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Adieu NDC!

Due to the recent turmoil in the socio-political scenario of the country, we were never sure of the last class in college. The wait was eventually all over when the farewell of our batch 2007 was announced. It was called on the very last day of the second week of February. Well, its pretty clear why I swerved around the date of that day, I guess... Ya, so you guessed it right! It was on 14 th of Feb. So much for the Valentines Day, ironically, the day passed rather in a different manner. And sensibly, being at a boy's college and for almost all, obviously the valentines-related stuffs had to be carried outside the premises beforehand, and reach for the 3pm formal send-off on time...phew!

So anyways, we managed to be there on time. The day was in fact, a typical chilly one of the late winter with the entire atmosphere sprinkled due to an early hour drizzle. The air of the campus was thus quite calm and fresh. As the clock ticked close to 3 at noon, all the students accumulated in the premises making a very different and eased up view altogether; a quite unusual of what anyone would expect in the rest of the days of the year. It reminded us of the rushing and crushing schedules of those everyday routine, which finally seemed to have ceased. Although the imminent H.S.C exams are on the threshold, everybody appeared to be in some sort of non-grimly mood on that day. No more classes, the never ending weekly quizzes, various painstaking practicals; math lab for instance, and more over, NO transparent bags!

Later we turned out to be in some sort of a blended memory lane as we rejoiced the 'escape' from those obligatory remedial and jail classes for the sake of our ever precious percentage of attendance. Also recalled were the gone days of having 'bhel-puris' from that mamu outside the college premises to avoid the buzzing canteen during recess, then dribbling on the football field (Asif & Tara, remember my airborne headed goal?) and of course jumping on the running Mega City everyday from in front of the gate. Boy, what a life...

At around 3pm, the farewell procession started. After the formal speeches by the principal, senior teachers and the chief guest, it was time for the awards some of those study-geeks always crave for: best performance, unique extra-curricular activities, and perfect attendance (no offense boyz, keep it up. Show people how its done). Then came the best part: photo session! It seemed like a final face-off with those maximum mega-pixels one could flash with. Cyber Shot 8.0 mp touch screen was probably the highest I can rate amongst, compared to the mere 1.3 mp of mine!

Next the show was taken into the classrooms. Lightning of flashes still on. The missing thunder next filled the gap to complete a storm, as all the blokes scrambled over the dais for the mementoes inscribed our group number on it... So we received our group T-shirt, FINALLY managed by the ever nonchalant Shibbir alias Tahsan (doesn't like to sing though), who also did not miss to receive some fists for his eleventh hour delivery!

In the end, all was nearing close in that evening. A final chat-room (not on mig33 this time!) happened to evolve around the corridor. As we progressed towards the gate a moderately touchy sense of missing the campus along with the teachers (especially J.K sir) got hold of us. But eventually, to be frank, no love was lost as we guys accepted the departure as part of our academic career and not rather falling apart into pieces, expressing discontentment to leave 'my playground , my swing, etc...' (no pun intended) and make a big deal out of those childhood outcries...

So that was it. The end of an organized farewell. Now its time to fasten the seatbelts and get ready for that bumpy ride up to the coming exams. Wish me luck folks and for me, its Signing Off. And for those well-wishers out there, who do not intend to wish at all, do Sign In and keep those grudging mails coming in to: sani.ke86@gmail.com. Keep in touch then. Good luck and adieus…

By M Islam Sani
NDC, 2nd Year

Annual sports at London Grace

A final round of picnics, school reunions and annual sports events is the last reminder of the winter that was and more importantly, it is perhaps Dhaka's last stab at utilising pleasant weather. After an intermediary period of monotony, day-long extravaganzas in the sun seem to have picked up with a sense of urgency that can only accompany a hope to enjoy something while it still lasts- in this case weather.

Disjointed commentary apart, the crux of such meteorological observations is to introduce Annual Sports Day held by London Grace a couple of weeks ago. The crisp mid-February morning was inaugurated by recitations from the Holy Quran followed by the national anthem. The actual program itself was divided into two sections, namely, displays and competitions with both categories first being participated in by pre-school and kindergarten students.

After the introductory section of dance and display was over and before the show kicked into its main segment, the large crowds of parents, teachers and students was pleasantly surprised by the star attraction of the day-eminent singer Hyder Hussain. Although his two-song performance was short-spanned, it was the highlight of the day by all standards and a welcome variation of entertainment before the main events began.

The actual sports of it began with the Toffee Race, Biscuit Race and Duck Race for the junior classes but the arguably the most visually amusing event was the Sock Race for Class III. The middle order classes of IV and V had slightly more complicated events to participate in; after all, the amalgam of balance, marbles and spoons in one act is no easy ride.

Apart from the races, there was also a Dress As You Like contest in which the students shied little of imagination, posing an interesting combination of guises from ghosts, to RAB official to brides to Batman. The section of the day designed for students was called to an end by awarding winners from respective categories medals and certificates, handed out by class teachers, the Vice-Principal and Principal.

The funfare however was not restricted only to students as the last segment of the day included games and competitions such as tug of war and musical chairs for teachers, parents and staff members of the school.

At the end of the day, there would be none to disagree that this was not just a school event but a Friday put to very good use, in all respects.

By Subhi Shama Reehu

A Gathering of 'Great's

How high is the China Bangladesh Friendship centre?

I might have to consult the architects and engineers to answer that one, but what I can state without checking any facts is that it was those brilliant students, and their proud parents, who stood taller than anyone and anything on the morning of 2nd March, the morning of the 8th Daily Star Awards ceremony. Organised by The Daily Star, and sponsored jointly by Edexcel International, Grameen Phone and Brac Bank, the event recognised those achievers, who have secured at least 6 As or 3 As in the O and A level exams respectively.

The program started with the national anthem, followed by recitations from the holy books by the students. Congratulating the achievers on their brilliant start to their lives, the editor of Daily Star, Mahfuz Anam, also pointed out that these achievers are shining not only compared to students next door, but also to the ones in the next country and next continent. Two students also spoke on behalf of the O and A level examinees, and their words echoed with the gratitude to their parents, teachers and institutions. Students from different schools sang popular tunes like: 'Ami banglay gaan gai' and many others.

“Looking at you, future noble prize winners, sitting on this room today makes me proud of my Bangladeshi origins”, said Anwar Choudhury the British High Commissioner, in his speech. The chief guest of the occasion, Valerie A Tailor (founder of CRP) won a lot of hearts with her Bengali skills. She emphasised on the need to judge people by their insides instead of their outward appearances. She also urged the future builders of the nation to live their lives 'without fear or favour', in order to be really free. The Edexcel manager of South Asia, along with a few other guests, also spoke on the occasion.

When finally, the time came to give away the awards, the list of achievers seemed unending. A total of 733 students were awarded, and many of them came from Scholastica, Maple Leaf, Dhanmondi Tutorial, Aga Khan and Mastermind to name a few. Although everyone awarded were equally outstanding, there were some who stole the show with their special achievements. One particular whiz kid worth mentioning is Ahsan Mosharraf Barkatullah of Scholastica, who achieved highest marks in 7 subjects, out of his 10 As. The guests present showed him the deserved respect by giving him a standing ovation, as he stood on the stage, struggling to hold on to all his prizes.

The five hour long program ended with all the students gathering on top of the stage, as the cameras flashed tirelessly, and the numerous parents craned their necks to have a better look. It surely could not get any better for all those proud achievers.

By Samiha Khan & Shafi


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