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Scholastica science fair

While Scholastica is certainly well known for its drama productions, debate and sports, when it comes to science, it is remarkably void. However, on Saturday, the 1st of October, Scholastica held a Science Fair inthe Senior Uttara premises.

Students ranging from Class 5 to Class 12, participated in the event and projects were displayed from morning till late afternoon. The main mode of participation was project building and presentation.

The projects displayed were categorized into three broad parts:
1. Biological
2. Physical
3. Chemical

Predictably, physical projects were resoundingly popular, and out came variety of innovative ideas ranging from light-sensitive bulb, radio-systems, inkless pen, air tracks, ripple tanks, electricity from lemons to blood group detection and eye power checking - to name just a few. The students also managed to pull out many chemical based projects such as soap making, dyes and electrolytc cells. However what aroused popular interest was this biological project where cow's eyes were dissected!

However among all the projects displayed, the most prominent one was a Dam and Bio-sphere System created by a group of Class 12 students, which displayed hydroelectric and wind power system and their practical application in Bangladesh. Although a portion of the ground floor ended up being flooded, with "Caution! Wet Floor!" signs all over, the project received much appraisal. A notable flood-control system by class 10 students was also displayed which showed how flooding could be controlled in Bangladesh and in case of flooding, what steps can be taken.

The school was vividly decorated with variety of posters and drawings of great discoveries and scientists. Encouraging posters hung through out the school, urging students to practice science for the purpose of discovery and self-improvement.

Such science "reunions" should be held more often with inter-school competition for greater participation and more innovations.

While one certainly has to give hats off to all the students for struggling so hard and creating over 50 projects for display, disappointingly the chief guest Mr. Moin Khan, Honorable Science Minister's arrival was cancelled. However a large number of enthusiastic parents and relative of students visited the school and the students eagerly presented their projects. Although no earth-shattering discoveries were made, the students and parents alike all ended the day feeling highly satisfied with themselves and left obviously feeling a little more scientifically smarter!

By Adnan M. S. Fakir & Golam Rezwan Khan

Aga Khan education system centenary celebrations end off

The debate tournament that was held within the school premises on the 30th September, Friday, was carried out in the extempore parliamentary format. Participating teams were Aga Khan, Sunbeams, Scholastica, Sunnydale, Green Herald, Mastermind and Vikarunnessa. After some serious battle of the minds, Mastermind, Sunbeams, Green Herald and Vikarunnessa qualified for the semis. In the finals it was Mastermind up against Green Herald, with Mastermind finally stealing the champion's title.

The under 14 football tournament had a total of 8 participating teams out of which the four who reached the semi-finals were Sunbeams, Aga khan A, Aga Khan B and BIT. The finals were played by Sunbeams and Aga Khan B with a tight match and in the end Amer scoring the only goal of the match and leading the Sunbeams team to a great victory.

For the under 16 team it was the AISD team on the spot light as they won the tournament with a score of 3-0 against Aga Khan A. Other than the finalists, the teams that had reached the semis of this group were Sunbeams and Scholastica.

This is a bit of an old piece of news but since it was a part of the Aga Khan celebrations it seemed only proper that it is included. The finals that were held on the 17th ended with Sunbeams winning the senior girls' champion's title, Rajuk winning the senior boys' series, junior girls'- Sunnydale and junior boys'- Green herald.

By Aniqa Moinuddin

American Centre presentation on Sisimpur
Kids all over Bangladesh enthralled

Last Thursday, the USIS Library at American Centre, organized a special dramatic presentation based on the characters of Sisumpur. The show started with the televised showing of one of the episodes of Sisimpur- to about 60 school children. The reaction from the students was very enthusiastic. Infact all of them recognized not only the characters, but also the episode and the story. This was extremely encouraging to the organizers as it shows the fact that Sisimpur is not only popular among rural students but also among children in the city.

Afterwards to the delight of the audience, the muppets came out live on the stage and introduced themselves and gave an insight into their personalities. They then performed a very short drama on Libraries and how important and fun they can be. The muppets influenced the kids to believe that in the library one can satisfy their voracious thirst for knowledge! Then they invited questions from the kids, regarding the show.

