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The week in re(ar)view

Opposing viewpoints
It has reached the point where you no longer need to get comments from different sides of the political parties. They do not have comments anymore. They have stand-offs. They do not have counter arguments, they just have counter exclamations. When you hear one speak, it is already known what the other party will say: exactly the opposite. If one says that the country is suffering from blockades the other will mention how people are enjoying a vacation from the daily grind. When activists of a certain party burn a car, the other members of the other party say it pollutes the environment (unless of course they do it themselves). Even when one party says that Elvis is really dead, the other cries out that Elvis is right here among us chanting political propaganda with a swing in his hips.

Wet and wild
Lawyers are generally liars, not crazy. But on 30 November thy decided to momentarily change their image and become crazy for a day. They went about ransacking the Supreme Court premises and ending up torching a very nice silver SUV that we the common people possibly paid for in some roundabout way.

You see, the president taking over as chief advisor was apparently not a nice thing to do. He was supposed to have held a feast with imported food and bottled, sparkly, alcohol enriched water. And he was also supposed to get some legal permissions as well.

Many opposed this move and decided to do something drastic about it. So they took days to form a writ petition challenging the legality of the president's move. But before the petition could even be admitted, the chief issued a stay order on the proceedings. In other words, he reacted before others could act which was not a good thing here. Normally people submit a petition and then the top brass protest.

Tea parties galore
While the country faces severe turmoil the president is apparently enjoying his status as the National Tea Party Organizer. He invites the two supreme ladies Khaleda Zia and Sheikh Hasina for a discussion about the political impasse. To make a long pointless story short, the ladies stuck to their guns. In the end nothing was solved except that the CA sees cause for another tea party in the future. Tea is generally not a very conducive drink. Maybe he should try a booze party.

By Gokhra and Mood Dude

Bill Gates picks his own Punishment

Satan greets him: "Welcome Mr. Gates, we've been waiting for you. This will be your home for all eternity. You've been selfish, greedy and a big liar all your life. Now, since you've got me in a good mood, I'll be generous and give you a choice of three places in which you'll be locked up forever.

Satan takes Bill to a huge lake of fire in which millions of poor souls are tormented and tortured. He then takes him to a massive coliseum where thousands of people are chased about and devoured by starving lions. Finally, he takes Bill to a tiny room in which there is a bottle of the finest wine sitting on a table. To Bill's delight, he sees a PC in the corner. Without hesitation, Bill says "I'll take this option."

"Fine," says Satan, allowing Bill to enter the room. Satan locks the room after Bill.
As he turns around, he bumps into Lucifer. "That was Bill Gates!" cried Lucifer. "Why did you give him the best place of all!"

"That's what everyone thinks" snickered Satan.
"The bottle has a hole in it!"
"What about the PC?"
"It's got Windows 95!" laughed Satan.
"And it's missing three keys,"
"Which three?"
"Control, Alt and Delete."


1 Daak- Yaatri
2. Undereground (Mixed album)
3. Harano Podochchhap- Disciples
4. Prarthona (Mixed album)
5. Ajob

1. Hok Kolorob- Arnob
2. Shono- Habib
3. Bujhchho?!- Prayer Hall
4. Faissa Gechhi- Hyder Husyn
5. Jhut Jhamela- Souls
6. Natoker Gaan
7. Daak- Yaatri
8. Closeup-1
9. Moon-Paper
10. Drishti Bhora Brishti- Kumar Biswajeet

Courtesy of Tunesbd.com

Alice in Blunderland
This story is based on actual fictional eventss

Alice is a cute little sweet greedy pain-in-the-neck girl who wants every furry cute little thing she sees. Bunny rabbits have a habit of hopping away singing hip-hop tunes. When Alice sees one she's gotta have it! So she runs after the rabbit not realizing that any moment the rabbit will jump down an open manhole which the rabbit consequently does.

Dumb girl does not look where she is going and falls in. She falls for a really long time and starts to think deep future thoughts about what she would like to do when she grows up. Just when she starts having delusions of grandeur, she lands with a crunch on top of a table. Looking around she sees the rabbit, a large mouse and a weird little man wearing a top hat calling himself The Mad Hatter. They all seem not just disgruntled, but very, very 'gruntled'.

The reason being that the Mad Hatter was having tea party with his friends when this guy called Yesuddin and his lady cohorts Khala Daa (Auntie Cleaver) and Haashi Na (Miss No-Laughing-Matter) crashed in. Yesuddin wants to treat the ladies to tea cause that's all he can do. The ladies just want to bicker all day because that's all they can do. They end up ruining the whole party.

The Mad Hatter at one point gets disgusted with their bickering and gets up. “I may be mad, but I am not insane. This is ridiculous,” he exclaimed. “Where I talk in silly verses and make sense, you ladies talk all day in normal sentences and make nonsense.” With that historical remark he and the others got off and walked away.

In the meantime, Alice sat back watching all this in awe thinking that some day she will grow up to rule the country called Bangladesh. Except she will name the country after herself and hang her portraits everywhere. Greed has no limits.

Moral of the story: Manholes are dirty and contain all kinds of junk inside. Too bad we can't throw all the junk around us down there and seal the lid.

By Gokhra and Mood Dude

You're in big trouble


...the new policy on sexual harassment included a photo of me.

...the Security guard made a complete inventory of my work area.

...my assistant began responding to my memos with, "Yeah, whatever."

...I got a "It's for you loser" wav receiving e-mail, & not a chime.

...my new Pentium was replaced with an 386sx-16 last weekend.

...the Human Resources Dept requested an update of my arrest record.

...the Boss asked if I still had a copy of my 5 year contract.

...I noticed co-workers measuring my office when I arrived at work.

...my parking spot was relocated next to the dumpster.

...my secretary says things like "Get the phone, my nails aren't dry."

...three people began helping me write a "desk manual" for my job.

...the LAN suddenly began backing-up my computer every 10 minutes.

...a large paper recycling box was placed next to my file cabinets.

...the receptionist began saying "Who ???" to anyone calling on me.


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