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Friendship day message board

It was truly a miracle when you guys became my friends. Today,I cannot even imagine a day without you guys helping me whatever the matter is about.And thanks to Ishtiaque, Anika, Nafiz, Saif, Tamim,Kheya,Yafiz, Ashique for those hilarious moments we had studying,adventuring and bunking classes through the high school years together and always being there for me when I needed you guys the most.
- Ishtiaque Ahmed
Maple Leaf Int. School

Love you both heaps. Mwah! Happy Friendship day! Loves,

All desirable things in life are either illegal, banned, expensive or married to some one else. Its just super great I don't need to have a desire for being friends with you guys! Happy Friendship Day to all my friends,
-Tanim, Maple Leaf Int. School, A'level

From the beginning till the end, we will always be friends. Happy Friendship Day to all my friends!
-Ridi Rubaiyat

It took me a minute to know you guys, it took me an hour to trust you guys, it took me a day to consider you guys my best friends but it'll take me 4ever to forgive u guys. Because it took u a second 2 break our friendship.
Happy Friendship Day Shayan
Happy Friendship Day Sunny.

Promise you won't forget EVER me, because if I thought you would, I'd never leave. Happy Friendship Day Namrata, Fatima, Sajjad and last but not the least Shachchha! You guys are THE best! Happy Friendship Day!
-Fayequa Shams

'Candles can illuminate an entire house....and friends like you lights up an entire lifetime. Thanks to you all for the bright light of your friendship....I remember all those memorable days which were full of joys, happiness nd 'faizlamis'....and I hope to see such days in the future too......thanks to Iritza, Alavi, Tazwar, Saiful, Shafat, Ashraful, Seemab, Tanzir, Tasnim, Abul, Rajat, and everyone. Let's enjoy to the brim on this day.....because it is our day..... Happy Friendship Day!
-Sami Ameen

I don't need friendship day to express how I'm grateful to my friends, but then again, I probably never do express. So, here's a shout out to Seemab and Rubait, two of my closest buddies. You guys are great; man and we've had some fantastic times. I'd also like to mention Abrar, a very dear old friend of mine. Saquib and Navid from DT. Also, Shihab and Asif. And, ofcourse, all of my Sunnydale friends, thank you for the memories. Happy Friendship Day
- Tanzir Rahman

Sarz, my man, HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY! Brothers for lyf-
- O-Sue

Jaanertukra, happy friendship day....you rele are my true best friend and I want u 2 forever be :( . Loves 4ever,
-your puppy

To Waqar
They say a true friend is the rarest gem. I am lucky to have you as my friend...I live to cherish this bond we share...

Pankha! I never thought I could hate anyone, until i met you. :P Happy friendship day, LOVE YOU

DJ Rash,
Friends are like forever and in this day of friendship I want you brother, to be my friend for ever. For all the great times and the worst of times.........Happy Friendship Day
-Saad Ayub

Despite of the fact we are not with each other........still I feel the karma and love and friendship in my heart and it always will be there. Hope you have a very Happy Friendship Day
-Saad Ayub

Words never can fill the blanks, yet for the times you were there for me like a silhouette, when I had your shoulder to cry on, for the times you were my mentor, times when you understood me when nobody did, for times you were as crazy as me, I just want to say despite of the fact that I can never have them back, I wish I have them back…someday. Somewhere in my heart you will always be my bestest buddy.
Happy Friendship Day
-Zee naïve child...lady…ahem

Dearesht Fariha
'How are you guys net friends again?' they all say that, yet it's true. The four year journey of becoming best friends was not easy, were they? Bad times and good times, you and your crazy dances were always a part of it, and the lol..and lollys! So wishing you a very Happy Friendship's Day.

Akhy, thank you for being the most annoying friend ever! Remember! Annoyance is a necessity 4 a happy life, and you make my life happy!
Happy Friendship Day!

It seems as if you never considered me as your friend! If you had, then you never would have lied to me like that! Whether I don't want to believe what others say about you, or whether I am still a complete fool, I still cant help it, and whenever we meet, I cant stop myself from asking, 'How are you?'
-Dark Lord

Raida, you are being thanked for being the ultimate nerd... Without u, my friend list would never have been so weird...and weird people are important in life. Happy Friendship Day!

I really don't want to write friendship nicyy crap and make you feel special, because you are not special…kind of! So here's wishing you are very Happy Friendship day with three happy emoticons, one devil emoticon and lots of exclamations, in a pretty pink font!

Moury dosto... I am lucky to have a friend like u, and it makes me proud to say that you r my best friend. The weird connection of the same happenings are a sign that we are supposed to be besties forever! Happy Friendship day dost!

Thanks for listening to those lame jokes and eventually laughing at them. Thanks for being there when I needed you guys the most. Thanks for being my friend. Thanks Salman, Yasif, Kashif, Shahir, Sakif, Protik. (Pardon me if I missed anyone).
Happy Friendship Day to everybody, have a fun-tastic day with your friends

Ani Roxane and Raida, whenever someone says something funny, I usually laugh, and the next thing I do is look around if you think it's funny, even if you are not around. Thanks for being my friend through thick and thin. Happy Friendship day!

