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By Niloy

Behold! Your digital masters have arrived! Pack your bags, fellow humans, our time is definitely over. The new robots can do so many things and are so much cooler that inferior-ness is painfully obvious.

Hell! The Robosapien can throw a beer can over a distance of ten metres! Beat that! I've never seen a human do that before.

Robosapien V3
The Robot Age is upon us. Please read the last line of this quote very carefully: …now he can lie down and get back up onto his feet, distinguish between different colours and sounds, grip and pick up an object as heavy as a beer can, and throw lighter objects around ten feet… So this robot can carry beer and throw stuff. It appears that the ultimate "Man's Best Friend" has arrived. The V3 will be a foot taller than the current model and will do away with the controller, leaving this robo-beast to be entirely voice-controlled. When these things can massage my bunions and shave my back then I'll buy stock in the company.

World's First "Tasting" Robot
The world's first "tasting" robot is developed by NEC System Technologies in cooperation with Sanjuu University. Since actually slapping taste buts on a slobbery, robotic tongue would probably be far too difficult, the company opted to install an infrared sensor in one of the robot's "hands." When you put a piece of food up to the sensor, it will blast it infrared at different wavelengths, and depending on the reverb, the robot can determine what food it is. This is surprisingly (for me, anyway) accurate the "Health and Foodstuff Adviser Robot" can distinguish between different types of bread and cheese.

OmniTread Snakebot
A U-Mich team has developed the 'OmniTread' snake-like robot, which moves in a variety of ways to get over obstacles (and impress the ladies). Weighing in at 26 pounds and controlled by a human operator, the OmniTread can roll like a log, lift its 'head' a segment at a time, or slink forward like a snake crossed with a tank. What that means to the casual robot observer is a snake-like robot that can not only squeeze through tight gaps, but can also clear curbs up to 18-inches tall.

Robot Mannequins Spy on Shoppers
Faceless, camera-eyed, paraplegic mannequins are coming soon to Japanese department stores, as Flower Robotics shows off its prototype models that not only turn to pose for individual shoppers, but take pictures of shoppers and forward the images to store security. Code-named 'Palette,' the new mannequins "pose for the nearest person by sensing his or her position." There's no price or availability information yet, but when you see a featureless robot leering at you in the latest couture, you're probably on camera.

Tarantulas: Wireless Rescue Bots
Our dark future imitates our art in the Tarantulas project (The All-terRain Advanced NeTwork of Ubiquitous MobiLe Asynchronous Systems. Project.) Small robots that can communicate and work together without a central command. "We can send in a swarm of robots, say to search a building on fire, to search for human survivors. One group can be in charge of searching, while another group is equipped with video transmission equipment." Tarantulas use a relative positioning system to determine where they are in relation to each other, saving them power as they don't need GPS. Working prototypes due this year should be able to accompany you next time your house burns down.

Mini Robo Copter
Seiko Epson is showing off their new robo-copterthe lightest and smallest robotic helicopter to date, weighing in at just 8.9 grams. The Micro Flying Robot has four legs and actuators, as well as two rotors, to aid in balancing. Lacking Asimovesque miniature atomic power sources as we do, the copter is externally powered, but it's awfully cool nonetheless.

By I.M. Tanjin Ahsan

I am talking about software which makes Windows XP just appear like Windows Longhorn. The software doesn't require too much memory like other GUI (Graphical User Interface) enhancement software does. Other GUI enhancement software like WindowBlinds, Desktop X takes too much system memory and uses a kind of skinning technology which decreases computer speed and performance. But the software that I am writing about doesn't require extra memory or processing power.

This software is called "Longhorn Inspirat Transformation Pack". Good thing of this software is, it is completely free. Mainly technology inside this software makes it faster. This software just upgrades Windows XP original icon and visual shell to Original Longhorn build 5078 shell and it uses original Microsoft certified resource pack. That means maximum compatibility with every PC and no extra processing power required! Even this software makes your Start menu alpha blended (A kind of shadow technology). When you install this software you will see maximum changes. It changes your close, maximise, minimise just like Longhorn latest build. It also changes XP's bluish folder properties to Longhorn 'Aero' like interface, even changes all GUI icons (Including Longhorn glossy back and next button). So don't just wait there and download it from: ftp://crystalxp.net/crystalxp.net/Bricopacks/Pack_Longhorn_Inspirat_1.1_code56874.exe

If you face any problem downloading this file just contact me at: tanjinahsan@gmail.com

I think the budget was Wow some! I guess with less than 3% of the local population using mobile phones, our honourable minister for price hike and corruption friendliness has achieved his mark. His success story does not begin or end here, because his story one is of those ironical Hindi film chief minister kind of thing. Remember way back in Mr. Saifur Ah!-man's last tenure, when mobile phones and cars cost almost the same. Yes, it was during the same government's tenure when some motor cycles used to be cheaper than mobile phones. And this time, when due to sheer competition the prices got low and affordable, our honourable Sylheti foa, added 1200tk. I wonder what sort of improvements will the government make.

But in reality, with food prices going up, and people going for SIM sandwiches! I don't think increasing the price is too bad. After all what will this increase? Give him money, and bar people from limited incomes from buying a SIM. He gets his line; does it matter if 97% of the nation is SIM less?

As I mentioned above, honourable minister for price hike and corruption friendliness- is like a father figure for those corrupt and loaded with black money. Does anyone know what the whitening of black money means? If you have amassed 100 crores of black money, you simple pay 15% or whatever the rate is and the government certifies you as a honest legal man. God! It seems like someone is acting like a black & white money BrOkeR! And who is that man? Can you identify him?

I believe, even after we have achieved the hat-trick status, with our torchbearer, the honourable minister for price hike and corruption friendliness, there's no way we're going to ever lose our position of being the most corrupt nation.

Do you guys feel that the budget was rubbish or Saifur Ah!-man-ish?





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