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Campus news
ETC and Sisimpur blast in STM hall

They say that our world is below our mother's feet and that no one is more dear or near to us than our mother. To display that very notion ETC Bangladesh, organized a letter-writing contest titled, “letter to Ma”, through out Dhaka on the eve of International Mothers Day. The contest was for children aged between 5 to 12 and they were told to write ten lines as to why they love their mother so much and why they think that their mother is the best in the world. Schools although out Dhaka, including ISD, Scholastica, South Breeze and Mohammadpur Preparetory School participated in this unique competition which saw around 44 little kids distinguishing themselves and winning prizes on the prize giving ceremony held at STM Hall on the 22nd of July.

The ceremony was commenced with a typical introductory speech by representatives of ETC Bangladesh who highlighted the importance of mothers and the special-ness of the contest held. The prize giving ceremony was held shortly after with the Chairperson of ETC Bangladesh, Mrs. Yasmeen Murshed handing out the gifts and certificate. From the age group 5 to 8, Mehnaz Bushra Hamid won the first prize while Rubaba Siddique won the first prize from age group 9 to 12. After the impressive number of children received their prizes, Mrs. Yasmeen Murshed took over the podium to deliver one of her trademark wise and quirky speech. She started out by thanking the parents from taking their time off in supporting the kids and then wryly added that perhaps the fathers are feeling left out and suggested to organize a “Write to Father” contest next year! Mrs. Yasmeen Murshed stressed the importance of books and emphasized encouraging reading among kids. She took the opportunity to inaugurate the latest of ETC Ventures, The Kids Club, as a concentrated effort by ETC to encourage what she called “the magic of book reading”. Upon interviewing Mrs. Yasmeen Murshed I found out that Kids Club is basically a club exclusively for children aged between 4 to 12. ETC plans to hold a huge variety of activities such as book reading sessions and painting contests. Syed maher Murshed said that in the future there are more ambitious plans to organize festivals and trips to amusement parks among all the fun activities. The Club is open to all. Interested parents can take their kids to ETC to get more info.

After her speech, the children (and adults!) were treated to a delightful little show by the crew from Sisimpur. AS you all know Sisimpur is a muppet show aired weekly in BTV aimed at kids between the ages of 3-8. The Sisimpur team introduced all the characters to the audience and as a special treat brought out Halum and Tun Tuni themselves much to the delight of the kids. These two costumed characters danced with every kid they found in the audience and took a chance at shaking hands with all the surprised mothers and fathers!

The program ended with a small concluding speech and snacks for the audience.

By Reggie

Teen Diaries
Mirror, mirror

Recap: The interclass science tournament that took place last week saw the uneasy friendship between nerd Afrida and Queen Bee Prianka take the place of glory as the winners. It also saw, the girly girl Lamia offering an olive branch to Prianka, her ex-best friend. This would obviously not sit well with Sadia, the Prianka-hater who had taken Lamia under her wing. This week, we get an earful of Sadia

Dear Diary,
Why is it that every time I think there's hope after all, I get a pie in the face? Why is it so hard to trust people?

I wasn't upset about our project coming up as runners-up in the tournament; I never expected to beat Afrida. But when Lamia shrieked and ran up to hug Prianka…Prianka, the girl who humiliated her in public so many times…what could I say?

I confronted Lami about it later, and she shrugged and said Prianka deserved the congratulations, and that she was happy for 'Pree'. Does that girl have no pride?

Today's basketball practice was a nightmare. Prianka kept bossing over me, and the coach blamed me for fouling too much. I tried to complain, but Prianka did her usual acting thing and said she had better things to do than 'single out a spoilt, self-obsessed brat' when we had tournaments coming up. I like that. If I'm self-obsessed, what would you call Prianka with fancy clothes and oodles of make-up and 'look at me' attitude. I can't believe Coach sided with her! Even Lamia said I was overreacting…I'm beginning to wonder whose side she's on.

On my way to the changing room, I spotted Saquib sitting in his Math class, and if I'm not mistaken, he was holding hands with another girl. I wonder whether 'Pree' knows her boyfriend is cheating on her? Serve her right if he is.

When I told my parents about my Prianka problem over dinner today, my mother scolded me for having 'mean' thoughts, and said I ought to feel sorry for the girl if indeed Saquib was cheating on her. Dad was no help either; he laughed at my problems as usual, and said I should be more sporting about the bullying during basketball, and just see it as pre-tournament tension. Great, you can't even rely on parents these days!

