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Need coaching in life?

What will the Americans come up with next? You'd think the citizens of the highest total GDP earner in the world and a leader in world innovation, technology and science, would be smarter, affluent and more in control of their lives than the less better off. But the craziest and wackiest trends more or less start off in the 'land of the free'. And the latest trend is a career in 'life coaching'.'

What's that I hear you ask? Well it's all the rage in America right now. The country has seen a boom in the number of people offering their services as life coaches. According to Wikipedia, Life coaching is a practice of assisting clients to determine and achieve personal goals. In other words, it's for people who need someone to hold their adult sized hands as they pass through difficult phases and for to help them get their act together. What in the world is that supposed to mean? I mean isn't that what life is all about? Having to go to hard times so that you can appreciate the good times even more? Everyone has their own ups and downs. Can you imagine a whole field being created to help cater to the insecurities of some people like whether they have made the right decision of wearing blue to work that day instead of white? Of course I do understand the need for different sorts of therapy and the good it does. However therapy and coaching are not classified as the same thing which is rather worrying. There are many different types of therapy, some of which may be, in content, quite similar to life coaching. However, some locales require a therapist to have obtained Masters or Doctorate degree in Psychology. Similar requirements for coaches do not exist. Although many coaches take extensive courses, many others are without credentials. 'Virtually anyone can declare himself a life coach' says David Fresco, a psychology professor at Kent State University, Kent, Ohio. "There are no qualifications, no unified approach to coaching, and no oversight board. Basically they fly under the radar screen of any sort of oversight." And the virtues of what many offer are unproven, he says.

Some 10000 coaches are already working in the US alone, according to a magazine review. The latest trend seems to be coaching for teens (Who just can't seem to stay out of trouble) and dating coaching for singles. Is it just me or does this thing just sound like one big sham? “Not so”, says life coach Martha Beck (who also appears on the Oprah Winfrey show). “Life coaches focus on enhancing the lives of clients, often talking about balancing or "integrating" one's life,” says Beck. It also must be mentioned that men respond more favourably to life coaching as the term contains a 'sporty' word (ugh!). “It is OK for a man to see a coach," adds Martha Beck. ”It is not OK for a man to see a therapist."

Wondering how much it costs? Coaching often takes place over the course of several months, often in half-hour, weekly sessions. Costs vary widely. Some coaches charge $300 an hour, while others say charges are more typically $350 to $600 a month. Life coaching is Not covered in your insurance so you'll have to cover the whole cost from your own pocket(what a surprise!)

The more you read about life coaching, its goals and the happy go lucky clients who've apparently gotten their life back on track because of it, the more you get convinced that its just a way of making money in a field that is virtually unregulated. There is no way of making sure that the person you're going to is a professional. It just makes you all wonder what the heck is going on. So the next time you think your life is going slightly askew, don't hesitate to contact a life coach (they even offer online coaching). Just make sure you have useless money spend and are a grown up trapped in a child's body.

By Nisma Elias

In quest of my mother

I glanced at the mirror. A pale-faced girl with shoulder-length hair looked back at me. “No, this isn't right,” I muttered. I held my hair in a tight bun leaving out a few strands over my forehead. That was how mum used to do her hair as far as I'd seen in her picture. Sometimes, I wish I had her whole portrait so I could know how she'd dressed. But I came to find out that, for some reason or other, mum didn't at all like her pictures taken. So a passport-sized photo was all that I had of her and probably that was one of my most precious possession throughout the sixteen years of my life. I took out the chest in which I had her photo and got it out and looked at it for the umpteenth time. That was when my thoughts began to wander.

No matter how much I tried to recall the small things about her, nothing but a vague image of a tall saree-clad woman came into my mind. After all, I was only two years of age when I last saw her.

I was most probably in kindergarten when I first understood the word 'mother'. Dad had brought me up in such a way that I never knew that I was missing one of the most important person in one's life. I was most probably given an essay titled “My mother” in school. When I had told my teacher what it meant, I remember all the other kids laughing at me. Some of them jeered and booed. Immediately, I ran out of the class and requested the head to send me back home.

