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Weekly Sports Update
To dope or not to dope

Chelsea's new coach Hilario must be making the team very happy. His debut in the team this season has brought great luck for the team as Drogba scored deep into stoppage time to earn La Blues a dramatic 2-2 draw against the Catalans in the Champions League. The classic La Blues vs Catalans match was more of a wrestling match than football.

The referee had a busy time on the pitch checking if oppositions intentionally fouled players or they were doing their best Oscar-worthy action sequences. Regardless of whatever went on in the match, Chelsea showed that now they are the best club in Europe. Fans of other clubs should be aware of it and shouldn't try to mess with Chelsea fans. Other than this match, all the big clubs had their matches in control except the Red Devils who lost their match to FC Copenhagen.

Cricket fans enjoyed two big semi-finals this week. In the first semi, Aussies easily defeated the Kiwis. However, more surprisingly, West Indies had comfortable a six wicket victory over South Africa. It seems that West Indies is more of a champion's trophy team. In last few years, this is the only tournament where they have shown their capabilities. Personally, I have to make a confession that I wasn't the biggest fan of this tournament even though it started from Bangladesh. But now, I can say that this is next best thing after the world cup. I must admit, I've been pleasantly surprised by the quality of some of the cricket on show. Moreover the fact that many of the big names tipped to be stars have failed has not ruined the tournament as a spectacle. I was glad to see the return of the qualifying section - I still can't understand the benefit of it. But the West Indies' win against Australia and India, Makhaya Ntini's blistering spells against Pakistan, and, briefly, the sight of Shane Bond completely outfoxing Ricky Ponting with his swing movement will remain in my memory. Still, one big incident made this tournament ugly and that is the dope charge against Rawalpindi Express Shoib Akhter and new sensation Mohammad Asif. PCB has banned Shoib for two years and Asif for one. I believe it is too much to ban them for such a long time. Shane Warne was also charged for a similar reason, but he was only banned for a year; and the Aussie board didn't ban him for domestic cricket.

Moving from international to national sports, there is great news for local Zizu fans: Zinedine Zidane is coming to Bangladesh. BAFUFE is arranging a football match between Mohammedan vs Abahani where Zidane will play for both teams. I hope that our players will not give Zidane a glimpse of their traditional rivalry, which always ends with minimum two red cards. Apart from football, our cricket team is now practicing for the upcoming five one-day match series against Zimbabwe. The team management has decided that they are not sending Ashraful for opening this time. However, along with all cricket lovers in Bangladesh, I also believe that this is the time to drop him from the team. Selectors should give him a break, or if they want to keep him in the team than somebody needs to talk to him. He is always taking immense pressure on himself without any reason and eventually finding himself taking an early shower in the dressing room.

By Quazi Shah Newaz Rahman

Science Fiction


The glittering pavements, made of a new prototype of Chromium were bothering Aryan. They seemed extremely greasy. The multi-parks of the city were disturbingly occupied by the newly emerged ROBO-lovers. Aryan thought 'eventually the machines have got a microchip, which enables them to feel multifaceted emotions like us.' Aryan abhorred them mercilessly. He was not a violent being. But for reason unknown at that particular moment he felt extensively bothered by everything around him. The city was illuminated by the laser version of sodium lights. The colorful holographic screens, which were advertising the new archetypical model of LL 66 robots, seemed to him terribly disconcerting. The city, full of sophisticated observation machines and gigantic skyscrapers made him tremendously sick.

After roaming around for a while Aryan entered a stylish multi-park. As he entered the park a 'Stimulation-C.D.' vendor approached him. The vendor muttered, 'Buy a CD sir. It's guaranteed that you'll get the real experience. Experiencing the real thing, will you.”

The man was holding a triangular box of discs. He showed a CD to Aryan. It was one of those 'Love Stimulations'. These CDs were interesting. If a man inserted one of these into an MS machine (Mind Stimulator) and wore the Neuron-Motivator connected to the machine on his head, he would get the experience that the particular C.D. consisted of. There were many categories of experiences: love, hate, enthusiasm, etc. They were almost similar to real experiences and were crazy enough to entertain agitated human minds. Nothing real was necessary anymore. Aryan ignored the man and entered the next phase of the park. He was scheduled to meet Poly, one of his friends.
'Hi Poly, how are you?'
'I'm okay, how about you?'
'Not perfectly well, I'm feeling kind of weird.'
'What happened?'
'I don't know. I just feel different.'
Aryan really looked traumatized
'Aryan, are you okay?'
'I wish I could eliminate everything around me…'
'What are you talking about, Aryan are you okay…'
'I hate you…. I hate everybody'
Aryan was sweating profusely.
'Please Aryan, try to control yourself.'
'I can't.'

After Poly had left Aryan felt terribly lost. Everything seemed to him insignificant. He felt a wild passion raging inside his heart. A sharp, piercing anguish was tormenting his mind. Aryan left the park. He reached the city-center. He pulled out the automatic laser weapon from his shoulder bag. He never used the deadly instrument before. But he felt that he could operate it. Aryan came to a lavish multi-mall. An uncontrollable savageness was raging inside his heart. He raised the gun and opened fire. He heard the smooth sound of the destructive laser beams. The laser hit an amphibious vehicle in the road and smashed it instantly. Chaos struck! Aryan didn't stop. He felt even more encouraged. 'Everything deserves to be exterminated'- He screamed.

He pulled the auto-trigger with enthusiastic fervor. Blood spilled and devastated robotic memories scattered all over. Aryan kept on firing in a relentless manner. He crossed the road and took the killing spree to the next part of the city. The fierce firing ravaged everything that came across him. 'I'm going to burn the city' he screamed madly.

By then armored vehicles of the metropolitan law-teams had surrounded Aryan. They began to fire in return. It was a formidable retaliation. A potent laser hit Aryan in his shoulder. He instantly collapsed to the ground. One of the armored vehicles came before him and opened fire. It was the end….

With a massive shock Aryan returned to the reality at once. He took off the Neuron-Motivator from his head and ejected the CD from the Mind Stimulator. On the CD case it was written: Stimulation: Mass Destruction.
'What a dreadful experience!' Aryan thought mutely.

By Kh. Asef Safa Kabir

Drawbacks of Time

Forever destined
to a blissful ending
transpired by your love
aggregated by the warm touch
of your innermost desires...
But what comes forth
these obstacles of time
taunting therein a drawback
that makes me wonder
in the moonlit night
of what will befall
my final destiny...
But still i shall try
as hard as i can
to make our dreams come true
it all may be higher
than the tallest mountains
but yet my love
i will try anything
to make our worlds collide
to make our souls transverse
into a limelight of bliss
that would glitter therein...

By Hedayetullah A Solenkhi

When Day Breaks

A red piece of meat,
That always beat
Under my left ribs
Only for my nibs.
It's warm only when day breaks,
Not in the noon
Not in the evening
Not even when comes moon.
I shrink with torment
Without the existence of you.
I see only when day breaks
other times I am without my view.
In one hand I have you
In other I have the whole earth.
To Choose you, to love you
If I'll die, I want new birth.
My love is divine, extreme for her;
I begged God on knee
For all my good give her to me.
I refused anything instead of her
Even God wants to give me the Haven's key.

By Khalid Nazmus Sakib


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