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What's the difference between bravery and stupidity? If you jumped off the Niagara Falls is it brave or an intense case of mental degradation? Apparently if you get yourself killed in the process you died a) a noble death, b) a very stupid death. Seems there is always two sides to looking at things.

Man versus train
30 January, a picture on the back page of the paper showed how all the Ijtema devotees travel by train. It is just that the train was not visible as people were crammed into every single surface, nook and cranny. There was even a picture of one guy hanging onto the front cow catcher of the engine. FYI, cow catcher is the long chin of a train so named because cows used to get stuck in day long ago.
Just goes tot show the indomitable will and bravery of the Bangladeshis. Not to mention stupidity.

New contest category
Hey, remember the time we became number one in corruption. Remember the four other times we became number one in the same category? It is kind of boring having to win the same thing so many times so easily. Yawn! The challenge is gone and life does not seem worth living anymore, other people's lives that is. But wait! There is still hope. It seems we have been entered into another contest. This time we are trying to become the worst country for journalists. According to International Federation of Journalists' (IFJ) annual report a total of 150 were killed in 2005 throughout the world with many of them being targeted mainly because they were journalists. Iran and the Philippines are the worst offenders and Bangladesh is among some of the worst listed. But just give us a chance and we can surely kill enough of our own journalists to top the list.
Maybe we can use this for an increase in our pay. Fat chance!

21 January
48 fortune seekers were taken for a wild ride whereas they actually wanted emigration to Italy and Spain. Travel agents kept them locked in rooms and vans for a long time and eventually dumped them in the middle of the Sahara Desert. These travel agents here are duping people for a long time. These people work hard, save and scrimp facing innumerable difficulties to scrape up the dough needed to pay for the service. In the end they get a very expensive sightseeing trip to the Sahara Desert.

By Gokhra and Mood Dude

RS Mailbx

Hello Mr. Islam
I was just browsing through the Dailystar website when I saw your article on the book 1984. I just read the book a few months back and I think its great too. Did you notice the way he wrote the book is simply mind blowing, it is simply awesome and it gets more interesting as you read further in the book. I mean if you think of it, the elements he put like the "thought police" and "double think" is just simply great. And moreover did you see the way he wrote, there is no way you can overthrow the party. Can you even think of one way how to overthrow the party. I thought about it a lot and kind of found out that the way he wrote there is no way you can over throw the party. I also liked about all the things he wanted to point to us about the totalitarian government, the advanced technology and the control of all the history by which people will be able to manipulate the people.

Anyway I was just sharing a thought or two about the book since we both like it. If you can think of any ideas how you can overthrow the party then mail me.
Omio Chowdhury

Dear Omio,
-He who controls the past controls the future; he who controls the present controls the past.

There is simply NO way you can get out from that. That's' the scariest part of the novella and that is exactly what Orwell wanted to highlight.

Well before starting my mail I am going to ask you one of the silliest questions one can ever think of! my stupid question is why do you use Q while writing "Quazi" why not "K" as Kazi???

So I am 15 yrs old and I have recently come to the US. It has been just three months and I already miss my old surroundings. Just four months ago I used to be in std-8 of SEMS. Shaheen English Medium School.

I just love RS and SWM. When I was in Bangladesh, every Thursday, after coming from School I used to rid myself of my bag and lie under the speeding fan and read the RS.

But now I am watching on the monitor, sitting in a chair and just gazing, it is critical and I just can't get the same taste I used to. Coming here I have realized what Bangladesh really is. What a precious gem it is.

I was certainly not like the kids of today who are simply trying to get Western. So it is really hard for me to get used to this Western life. However I tell you I am going to come back.

Because America is not MY COUNTRY. And when I say that Bangladesh is MY country I just get some sort of unabated satisfaction and comfort. The reason I am telling you this because I want you to write an article addressing the boys and girls of our country along with those who are in PROBASH telling them what they owe for their contribution to country's flourishment.

I have seen that the kids in America just don't care about Bangladesh. They just went on saying that Bangladesh is a bad place to live in. There is not enough money and this and that.

I don't think these immigrant kids will ever be able to realize the true sense of patriotism. And if this prediction turns into reality then I am afraid Bangladesh is not going to see an enlightened future. Because it is we ---the immigrants who can represent our country, who can uphold the image and who can stamp out the criticisms.

PS- Would you please tell me how old you are? Just curiosity you can say!!
PS2- One more thing what is the real name of Mood Dude?
Asif Alam Khan

Nice show of patriotism there Asif. I honestly really appreciate it and I should let you know that I am on that article. Have my hands full for a bit now but I promise to be done with it as soon as I get the time.

We can only wish that there are more people like you who can use all that they have learned in the US and bring it back to implement into our own country. After all the blood that flows through our veins is Bangladeshi. When we have a country of our own, it is beyond me why we would work towards the development of another.

About the name bit, The Q comes from a sort of a family tradition which I have decided to stick with!

We will skip the age bit and as for Mood Dude; well his is a secret that cannot be revealed- somewhat like Batman, although Mood has enough sense to put his underwear where it belongs!

Well hello there,
We're starting the love-fest a little early this year, and so we bring you our Valentine's Special issue.

Congratulations to the winners of the Valentine 800 contest. Please send us your names and contact information for further notification.

It was interesting to note how many of them dealt with heartbreak and loss rather than the more positive feelings that could also be associated with love. I guess that the Love Limericks on Shout Out make up for them.

I think I made another boo-boo…limericks are supposed to be five-line poems. For some weird reason the Oliver Twist poem had been stuck in my head and I got it mixed up. However, it was pretty neat to see what everyone came up with. I so love it when readers chip in to make an issue work!

Well, it's time that we started up our debates and discussions. Starting next week, I'll introduce our newest topic. In the meantime, if there's a topic you would want to discuss with readers, please send them my way.

Along with Valentine's Day, we'll also be celebrating Pohela Falgun, and so I'm going to sign out now and go pick out a nice yellow outfit. Take care!

Send your polls, opinions and comments to: teteatete_tgnd@yahoo.com

By The Girl Next Door

Love limericks

To Tanzia, with love
As you move on,
Remember me,
Remember us,
And all we used to be.

To Shamera of Loreeto
I love you so much, my beautiful wonder!
They may call you ugly, but that's a blunder -
Cause you're a gem, a brilliant star,
And I'll always love you, wherever you are.

From Your Admirer
Love means red and blue
Love means Feb. 14, too.
On this day my dedication is not small,
I just wanna say I love you all!
- from Raisa

To: Peu's Dad
Together we cried, together we laughed..
Together we lived, together we loved
My life my soul is dedicated to you...
My dear husband, I LOVE YOU...
From : Peu's Mom


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