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It surely has been a hectic week. Football heroes getting cranky in charity matches, people who we look for help seem to be the most corrupt and then the school of poison. But, its quite a wonder that people still talk about being bored in Bangladesh, when there's just so much going around. So many exciting things, that I can't stop being excited all the time and some people just may not like that. Strictly between you and me, I do tend to enjoy certain turn of events and I am not saying that I am being insensitive about it. Indeed the school of poison is a matter that is shameful for the government and the people responsible, but let's face it, a lot of things are shameful for them but these people are shameless and irresponsible. What I enjoyed was the turn of events in the charity match and the corrupt people.

Firstly, sporting heroes are looked upon like idols for the young generation but for this nation's heroes, it just doesn't happen. No one wants to grow up to be a 'Joy' punching people out just because a goal wasn't given but they would rather aspire to be the next Ronaldinho or if violence and attitude is in question than certainly the next Francesco Totti or emulate Zidane of the infamous head-butt fame, among a few others. But with Zidane we are talking curse words and a high intensity World Cup final not a 'Friends of Zidane' vs. 'Friends of Ronaldo' charity match. That is just stupid and shameful. Imagine, trying to help your nation, as a hero for your nation and then just turning away because your mother wants you back home. I know that doesn't make much sense with the context, but its something like that. Maybe the players should have taken the money their coach wanted to leave then after the stingy BFF refused to pay the full salary to him and buy themselves some attitude.

Moving on, after scouring the globe it has been determined that politicians, judges and police officers are the most corrupt people in the world. Big surprise? I didn't think so. Rumors are ripe that we have more politicians and law-makers in jail then street thugs, drug peddlers or murders. Riper are the rumors that this is because majority of the politicians are former murderers, street thugs and drug peddlers. As for the law-makers, well they fall under the same category except they are worse. Don Corleone (of The Godfather fame) once said, that a lawyer can rob and take more of your money than ten thugs with guns and that rings true even today. But if you think corruption was the highest here, you should visit Sierra Leone where students as young as pupils in the 5th grade pay around 3000 Leones to get passing mark in their assignments and to get their exam transcripts. That's shameful.

But seriously, those two events are worth the sick chuckle and I for my part have laughed at such people and have decided to move on. Stricter punitive measures need to be taken worldwide. Poverty and corruption go hand in hand and when nation's so-called heroes go sour, it really is time to put them back in their place. Till next time, keep the big things poppin'…

By Osama Rahman

"Memories of My Love”

I remember waking up alone today
Why do I have be alone in this beautiful day
So many words I have left to say
Where are you, show me the way
I'm still waiting for you to come home
I'm afraid to turn of the lights
I'm so scared of what's in my mind
I cant bear to feel so alone
Your presence was like a drug
I never couldn't seem to get enough
A rose reminds me of your lips
A sweet drink of a thousand sips
Blue crystals remind me of your eyes
The Knowledge behind them so wise
A million flowers cant match your smell
The scent like wet rose
petals on a well
I cant seem to forget the feel of your hair
so soft ,so nice, so beautiful, I swear
How can I possibly live without you
Everything feels so useless and new
For you, Uncountable tears I have cried
I hope angels are lucky enough to be on your side
I'll never stop missing you
I hope up there you're enjoying the view...
By Raiyan S. Hossain

Kids Stars


We come to the Earth
For the betterment of
Human Beings;
As the flower does
By smelling,
And attract
By beautifying.
Doing something good
For the betterment of
Human Beings;
Is a virtuous matter,
And for this, we will be
Prize winner
By Allah.
And if, we will not do this
Then we are the most
Unluckiest person,
For Ever
And Ever !!
By Rashad Md. Mahbub
Age : 12 years



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