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Let's have a cool summer

Summer time is here and even all the perfectly composed teenagers can be seen sweating out on the streets, looking

Completely busted. Hey the heat treats everyone equally you know! Now now, there's nothing to be tensed about. Sure, it's hot. But we young devious minds always find our way, don't we? Why let this summer be an exception? Let's get out there and turn summer into the best thing that ever hit this country!

When the sun is beating down on your back, I'm sure you wouldn't fancy the thought of drinking tea. Juice? Sounds way more cooler. Now, there are loads of places you can get them. There's a shop at Baily Road that sells the most amazing juice. Other than that Aarong sells some good tamarind juice that's served all chilled and is a must have.

Apart from all the shops, you can get good ol' juice anywhere and everywhere. Go to Dhanmondi Lake and you'll find 'Daab' and Sugar cane juice. Sipping juice, while sitting under the shade of a tree is quite a soothing experience. Fruit juices can be found out on the streets and even if they are not refrigerated or anything, they taste awesome!

If we are talking about fruit juices, then why not fruits themselves? I'm sure you've seen street vendors selling watermelon and cucumber (I know it's not a fruit, but what the heck!). So while you're passing by, just grab a slice or two!

Other than fruits, there are always milk shakes available. They are delicious; they have ice cream in them and the best part...they are like paradise in such a desert like weather. Then there are smoothies, which are so yummy that I'm sure you can gulp down glasses after glasses of them. Milkshakes are available at almost all the fast food shops and smoothies can be found at café's or the lounges.

Ok, if you get sick and tired of so much liquid, there are plenty of other stuff to keep you happy. I mean imagine refrigerated cakes and puddings. Yumm! The best ones can be found at places like King's Confectionary and Club Gelato. There are shops at New Market too, that sell some good cakes. Then there's Jell-O. I'm sure you've heard of them. You can make them at home and indulge!

If none of these things appeal to you…you could always opt for some good old cold water! I know, it is the best! Make sure you carry a bottle around this summer.

So that's just about it. Juices, cakes, milkshakes…just take your pick. Its summer time and no one can really change the weather. We have to deal with it and so, why not deal with it in style?!

By Nayeema Reza

Reading faces

Imagine meeting someone new whom you need to appraise. It could be anyone from a new boss, employee or even a pr

Spective future spouse. You may have done all the research into finding the person's likes, dislikes, annoying habits and bank account size (in case of future spouse) but there is always the human element that makes you wonder. What is the person really like? It would help if you could read their facial expression when they meet you.

Apparently it can be done. It's a technique called face reading and people have been doing it for centuries. Such people have been so busy reading faces that no one could bother to write it down for Lifestyle until now. There's an awful lot you can tell about a person just by analyzing their facial features. So what is it actually?

For centuries, people have tried to get insight on other people by associating facial features with character traits. Metoposcopy is the study of facial wrinkles. Phrenology is the interpretation of the skull structure, and helps establish a person's character and mental aptitude. Physiognomy is the study of the features of the face to determine what kind of person one is. It was used in the 18th and 19th centuries to see if people harboured criminal tendencies.

These days, scientists categorize these as pseudosciences and don't put much stock in them. Despite that many people treat this quite seriously. Many believe face reading to be a reliable method of judging people. What's important is analyzing the face in its entirety and not making hasty judgments until all the facts are in. So just because someone with a big forehead may be considered brainy, it could be quite the contrary.

Here are a few basic and obvious facial readings.

Face shape

Long and thin: A person with this kind of face is generally capable of endurance and resolve. If, in addition, the person has regular, attractive features, they will not leave things half done.

Round: A round shape signifies hopefulness and vitality. Radiant, they can turn a stuffy room into a barrel of laughter.

Broad: Not only are these people tolerant and compassionate, they're usually broad-minded.

Square: These are individualistic people who are strong-minded in achieving their dreams; they are people of action and swiftness.


Smooth: Someone who has no lines on his forehead is a cerebral person; they're always thinking and making quick decisions.

Wrinkled: If there are horizontal lines across the forehead, this indicates that the person is easily excited and enthused.


Novels, songs, and poems have been written about the eyes and how they are the windows to the soul. The eyes never lie; they always translate how we feel deep down inside.

Stressed: If you notice some white between the iris and the lower eyelid of both eyes, the person is stressed and worried.

Fierce: If the white part is showing above the iris, this means that on top of stress, the person is likely to respond violently.

Detached: If white is showing all around the iris, run. This signifies that the person is mentally unstable and that they may go postal at any minute.

Lines: Should you notice small lines on the outside of the eyes, you are in the presence of someone who smiles a lot and is, generally speaking, happy. Of course, this person could also be squinting a lot.


Eyebrows can be a fantastic indicator as to how a person thinks.

Straight: Level, horizontal eyebrows signify an idea person. Talking facts and suggestions with them will get you far.

Curved: If the eyebrows of the person are arched, they enjoy anecdotes.

Thin: These are people with low self-confidence, especially if the eyebrows are high and round. Reassure them and let them know you're not judging them. Even though you are.

