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Keep it short for my short memory

My A-level teacher, whose name I can't recall right now, had once argued with me that a short memory was not my problem when it came to studies. It was the fact that I had never really concentrated on any of the materials and always ended up pondering on other unnecessary issues. I assured him that it was in fact my short-term memory that always failed to not only memorise the work but also recollect it altogether! In order to remember something, I always had to repeat it to myself throughout the week. So he asked me directly as to when it was last that I took a great deal of interest in my studies. Quite naturally I added, "I don't remember!" I mean, hello! I just told you I have a short-term memory!

So what is a short-term memory? The direct definition is: People who suffer from this soon forget. Warnings: Do not pass these people any messages, forewarnings, secrets (that should be kept secret) and so forth. Do tell these people lies, back biting stories and more lies. They'll forget.

Hmmm…where was I? Oh yes, short term memory. Now this remembrance does not apply on every detail of life. Certain situations and conversations that have a great positive or negative effect will more or less always be remembered. This can range from what your dear one had said two weeks back to the fact that your grandma passed away two years ago! Let's face it, once you forget these minutiae, someone will be bound to hand you the address of Pabna Mental Hospital! I myself would give you the address right now just in case you need it since I made a visit there a while back but somehow the address isn't crossing my mind. Still so, once I remember the address, I will give it to you, I promise.

A few matters that arise from umm…. oh yea…short memory is that one may face problems in their relationships if not too careful. This other day, a friend of mine (whose name I do remember but wont tell!) was complaining how her boyfriend was talking about his past reminiscences and slightly added, "And remember how I told you that my mum was right next to me?" She bluntly nodded along saying, "Of course I do!" With twisted eyebrows he quizzed, "What happened next?" And that did it! She obviously didn't remember and was caught red handed. The worst followed when he actually cried in the public place yelling at her for not paying attention to what he says. Poor thing! So people with short memories, two words…BE CAREFUL!

Oh I just remembered! You can't tell secrets to people with short memories, but wait, I have a short term memory myself * blush * no no, what I meant was that you can tell them secrets because umm… uh… uff… hmmm… ah I remember, because they will forget it anyway!

Nevertheless, It is generally considered that some or all memories pass from a short-term to a long-term store after a small period of time, a model referred to as the "modal model" and most famously detailed by Atkinson and Shiffrin (1968). Hence, when important imformation is repeated or must be remembered it is naturally passed into the long-term memoy slot of the brian therefore making it last longer. This also means that we all have certain things we forget faster than others! To check how good your memory is overall you can just go to the following site and play in a few games to see where you're at! http://faculty.washington.edu/chudler/chmemory.html

The easiest way to remember is to note down appointments and even names of books and movies. Some people carry note pads with them everywhere!Now whatever it may be I should just remind my teacher and everyone else before I forget that this isn't a draw back on anything. Short memory or long, if one tries hard enough, they will still manage to reach their goals. And most of all, since I just remembered, the Hospital's address is:
Pagla Magla Haspital
Block Z, Road 16#08S
Khada 7777777771

( Note: If any of the readers believed in any of my stories and me being a person suffering from lasting memory then they should really look up the Pabna Hospitals address)

By Shayera Moula

Book review

Make believe bride

If you are still a firm believer in fairy tale endings, 'Make Believe Bride' by Kelly McDonough is one book that you simply HAVE to read! Following an unusual storyline, it is intriguing and manages to catch the reader's interest from the very first page and sustain it throughout.

Jonathan Trent never expected to lose a bet that he had to turn over one of his successful radio stations to an old rival. However, there was one way he could save himself: if he married within a month, and stayed married for six months, he could keep his station. The bet had an ironclad agreement that if his rival revealed anything of the bet, he would lose his station to Jonathan.

Not wanting to lose such a bet, which he made in a drunken state, Jonathan starts his lookout for his "Make Believe Bride", a girl who would play the role of a faithful wife for a mere six months. And that's when Kelsey McClaire catches his eye. Kelsey is one of Jonathan's new employees. She works hard, and is a very determined woman with principles, which she displays after turning against a customer wanting to take advantage of her, thus resulting in Jonathan's firm losing a good account. With her beauty and brains, Jonathan decides that he wants her as his Make Believe Bride.

Kelsey is shocked when Jonathan presents her with such an outrageous sum of money for playing a role. In debt and not immune to Jonathan's charms, she agrees. They have a wonderful wedding, managing to fool everyone, even

Jonathan close family…and eventually, even themselves. With both Jonathan and Kelsey falling in love with each other, what finally happens when the six-month contract of 'Make Believe Bride' is over? I guess you'll simply have to read it to find out for yourself!