But, the greatest surprise for me and the kids was when the great Bangladeshi cricketing superstar, Mohammed Ashraful, paid a surprise visit to the show. Using his quacky humour he chatted with the muppets and very soon the kids were also asking him questions like the un-answerable "when will Bangladesh win the world cup?"

After refreshments had been served and everyone left, the organizers proceeded with filming a special documentary on the use of a library. Their subject was a small child, who demonstrated how to become a member of a library and use it. The child's wandering through out the library was filmed, whose purpose the organizers claimed was to demonstrate to everyone, the idea of reading and learning alone without the supervision of a teacher. The documentary will be shown in about three months in BTV, all over Bangladesh. Another documentary regarding a rural library is to be shown alongside this one, to encourage Sisimpur's rural audience in particular.

For those of you who have no clue what Sisimpur is- it is the Bengali version of the classic Sesame Street.

Sesame Street is a children's program which was started by the late Jimmy Henderson, in New York in 1968. One of the many names suggested for it was, <>"The Nitty-Gritty Ittty Bitty Dog and Kitty farm and city little kiddy show"<>- so you can guess why we call it Sesame Street now. It is the by-product of the Sesame Workshop, which is a non-profit organization for promoting children's education. The program was an instant success among kids, entertaining them as well as helping to develop cognitive and emotional skills.

Targeted for pre-schoolers, Sesame Street uses 'muppets'. From these humble beginnings, Sesame Street has reached out to over millions of children world wide. Bangladesh is the twenty second country in the world, where Sesame Workshop has opened its branch, here titled Sisimpur.

Sisimpur is a part of the Noyon Tara Corporation. They are the Bengali counterparts who organize the show, that is, they basically write the scripts and do the production. The American guys out there drew and conceived the characters. Of-course in Bangladesh the characters are obviously based on Bengali Culture and have fantastic names, such as Halum- The Tiger! And Tuk-Tuki, the five year old monster girl. And wait there is a three year old monster girl too! called Ikri and Shiku the shiyal pundit! Now you know why its "educational!"

Sisimpur is actually a small village town, which is based on a muffasil town a perfect village…a place where everyone loves each other! And there are no difference between rich and poor and no one judges each other. There is also a forest, where few of the characters like the Tiger lives.

The characters can be related to everyday Bengali life. For example, Tuk Tuki is based on a five year old working girl who loves to read and learn about new things. And Halum the Tiger for example, is ageless so that he can interact with persons from all ages.

Sisimpur through its interactive scenes teaches necessary fundamental skills such as health, hygiene, nutrition, respect, understanding, family, community and other essential skills that are to be developed from the very childhood years. Sisimpur is also full of singing and dancing, many of them folk songs, to depict our culture.

Sisimpur can be seen in Bangladesh Television in Monday and Wednesday at 2:05 p.m. and Friday 9:05 a.m.

Even if you are not six years old, when you have nothing better to do please do, watch it! Believe me, the singing dancing muppets is something to see!

By Adnan M. S. Fakir & Golam Rezwan Khan

Silverstar Academy presents certificate to its meritorious students

“If music be the food of love play on" is a saying from the Merchant of Venice from Shakespeare, but I would say "if music brings joy to you, then play on,"' said Silverine Srikantan, the principal of the Silverstar Academy.

She was giving her speech at the certificate giving ceremony of the academy at the Russian Cultural Centre.

On a nice evening on October 4 the Silverstar Academy has presented certificate to its students at the Russian Centre. The chief guest of the programme was renowned actor Aly Zaker.

The academy gives certificates on behalf of the Trinity College London, Theory of Music. This college is famous in the field of arts since 1877.

Mrs. Srikantan addressed the audience and said in brief the history of the academy. For the last three years this academy has been conducting the Trinity College London, Theory of Music examinations. The first ever certificate presentation was held in August, 2003.

The students performed in a cultural programe after the ceremony coached by their teacher Timir Nandy, who did his best to make each of the pupils to do his or her best. The self-composition by Saibu Shayer was brilliant.

The academy expects to arrange this ceremony every year.

By Durdana Ghias


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