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Tale of a little Fairy

There lived a beautiful little fairy on the Green Island, a fine little islet in the Bay of Bengal. Her name was Monisha, and she lived there with her mother, and her younger brother, Amit. Monisha and Amit used to play together in the fields, with other little fairies who lived there. They lived a happy, carefree life.

One starry night, when Monisha was flying around with the other fairies, a cyclone suddenly hit the island. Monisha's wings were broken, and she was swept off the island and left ashore in front of a house in Bangladesh.

A little girl called Proma lived in that house. Proma found Monisha lying unconscious in the garden, and took her inside. They called the doctor, who gave the fairy some medicine, and finally Monisha regained consciousness.

Monisha and Proma became good friends. They played together, ate together and read together. Monisha asked Proma to help her make some wings. The two girls collected the feathers of various kinds of birds, and the wings of butterflies, and made a beautiful pair of wings. Monisha was delighted.

Finally, on a starry night, Proma and her friends gathered in a field. Monisha donned the wings and bid farewell to each of them, and promised to return for a visit some day. She rose to the sky, while her friends watched in amazement, and flew off like a bird. She was going home.

Written by Md. Shajahan Kibria
Illustrations by Samina Nafies





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