To all my friends… Hope you all are fine. Don't ever let this wonderful relationship named friendship break because the word too small to carry a huge meaning… You know why God created friends… To share emotions that you can't share with your parents. It's a strange but beautiful bond. So keep in touch, always.

Wishing Monty, Alu, Koli, Naz Shafia, and Sarju a very Happy Friendship Day!

Weekly Weird News ... sort of

I Take Thee, Dog, As My Wife- So looking for weird news, I decided to my best bet would be something in India, and hey I was right. 33-year old Selva Kumar, from the southern state of Tamil Nadu, tied the knot with a 7-year old female, Selvi. Shocking? Well here's the real deal. Selvi is a dog, that's right, a DOG. Soothsayers had convinced Selva that he had to atone for killing 2 dogs, 15 years ago, which resulted in a curse and along with the family and friends, this street dog was chosen. A hindu priest conducted the ceremony and yes he can marry after the curse is lifted. But I think it'll be hard for any ordinary woman to live up to the standards set by Selvi. Oh yea..

It's been a pretty weird week. What with the earthquake and voter list and all. But keeping that news aside, we decided to once more focus on more weird news at an international level. So here's the scoop from Freaksville.

Clean my house..or DIE- So Alabama is supposedly a nice place with nice people, but this was surely not the case this time around. Adrian and Tiffany Mckinnon returned home one night, to find out that they had been robbed. Tiffany started wailing and a furious Adrian decided to see the extent of the damage and upon entering one of the rooms, he came face to face with the burglar. The burglar, at that moment was coincidentally wearing Adrian's hat for some reason. Anyway, Adrian had a gun and he held the burglar at gun point. He couldn't wait for the law to arrive, so he sentenced the burglar himself. The burglar was forced to clean the couple's house at gun point. You know, sweep, polish and all. Just as he was about to weed the garden and trim the grass, police arrived and the burglar actually complained to the cops. 'You should've been shot dead.' The officer replied. Clearly, opposite of shot dead is cleaning an Alabama couple's house…

$2500 for Banana- I am not really on this and I keep thinking..what? But this Artist, Michael Fernandez actually exhibited a banana on the window sill of his exhibition and priced it at $2500, originally thought to be $15,000. The trick is, he changes the old ones by eating them and places new ones everyday. Commotion ensued for this audacity, however two collectors did want to know if the 'work' was genuine. Meaning they wanted to know whether the banana's had…what? Fernandez just said 'We (humans) are also temporal, but we live as if we are not.'. And I ask…what?
That's all the strangeness for this week. Till next time..what?

The Road to Stardom- A young female was stopped while she was driving in Augusta, Maine on the charges of watching TV, while she was driving. The driver did not vehemently deny the accusation, but said she was tired and tried to keep herself awake by watching an episode of the 'Gilmore Girls.' Yeah, like that'll keep you awake. The cop was furious since the girl would be better off watching three hours of Paris Hilton, but whatever. The girl wasn't charged, as laws do prohibit watching TV, but there is nothing about laptops, so that's how that story goes.

I Would Like to Withdraw 360 Billion Dollars, please!
- What did Charles Ray Fuller get arrested for? For being ugly? Not today. This man, from the State of Texas, had been arrested for trying to cash a check for a 'meager' $ 360 Billion. Obviously the bank guys smelled a rat and informed the police and this 21-year old man was soon arrested on the charges of forgery. There were 10 zeros in his personal check and he had better chances of getting away with murder.

N.B- The writer has felt free to add views and edited the news unnecessarily but the contents remain true.
Sources- thatsweird.com, newsoftheweird.com, about.com

By Osama Rahman

Making friendship… ...bands

Now you want to give a friendship band to your best buddy. Why not give something you make with your own hands, effort and blood although possibly not the latter. Do something special for your best friends because you know, they deserve it. All those nights that they had to hear you whining, all those times that they had to cover for you…and all those times they were just there, watching your back. Let's begin:

Step 1
Tie up a bunch of long strands of thread into a knot. GO wild with colours and shapes.

Make a normal braid with the threads to fit a wrist and tie it.

You could make your band nicer by using different kinds of threads, like: silk, cotton etc. Other things that you should get there would be sequins, beads and laces, all available at a very low price (sequins worth Tk.5 would do).You could sew the sequins or beads on top of the bands or better yet you could just stick them by using glue (fabric glue preferable). If you don't feel up to doing all the sewing, then there's always glitter. Glitter tubes are available at stationeries like Gyankosh, where a pack of glitter tubes should cost around Tk.50 or Tk.60. But let me warn you, if you're using threads like silk (which are duh, silky) then chances of the glitters sticking are low. Ok well, that's all I've got this time! Happy friendship day people!

By Nayeema Reza





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