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She lit up another cigarette. It was the fifth one she had lit in the past two hours. Taking a slow drag, she inhaled and while blowing out the smoke, she wrapped her shawl tightly around herself. The cold that night was bearable, but somehow she felt it was freezing. Tara tried telling herself that it was probably because she was sitting in her balcony. It was not much help, because deep down she knew the real reason was because he was no longer a part of her life...

Ever since he had walked out, everything felt like they were heading for the worse. He made everything feel so simple and good...

She looked at the fluorescent digits on her Motorola's digital clock. It was 01:30am, but it felt as if it were just 8 or 9. She took another puff from her cigarette, closed her eyes and as she blew out the smoke, began thinking about the past.

Jason was everything Tara had dreamed of. He had the smile that melted her heart, the look that was unique and the most amazing pools of dark chocolate people call eyes. The first time she looked into them, she knew she could spend the rest of her days drowning in them. He was the only one who really knew her inside out. She was the only one who really understood him...All in all, they were the perfect couple. Everywhere they went, they stood out from the crowd. 'A match made in Heaven', people would whisper, 'The girl radiating confidence and the boy, quiet, yet obviously proud to be standing beside her.' Sadly, being perfect as they were, luck took a turn in the opposite direction and within a span of fourteen months, everything was shattered; the dreams, the promises and even the love...

After their break up on the 31st of December, Tara knew that her life would never be the same. It would go on, but not the way she would have wanted it to go.
Beginning another new year was tough enough, having lost her father at a tender age and growing up having to see her mother working hard just to give Tara she might have enjoyed had her father still been there... Beginning a year without Jason was simply too painful to describe in words...
A tear made its way slowly down her cheeks, followed by another, as Tara remembered how she had spent welcoming the previous year, with Jason by her side. She opened her eyes to wipe away the lonely teardrops, when suddenly her eyes fell upon her bed. The very bed the two of them had spent so many hours lying in, together. The bed they had made love in so many countless times. The very bed on which they had shared their last kiss...Unable to take it anymore, she picked up her cell phone and dialled the one number she knew by heart: his number. He picked up after the first ring. Her heart skipped a beat when she heard his voice. After hearing him say 'Hello' twice, she hung up. The next thing she did was light up another cigarette, take two puffs and write 'I am so sorry' on her balcony floor, with the Swiss Army Knife Jason had given her for their first month anniversary. She put out the cigarette and gently removed her shawl. A slight shiver shook her, but she carefully steadied herself and then ran the same knife along the most visible vein on her left wrist. The pain she felt was nothing compared to the way she felt inside, the pain she had been feeling ever since he had walked out. She closed her eyes and lay down on the welcoming cold floor...
Jason knew it was Tara. He knew something was wrong. He grabbed the keys to his black Hummer and headed straight towards her apartment. Something inside him was urging him to go as fast as he could. When he finally reached her apartment, he unlocked the door with the key she had given him, when they were together, only to find the whole place in complete darkness.

He hurriedly switched on the nearest lamp and his eyes fell upon the ajar balcony door. Rushing towards the balcony, he pulled opened the door, only to see that the girl he had dreamt about ever since he was a teenager and whom he had finally managed to make a part of his life, was lying on the floor, a solitary tear on her cheek and a small pool of blood under her left wrist...At that very instant, a single thought came crashing down upon him...Oh God! He had lost her forever...

By DevilateD AngeL

Happy valentine's day

"Dad, you can't do this!" Fiona wailed. "Just as I thought I was settled in here you move me into another country! Not fair!"

"Now, now honey, you know your mom was always against the idea of you studying alone in the US," her dad said.

"And now your aunt wants you to stay with her in Australia and study there. The whole family sticks with this idea. I can't do anything."

"Dad please......"
" Enough Fiona!You have been whining over for the last two hours. You are going there. Everything is arranged. Your ticket will arrive today. You have to catch the plane on 15th. So get packed."

Saying this he hung up. "Damn him," she thought. "Just when I thought everything was going so smoothly. Not to worry; I will do it before leaving. I owe Ashish this."

Last month, she had met Ashish at the disco. Even after eight years she remembered him. He didn't, though and she didn't tell him her real name. She would tell him at the last moment. Just then her cell rang. It was Ashish. They decided to go someplace quiet for a picnic the next day. Fiona went to bed that night dreaming about the next day.

"Happy Valentine's Day, Zara."
"Thanks! Hey this place is cool. It's so quiet and peaceful and I love the lake. Let's eat and talk. I have to go home for packing."

"Oh yeah right. Hey I am going to miss you."
Fiona didn't reply. She looked at him directly in the eyes and smiled. He had gorgeous eyes.

"Here, have a drink Ashish."
"Okay," Ashish took a sip, "Now shoot. Why are you leaving all of a sudden?"

"Because my family wants me to."
She was staring at him. Suddenly Ashish said "Zara, I am feeling sick. What is it you gave me to drink?"

"Orange juice. Orange juice filled with poison."
"WHAAAAT?" Ashish screamed.

"Scream darling, no one's here to hear you. You have exactly five minutes before you succumb to death. Ashish, do you remember Fiona? The girl you played with eight years ago? It was fun wasn't it? Watching someone's heart break? Breaking someone's heart? Now she is playing with you by stopping your heart forever. I must say it is fun. I am Fiona, Ashish. I loved you once but now I hate you. You got what you deserved you cold-hearted bastard. Now your heart will be cold forever. Goodbye Ashish and Happy Valentine's Day!" Fiona smiled radiantly.

"Fi-o-na...you...bit..!" Ashish's eyes closed down.
Fiona stepped forward. Slipping on some gloves, she bent down, kissed him, dragged the body towards the lake and dumped it in.

Fiona started walking towards home. She knew the cops would soon get her. But that didn't matter because she got what she wanted. She knew deep in her heart that it was wrong but she had to do it to stop the bleeding of a heart which had been bleeding since it was 15. She brushed her tears and walked faster. She had to go home and pack. She had a plane to catch!

By Farwa Tahsin


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