The background of the story is impeccable, with an intriguing story line. The witty comebacks between Kelsey and Jonathan are refreshing, and the style is sharp. All in all, this is one book I would not advise on missing out!

By Jennifer Ashraf

I'm so cool!

Yeah that's what you think. But do you really know what it takes to be cool? The following is an example of the typical ideology of most youngsters today.

"Of course! I'm the ultimate in cool. Ask anyone about me. I'm popular with my friends. They, like, totally idolize me. I'm the boss and you know how I gained that status? It didn't really come that naturally. For starters, I had to start smoking, even drinking once in a while. Studying is a total no-no. It's way too 'uncool' to study. Who wants to be called a nerd? So I usually sit in the back of class with my bunch of friends, crack jokes and totally ignore what the teacher's saying. Anyways, I always manage to pass. Besides that, I drive the coolest car and I'm equipped with the latest technology. Girls crave for me. I even look 'cool' in my baggy jeans, t-shirts and my spiked and blond streaked hair. You name it, I've got it."

Though this is only a generalized picture but hey don't we all try to be popular or cool or whatever you want to call it, no matter what it takes? But, you know where the problem lies? It lies in the fact that we strive so hard for recognition, for popularity, to fit in or just to be cool and that is so not cool. Besides leading a casual life with a no-care attitude, not listening to your teacher, answering back, trying to be too independent can only bring momentary enjoyment. In the long run, you will suffer. Don't you watch the movies where the coolest guy in high school turns out to be the biggest loser? Take for instance spider man who is both a nerd and a hero? Now isn't he cool? Do you want to be like Johnny Bravo who thinks he's so cool? By now you may be wondering what then does this word really mean.

Cool is the "in" word today. It is used by youngsters as a vague adjective to describe almost anything. "Man you should meet his dad, he's way too cool" or "Wow, you have a cool place" or even "I have a really cool dog" Now cool can mean almost anything if your describing your friend's dad, a place and your dog with the same word. But for the dad you may mean that he's very liberal with his son, for the place you may mean that its decorated nicely and for the dog, that it can do amazing tricks. Cool simplifies it all and youngsters don't go through the trouble to explicitly explain what they mean by that word. But the problem is do they really know what cool is or what it really takes to be cool.

It means to stand out in a unique way. It means to have a likeable personality. It doesn't mean you have to conform to peer pressure to fit in but to make everyone else drawn towards you. Unique in the sense that you do what you think is right no matter what everyone else says. Be the nerd in disguise. Study at home and pretend you don't study and thereby get the best grades. People will be like he's so cool he doesn't even study but gets good grades. Don't boast or show-off about yourself but just be yourself. In other words don't try. People always admire a good student who is self-controlled and can have an impact on everyone around them. Always keep your cool no matter what.

Last but not least, remember who you are, your identity, your values and your beliefs. Don't ever yield to anyone. It doesn't hurt to be yourself. Cool is such a vast word that it can mean anything. Its upto you to mould it to suit yourself.

By Afrina Choudhury
e-mail afrinapup@hotmail.com

The all university fair 2005

The 'All University Fair 2005', an event organised by Windmill and sponsored by Djuice, just concluded this 13th of August. Unlike the usual fairs, this one provided an equal opportunity for foreign and local universities to woo the students under a common roof.

The 3-day fair commenced on 11th August, in the Sheraton Winter Gardens. Just like all other Djuice events, there was 'Xtra Khatir' for its subscribers starting from discounts on entry tickets to games and free bandannas. The fair boasted participation from as many as 20-25 local and foreign universities and agencies. Some of the participating institutions were: Stamford University, University of Liberal Arts, State University of Bangladesh, Windsor University, University of Ballarat, Moves International, International Academy of Education (Australia) etc. The numerous stalls showcased courses and programmes, along with a multimedia slideshow at one side. Along with the university representatives, the agencies were particularly helpful in providing an overview on studying in a particular country and suggestions on choosing the right universities. Students had a chance to apply from the spot and enjoy offers of discounts and fee waivers. One thing that was missing though was the absence of topmost universities from both the local and foreign scenario.

Despite its shortcomings, the fair was a commendable effort. The organisers need to arrange more such events in order to allow the students and the institutions to get closer to each other. As Djuice puts it more fittingly, events such as these help the students to 'chalk out the blueprint' of their future lives.

By Tawsif Salim


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