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Brilliance of writers block

OKAY, so I was having a writers block, looking for something, anything to write on. Without much thought, I browsed through the net, in search of some inspiration. And guess what? I ended up at a site where they had tons of topics, but they were, well, for kids. The topics somewhat amused me. So, right before closing the window I thought, “Hey why not give it a shot?”

Insects, insects everywhere
Insects, insects everywhere
What's the point of this?
Do you think I even care?

Seriously, I can understand that there are tons of cockroaches crawling across our floor every night, but who would really want to write about that?

How plants grow
As far as I can guess, if asked a kid to write something on that, he would probably say “plants need sunlight and water and that's how they grow”. That is actually quiet an intelligent answer. But if an adult started writing on the topic, with all the details of transpiration, respiration and chloroplasts, it would get so boring that the person reading the essay would probably never even grow a plant in his life ever again, out of his hatred for the writer. Now we don't want tree's to go instinct now, do we?

What I know about the ocean
At this point, I'm doing my best to keep my fingers on the keyboard instead of using them to pull my hair. What do I know about the ocean???! What kind of topic is that? Oh well, let me try at least. The ocean has water. Sometimes its blue and salty while sometimes it green and shitty. Does that work? If this were a school exam, I would probably have been expelled!

Good things about my neighborhood
In my neighborhood there are some general stores, lots of buildings and street dogs. I don't know anyone from my neighborhood. I don't know my neighbor. I think I know the kid from the next lane, because we go on same school bus. Period. Great writing skills have been used here (sarcasm intended). What else did you expect? Good things about your neighborhood?

A helpful person I've met
Oh boy, I love this one. Perhaps we have been forced to write on such similar topics tons of times in our school life. There were some more: “Your favorite teacher”, “Your favorite sport” or “Your pet”. Its sheer torture and nothing else. Its madness! In today's world, the title should be “the only helpful person I've ever met”!

When I was upside down
No comments on this one. Actually, giving it a thought, this title is visually disturbing. And gives the wrong idea too.

My chores
1. Take a good refreshing shower
2. Give my teddy bear a refreshing shower
3. Do the same thing tomorrow
So much to do and so little time! It's hard being a kid, innit?

How it would feel to walk in space
It would feel as though….as though….your walking in space! No way!! Well if you're supposed to imagine this, then first off all, since the person writing has probably never walked in space (unless the guy is from NASA or something), he wouldn't really know. And second of all, if you really have never walked in space, then he can imagine it to be like anything, even like walking on water!

Rings on her fingers
Rings on her fingers
Shining, sparkling
Oh, rings on her fingers.

I'm just too good at this! I should become a poet, right?

I want to be a poet
This is not a habit
I want to be a poet
I like rabbit!

At the library
Hmmm…at the library. Yes, it could be a descriptive article, with minute details about different books available at the library, what they smell like and how beautiful the pages are. If it's a fiction based article, it could be a story of how you went to a library one day….and read a book! Wow! Unbelievable!

The website: http://www.thewritesource.com

By Nayeema Reza


WITH a final grumble and a heavy release of incredibly non-breathable black smog, our bus started moving, bumping and jerking its way through the unkempt muddy roads of Barisal Highway.

It was the middle of a beautiful afternoon and I felt quite drowsy as I sat on the left window-side part of the bus. Being a doctor, I was on a mission to help ease the pain of the people in the rural areas of the country. My present assignment was in Barisal, where I planned to train the people on how to take care of emergency situations.

The sun glistened high above, its glittery softness making me wander off to sleep. Our bus gained speed steadily and the greenery outside my window drifted past fast.

There was a family of three sitting on the same row across the aisle on my right. A dark quiet man and his very pretty wife, both trying to desperately persuade their one-or-so year old daughter to eat a piece of orange. I stuck out my tongue and made a face at her. She seemed so shocked that she looked at me, her eyes wide and her mouth open. Her parents took this chance and squashed the little fruit into her mouth. I laughed and the parents gave me identical thankful smiles.

We were about half an hour from our stop when suddenly our bus took a sharp turn. This jerked several sleepy passengers awake. I stood up to take a look, so did the man from the family of three beside me. A car was moving very fast in our direction. The road was dangerously narrow and a river was flowing on my left a few feet below. The car soon lost its balance and was about to head-on-collide with our vehicle when the bus driver hard-braked and steered the wheel fast.

This caused several of us to be catapulted forward and the next thing we knew, the vehicle was rolling on its side, ready to plunge into the river. People screamed and I was forced to revolve on my ride. I hit my head on the luggage rack hard, and with an excruciating pain, it started bleeding immediately. Wincing, I noticed that the pretty mother was screaming and desperately trying to protect her baby (who was also bawling) by holding her close. While the father, like me, hit the luggage rack and had his chin sliced by a half-opened baggage zipper

With a throbbing head, I tried to hold still and move away from my seat when suddenly I found myself half submerged under icy water. I slipped and within seconds everyone on the left side of the bus was pulled in by the dangerous force of the river.

I gulped in a lot of dirty and muddy river water. I could neither breathe nor see anything, and my head injury made it difficult to think properly. Even in the state of panic, I slowly managed to pull my body out of the submerged part of the bus with a great effort.

We had stopped revolving. This meant the bus had stopped on its side on the river bank, with its left side plunged in the water. I found the family trying to get their baby daughter out of the right window (which was the ceiling now). A man standing outside took her and kept her aside. This meant that the rescue team had arrived.

Within seconds the father pulled me out of my situation and did the same to me as he had done to his daughter. Before I realised it, I was outside the bus, safely sitting on the buddy bank, with a number of people standing over me and nursing my head.

I realised then what was happening. The family was still inside, trying to save as many passengers as they could by putting their own lives in danger! I rushed to help the rescue team. It took us 30 minutes to get everyone including the heroic family out. Just as we were all safe, the whole bus gave another jerk, rolled sideways, and drowned, disappearing into the icy black depths of the river.

I stared in awe. We could have all died if it hadn't been for this angelic family, who were now being taken to the hospital by ambulance. What had just happened now was luck at its best...or maybe a miracle...I didn't know what it was; I just stared at the drowning vehicle.

(The writer did not send a name to go along with the story)


Breeze full of stress, azure sky
Fluffy clouds fly
Above so high
I leave a deep sigh.
The memories I've been keeping in my mind
Since the day she left me far behind
I watched her go.
Below, the leaves are trampled
So are my dreams also
They all grew colourless
Without her, now I guess,
My dreams, sans her, are opaque
I don't feel ache
Now I fake
For what it's worth.
But today I feel a feeble wish
That I'd had already unleashed
The things I loathed
Upon someone who's my foe.
Now I think evermore,
She's the one I'd only got
Oh, Charlotte.

By Sujash Islam


Denying to Love!

I know it is you again
Knocking at the door of my heart;
To fill it with new illusion & imaginations
But I won't let you in this time.

I know my heart is not a place
Where you would like to stay forever;
And, neither can I see you stay as a guest
Nor see you leave my heart
alone when needed!

Don't think I would be loosing by rejecting you
Because I know this time I will win
By giving you up to someone else's hand
To take care of you the way you deserve!

Moreover, I won't be heart-broken to do so
Nor will I cry for you,
Instead the tears will be like a gift on my eyes
From the memories of those
I thought mine.

By Beloved Bird


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