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Love at first sigh?

By The Dark Lord

You are in your English Language class, and you are scribbling away on your copy. You have to finish the essay on time, or else you'll be late for your Chemistry class. The class room door opens, and the voice of a girl says, "May I come in, sir?" You don't look up to see who the new girl is, because you don't want to waste your time! The girl sits in the empty seat beside you and starts giving excuses to the teacher for being late. "I had classes at Shihab Sir's place,sir." You still don't give her a damn! But after a while, you smell the sweet fragrance of her silky, black hair! You can't ignore her anymore. You put the pen down, and try to catch her eyes. Sheesh! She looks just like any other girl. Before you leave the class, you have another look at her. She's not that pretty, but why the hell does your heart tell you to look at her?

rs4After a few days, you attend the language class 10 minutes earlier than the scheduled time, hoping to speak to the new girl! But, as soon as she enters the class, your mouth becomes dry, your mind becomes blank and your stomach churns horribly. You don't know why, but there's a strange force that attracts you to her! Some thing supernatural! It seems that you can spend your whole life by just looking at her!

Within a few days, you two become friendly with each other, and you even know her name. Let her name be TST. You are also a friend of TST's best friend. And you learn from her that TST also has a soft corner for you in her heart! This was turning out to be the best month of your entire life!

But alas! Just when you were about to tell her your feelings, your best friend(now your worst enemy) goes to TST, and tells her that you have a girlfriend(which is not true)! This breaks her heart. Her lovely eyes fills with sadness and hatred. That was the last time you ever saw her, because after that event, she left the English classes!

You're lonely once again. You don't know her phone no. or her email id. Her friends won't give them to you because they thought that you betrayed her trust! You become sadder as time passes. But you still wait or her, hoping that she'll return, although your heart says "She won't come back!"

This is a very common story, especially if you are a teenager! Because you are bound to have a crush at this age! But is this only a "crush" or "love"? But these relationships don't even last for 6months. Those who are lucky and brave and shameless, continue to fall in love for the rest of their lives. While others who are unlucky like the guy in the story or like me, continue to love their loved one till the very end of their lives! But is it really love or just "infatuation"? Experts believe that teenagers are immature and so they have difficulty in the transition period o adulthood. But I think that what the experts say is balderdash!! Don't they have a heart? How can they explain my feelings, the feelings that I have for the girl I love? The feelings that I have when I see her sitting beside me or when she talks to me or when she weeps on my shoulder! This has to be love. I am right?


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