That night as soon as dad returned, I threw a huge tantrum in the house, screaming and shouting at him as to why he didn't tell me about a mother and how everyone had one and I didn't. Dad didn't utter a word but simply carried me in his arms and took me to the terrace. It was a beautiful starry night. “Can you see that star over there, the brightest one?” he asked.

“Yes. What about it?” I questioned back calming down a little.

“That's your mum,” he replied.

“Why is she up in the sky then?” my curiosity ceased to subside.

“Cause she is one of those lucky people to be chosen by God to be up there,” dad said.

When I looked at him I thought I saw his eyes getting moist with tears but he quickly turned away from me. That was when I had stopped asking dad about mum once and for all. I feared that the heart-breaking expression which he had on his face that day would come back again. Dad had always been a cheerful person. He never cried and I made up my mind as never to do or say any such thing that would make him shed any more tears. So from then onwards, I decided to find out about my mother on my own.

As I grew up, many of my mum's relatives commented that I bore a stark resemblance with her. I always felt extremely happy when I heard that and it was from those days that I began standing in front of the mirror making up different hair styles and different expressions that would match my mother's. I tried to find my mother in me. I always kept a close watch on my friends' relationship with their mothers. During my observations, I wondered would mum kiss me like that when she dropped me off to school or would she plead with me continuously for having that glass of milk or would she have a frightened expression on her face whenever I would go to sit for an exam. Maybe she would do so or maybe she would do even more but I was sure not less, cause according to me, not even the world's worst mothers' would care for their children less.

Soon a distant bell rang to bring me back to the present. “Where are you, my princess?” dad called out. I rushed out to meet him. He related his day's work whilst he rested on his arm-chair. I just looked at his eyes and didn't listen to a single word about what he said and then, unable to control my emotions any longer, I gave him a big hug and a small sob escaped from my mouth.

By Faria Sanjana

To-do on Mother's Day!

It is sometimes complicated to figure out what to do for mother's day right? Well I can give you the solution to the equation. But do you know what m. day is all about? It's about your mommy, and it's plainly her day! But first let us check out some history.

The first Mother's Day ceremony was a church service honoring Mrs. Anna Reese Jarvis, held at Anna Jarvis's request in Grafton, West Virginia, and in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on May 10, 1908.

So 13th may 2008 can be started with a biiiig hug to your mommy. The hug should consist of 70% love 20% care and 10%happiness! Then it is the time for gifts. The best part, though all our money is going to be spent, still it's worth it!

Money source:
If you are part-time jobholder then do I have to tell you? But if you are a child lost in nowhere with no income source, then simply make a cute (“nekami”) face to your father or just beg him to give you money. If that does not work, then lend some money and repay it when you save the money for lunch, fast food etc. if still the problem persists, go on hunger strike, I am sure some one will noticed you! (Make sure your mommy is not watching you!)

Ideas for the gift:
1. Jewelry (make sure its cheap or the opposite, the best that suites your mom)

2. Classical songs (yes, they love it! But be sure not to give rock or metal band songs by mistake)

3. Flower vase

4. Wristwatches (if your mother is a watch freak like mine)

5. Photo album (don't forget the pictures!)

6. Perfume (smells nice!)

7. Books (mothers are usually book lovers)

8. Ornamental Mirror (show her how beautiful she is)

9. Designer Candles (always cute!)

10. Gift Certificate To A Local Spa Or Hair Salon

11. Gourmet Chocolates (yum!)

12. Wind Chime

13. Musical Jewelry Box

14. Plants (If your mom is gardening freak then gifting her with plants of different will make another great gift idea)

15. Sweets and cake (these are the safest bet with all women, no matter how old they are. A time tested gift idea, isn't it?

After the ceremony of giving gifts is over, don't ruin the day by making it any usual day. Hang out with your mom and don't let her work!

And finally, think about the tons of love she professes for you everyday through all her acts, big and small. It can't even be measured. It can only be felt. And tell her how much you love her!!!!

By Alavy Kifait Reza


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