Unbroken: If you see someone with the proverbial unibrow, you are faced with a person who is constantly thinking, and you might benefit by encouraging them to share their ideas. Of course, for al you know they may be thinking of how to separate their eyebrow.


Small: When the distance between the top of the eyelid and the eyelashes is narrow, this indicates that the person is independent and may even voluntarily keep their distance from others.

Large: On the other hand, a large eyelid is a sign that the person is victim of dependency.


Small: It is believed that people with a small snout are inherently weak. Often unreliable, they're not steadfast in their decisions.

Large: A large nose is a sign of initiative and determination, a strong character who leaves his mark.

Blunt: The nose may be large but if the tip is blunt, it suggests that the person is not formal with their surroundings. Pragmatic, they believe in themselves and approach others boldly.

Aquiline: Such a nose is characterized by being small and straight, sharp like a blade. People so adorned are generally self-centered, indecisive and sensitive.


Small: Small ears are usually a sign of insecurity, but these people know what they want and are hard workers.

Pointed: Just like the famous Mr. Spock of Star Trek, people with pointed ears are inflexible and have difficulty being laid-back.

Chin and jaw

Square jaw: People with square jaws are indomitable and have the ability to turn their dreams into reality.

Protruding chin: If the person's chin noticeably sticks out, they are self-important. They believe they hold the almighty truth and no one else is ever right.


Full: On top of enhancing good looks, full lips characterize generosity and a desire to talk about oneself.

Thin: If the lips aren't particularly bulbous, it is a sign of an innate introverted personality.

Thin top and full bottom: In the event that the person has a thin upper lip and a more generous lower lip, it's an indication that the person is very persuasive.

While you can stare all you want into someone's face till that person hits you with something hard and inanimate, this is not an exact science. Hence your results will depend on how many variables you analyze. Beware practising too much such as staring for hours at your boss's face who happens to be of the same gender. Then you just may be sending the wrong messages.

For further info, google the word 'Physiognomy'.

By Mood Dude

Scholastica Graduation '07

On the 1st and 2nd of June, the good old Scholastica cafeteria was brimming with eager faces and restlessness while the STM Hall was filled with a lot of memories, bundles of screams and shouts, stacks of words of appreciation and fortitude, many pictures, heavy hearts and a few drops of silent tears as the graduates wrote their final words to their school and college life in “The Wall of 2007”. School and college life are supposed to be the best time of a person's life… and that time for many Scholasticans just officially ended, as they move on to the next stage of their life.

Scholastica celebrated the graduation of its A Level and O level class of 2007 candidates on the on the 1st and 2nd of June respectively. The programs were held at the STM hall where the students were handed over their certificates by Mrs. Yasmeen Murshed, Ms. Wasima Parveen, Ms. Madiha Murshed and Ms. Shabnam Sobhan. There were 129 students graduating from the A' Level batch and around 230 students from the O' Level batch. A musical presentation titled “On Top of the World” was performed to inaugurate the ceremony with vibrant songs and dances (“that were a fusion of Hindi, the Caribbean, and the Scholastica” as per an alumni), where Disney's “The Bare Necessities” was certainly a bolt from the blue addition. While the energetic announcer kept the crowd well “entertained,” the best part of the musical was a pre-planned “surprise” classical dance sequence done by four Class 10 students with “Dham Dharaka Dhishting Dhishting” music which made sure to keep the audience wide awake.

Other than graduating certificates, awards relating to Debate, Drama, Community Service, Newsletter, Instruments, Perfect Attendance and Outstanding Academic Achievement were also given out and several students grabbed a handful of them. Speeches were given by 1978 graduate Mr. Farhan Kuddus and 2005 graduate Ms. Ishrat Jahan Nabila on “Memories and Life in Scholastica” of how Scholastica grew from just 30 students to currently over 6000! Mr. Naweed Rahman Khan also spoke on behalf of Scholastica Alumni Association and requested all graduating Scholasticans to enroll, so that the network of all Scholasticans always remains under one umbrella.

The final charismatic speech was delivered by the Chairperson, Mrs. Yasmeen Murshed, which was as usual remarkable. In her speech, she talked about the accomplishments of Scholastica, what a school and college means to a student's life, and about what will matter the most in life are the love, friendship and values that are entrusted and enhanced in one's school. In a comical response she humorously reminded us that she will forever be able to scare us should we fall out of the right path. Finally she expressed her hopes for the graduates and requested all students who are leaving abroad for higher studies, to come back and contribute to a developing Bangladesh, and “to give Bangladesh its due internationally and nationally.”

Being an one-year old alum, while I beheld the entire event in nostalgia, the ceremony ended with the national anthem and I never realized how much I missed singing the anthem together, standing proud and tall; if any, that had moved me to tears. It is really difficult to bring about such an abrupt end to so many fond memories with the school and college life. Nonetheless, Scholastica can proudly say that they have contributed to make a scholastican successful in whatever field he/she chooses. Let me end with Ashiqullah Sir's famous dialogue, as uttered in the A Level Valedictory Speech, “Now that we are done with the tests, all the teachers can take rest (almost)!” A heart felt congratulations to all the graduating students of Scholastica!

By Adnan M. S. Fakir


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