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Its time to elect the evils election 2006

By Taskin Rahman

It is time to elect a leader and not a demon to rule our country and your vote counts. Here's the scoop on the four leading candidates.

Candidate A: Is a legend with so many Doctorates that the country has lost count. She is suffering from fixation from the memoirs 1975.

The stock market crash took place in her era, making some people rich beyond the scope of filthy dreams!She is a true bangali in all culture and language but her son has a foreign wife!

Candidate B:Was kicked out of office and had to go to jail for a few years. This candidate was accused of murder and set the pace and direction for corruption in our country. Folklore has it that the drug came in this country in his era. But a lot of people admire him for his works in building an infrastructure and especially roads and high ways, but this fact is very arguable.

Candidate C: She has high hopes and a high bun that can not be copied. Her eye-brows resemble the rivers of Bangladesh. Her era has seen the rich go richer and the poor go poorer more than any other eras. One small part of Bangladesh is Dhaka city has seen Range Rovers, Mercedes stretch, Escalades, Lincoln Navigators, Porsche, Volvo zooming across in pace; while the other side sees hungry people who can barely afford food. The far cry is yet to hit the capital!

Cadidate D: Well, reality is really sarcastic. Who imagined that the traitors of 1971 war for freedom would actually have their place in OUR parliament! Isn't it like someone killing your father and then getting elected to be your father? These people who wanted this country to be some other country gets more facilities than civilians! Has cars with flag stands! WOW. Its so cute, just seems like a mother forgiving the child after the child kills her.

Which of these candidates is your choice?


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