Lami came over and dragged me to the mall to shop. I think she's feeling guilty. We ran into Afrida there, and she's looking pretty different these days, what with the coloured clothes and make-up she now wears because she hangs out with our dear basketball captain. I remarked to Lami that Prianka had some nerve trying to treat Afrida as a personal makeover project, and the girl actually said 'I think Pree did a good job of giving Afrida a new perspective on life; isn't that what you've tried to do with me? Made me look beyond my boundaries?” Touché…I had wanted to change some things about Lami, but how could she compare me with Prianka, who treats Afrida like some mannequin? And when I said that I was nothing like her former best friend, Lami dropped the bomb on me. “Actually, if you got to know her better, Sadi, you'd discover you two are a lot alike.” She's deluded! I'm nothing like that bossy, self-centered girl. Am I?

By The Girl Next Door

Trekking: The great escape

If the hopeless traffic in the city, deafening horns of buses and trucks and the hollow smiles on cloudy faces have exhausted someone's appetite for life. Then it's absolutely time for looking out for some other options rather than pushing down the thoroughfares of this baffling city. Yes, I am talking about trekking, an escape from all these for the people of any age. Even if the name is most often popular among the youngsters, anyone can have a feel of it. There are several explorers, trekking clubs and tourism companies around the city which help the novices to figure out “where to go” and “how to go” while you yourself know the reason “why to go”!

With six districts stretched along the north, south, east and west of this south-east Asian region, our country is not such a place to dishearten a trekker or a traveler. It only takes a drop of courage, a backpack full of essentials and a few good buddies to set out for an expedition.

From my own experience of trekking, I can tell you that it is absolutely a different feeling to trek along the beach or hike through the hilly areas of our country. The feeling is incomparable and nothing in the world has a match for it. The most electrifying emotion comes at the point when you reach the target area spotted at the road map in your hand. Well, for the ones like me, the best part is of course the freedom to fill your stomach with chocolates and nuts (essential foods for trekkers) as much as you want to without adding up any extra kilos. Nevertheless, nature around you comes too close to your heart at this time and flirts with you so audaciously that you will naturally forget any other material interests around you! While hiking is an excitement in Chittagonian and Syhetti hilly areas, trekking along the beach has one and only destination i.e the stretch of beach opening from Teknaf to Cox's Bazar (the longest beach of the world).

So what is it you are staring at after going through this stupid article? Come what may, grab a backpack and a few bucks (depending on your destination) and gang up with some of those adventurous and exciting cronies of yours. The rest is for you to have!

From 2-7 August, there's an opportunity for beach trekking along the longest sea-beach of the world. This time “Explore and Tourism”, a group of explorers offers to take care of all your interests during the expedition. You can call them up in 01717055868 and 0152376485 or email:exploreandtourism@yahoo.com. Now I have done my part of the job, do yours.

By Fatima Tuz Zahra

Book launch

On July 20, creative writers forum Brine Pickles organized a reading and recitation performance at Omni Books, Dhanmondi to mark the public release of their book “Maps & Metaphors”. The book consists of a collection of short stories and poems by young creative writers of Bangladesh and UK, and is a result of the Connecting Futures project organized by The British Council. The event was chiefly to mark the occasion of Omni Books offering the book for sale at their outlets. Members of Brine Pickles read excerpts from the book on the occasion.

Chief Guest Ali Ahmed, Ex-Member (Customs), National Board of Revenue made the opening speech, followed by June Rollinson, Director of the British Council. The speeches were followed by a number of poetry recitations and story readings woven together in a continuing, gradually developing thread, which echoes the style of the anthology, and delivered in the group's signature performance literature style. The closing address was delivered by Mr. Neo Mendes, the Managing Director of Omni Group of Companies. The program ended as the guests gathered for refreshments, discussing the performances of the evening and looking forward to more such events at Omni Books in the future. The book “Maps & Metaphors”, priced at Tk 80, is now available at Omni books, Dhanmondi.

By Hammad Ali

Amader Gaan, Sound Machine and G-Series tie the knot

Who says three's a crowd? When the biggest music website in the country joins a leading sound equipments company/recording studio and a leading audio and video production company, you know that's a match made in heaven.

Amader Gaan Ltd's Multimedia Director Naimul Khan, Sound Machine Ltd's Managing Director Thein Han Maung-Titi and G-Series Production Proprietor Nazmul Haque Bhuiyan (Khaled) sat down in G-Series's Elephant Road Office on July 18th 2006 after 7pm to officially sign the agreement. Also present at the signing were Amader Gaan Ltd's Representatives Rajib Ashan, Md. Rajib Hasan along with Saidus Salehin Khaled Sumon (Aurthohin) & Suharto Sherif (Arbovirus).

This new agreement allows Amader Gaan Ltd (in partnership with Sound Machine) full rights from G-Series for online distribution of audio albums online in mp3 format.

The awesome threesome will be battling the evil music pirates, protecting the rights of artists and record labels, and upholding Bangladeshi music.

RS Desk


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