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By Monty Python

Retro Phone:
You how hard it is to teach those old folks back home the proper use of cell phones. To them, the phone is just a device to talk to their old friends about old things. What do they know about SMS and GPRS. For those really outdated people, someone had the heart to create this retro phone. It is really one of those old wired classical rotary phones with a built-in GSM antenna and battery. Except, you can carry it around and don't have to juggle through myriad of menu's to get your job don, i.e. call a buddy. Oh! of course it needs a sim card, duh!

Mobile Handset Hack:
Don't you think that making the cell-phone smaller and smaller and thinner and thinner is a crime. No doubt that so many people are losing their phones on the street or forgetting them at places. So this sleek looking cell talking device could come in handy. You would never forget it and leave anywhere lying. Its ultra or hijacker proof, as nobody would want to mug it from you. And whats more, you can connect virtually all types of cell phones to it. It is also useful for people who has to use a hearing aid.

Ultraportable PC:
Computers have evolved from being power hungry machines that occupied hundreds of thousands of square feet of space to coming down to your laptop. But nothing beats this baby, a computer in your gameboy device. That's right folks, as you can see, it has all the connectivity along with a 3.5 inch HDD. It can use the gameboy colour screen to project a dislay as well, although for now it is a 16 colour linux OS. But wait till Microsoft comes up with Windows Gameboy Vista. Then this would really take off.

Touchless touchscreen: A Japanese electronic giant is currently hot on developing a touch-screen monitor/TV which you can use without touching the screen at all. How on earth is that possible, You ask. Its pretty simple idea really. You move or change the menus or interact with the TV by the swoosh of your hand. But mind you, you have to be pretty close to the device to do that, or it else you'd think it will detect your simple walking around as command too. I's say if you have to get too close, why dance in front of your monitor when you can touch it. Isn't what technology is supposed to do? Let you get fatter while you use your fingers to execute commands


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