in the world think that Olive is one girl not worth fighting over? She looks like a pole in a hat and has the voice of a strangled cat. Olive makes us wonder whether there is anything grayish in her head. This is one girl who really needs that dose of spinach. Besides, the whole spinach thing didn't work because she probably scared kids away making them think that they too would end up with bad tastes like Popeye if they ate too much of that stuff. Watch her for too long and we guarantee you'll end up with a headache.

By Hitch-Hiker and Crucified





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