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Exam Fever

Dear Dead Paper,
wander why I even use a greeting, guess it's just another example of how traditions get in the way of one's reasoning. Well I usually use a more cheery greeting but with the Pure Maths exam tomorrow I feel as good organic waste twice turned over in the intestines of worms. And that is what Biology has done to me. God! I'm turning into such a geek!

Anyway it has been exam week and 'excitement' (this is when you picture the narrator rolling her eyes) kept me on tip toes and up till three at nights. I look disastrous and feel miserable and consequently behave atrociously with everyone all due to lack of sleep loss of appetite and deprivation of entertainment. As you might have noticed I am even beginning to sound like class notes. That is NOT the way I usually sound!

The last few times I sat for them, exams were challenging and about testing but this time the experience was just annoying I have the sneaking suspicion that it is a due to my seating arrangement. Person-to-my-right submits ditto copy of my work and then at the end of the exam tells (not even insists), me to write in block handwriting. Person-to-my-left sucks at his pen with all his might like it has all the 'modhu' in the world maybe even some from the heavens. Meanwhile Person-behind hyper-ventilates on my back and Person-in-front is just as much help as the chair she's sitting on! All in all not the most exciting circle to be a part of. Only consolation is that it's just one more day….and then! Aaahh (pronounce in a nice way not a scream) sweet days of freedom when watching television does not eat into my conscience and I can sleep without dreaming (more like nightmaring) about how the invigilator grew fangs and will now eat me up since I didn't submit my work on time.

I once read somewhere that hope is what sustains continuity and it is during these dark days that I understand the true meaning of these words. Lots of plans for the brighter days up ahead…basketball, weddings, birthdays, drama….even as words they are so pretty! One can't help but smile at them . Well now I have to go and do so some Pure Maths! It's so much fun doing those endless problems but I really do not think my vocabulary is well equipped to describe that absolute feeling of ecstasy (roll eyes again)…….so I just won't bother.
In hope of brighter days,

By Miss Understood.


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