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Metal Hardline at RCC

As life begins on its usual symphony, RCC gets warmed up by the first concert after Eid on Friday, October 10. The atmosphere was the usual, with the usual people and their scary skulled t-shirts and weird hairdo. The concert featured the bands

Warfaze, Mechanix, Eclipse, Severe Dementia, Black Priest, Nagorik, Annex, Mirror Blaze, Inanimate, Blank, and Synosure. However, Severe Dementia n Eclipse had backed off. The concert started at the usual time with Synosure as the first performance. The seats are usually empty at the time of the first performances, but the show started with a half packed audience. Talk about people wanting to see the concert!

Synosure covered three songs among which Bed of Rezor was one of their best cover. .The solo part was weak, but the song in total was nothing worth complaining. The show started to get more interesting as evening consumed afternoon, and after the performance of Inanimate and Mirror Blaze, the concert really seemed to have reached its zenith of expectation as Mirror Blaze finished off with their own composition 'Merudondohin'. Their mind blowing performance was topped off by Annex's (now known as Vetust) performance. They covered death covers as well sacrifice of Sabek of Nile. They also played an own composition, 'jara okhane chilo tarai shudhu bolte parbe' standard of their performance was amazing!

Afterwards the most anticipated performance of the night, Mechanix's performance began. Their performance was as good as it was anticipated. The audience was on their feet in front of the stage! They started off with 'kalo bikkhobh', which might be the title tract of their debut album! The vocal was very apt for the songs, and his piece made everybody get into the songs! They covered 'painkiller', and people would actually make a mistake by thinking it was their own composition, since they seemed so into the songs! They wanted finished off with 'oporajeo' but due to the massive request of the audience they had to finish off with the last verse of 'holy wars'.

Blackpriest was the next band to perform, and they started off with Blacksabath. The guitar work just blew everyone's mind and it made the crowd more pleased when they played 'burn in hell' of Judas Priest. They did another song of Blacksabath, and it was really sweet of the vox to dedicate the song to his wife…er love in metal concert. Something you'd never expect to see! They finished off with the cover of Audrissho Juddho. After them came Nagorik, and the crowd was really tired when they made their performance. They started off with 'raater train' and finished off with 'it's my life'. After their performance the crowd really needed to take a break!

The concert was wrapped by the last band's performance, the performance of Warfaze, what people would call as the performance of the legend! It seemed as if RCC was chanting in one rhythm 'warfaze... Warfaze...warfaze...' The auditorium was totally packed, and filled with screams and excitement. They covered the songs Hotasha, Oshamajik, Dhushor Manchitro, Shadhikar, Shomoy, Mahara.

The concert really hit it off, with minor setbacks. The new bands have a long way to go, and making some improvements and rehearsing more could really help, as people expect a lot from them. All in all, the concert was really good; the organizers should get a tap on their shoulders for organizing an event like this. Hope to see better performances in the future!

Photo courtesy to tunesbd.net

By Raida Kifait Reza

'Plan C' Organising a kid's birthday party

No one can remember properly any of the birthday parties they had as kids. Except for a few fleeting moments, everything about those parties seems hazy and 'magical'. Yes, the very little detail that we can dredge up makes for a reverie that brings a little smile to our faces. And now that we are grown up planning a birthday party for a kid and putting another smile to that kid's face only seems reasonable.

The real deal:
Planning for your own parties is somewhat easier because then you know what you want and how much you can afford to want. But when it comes to planning for someone else's party it becomes horribly difficult. So unless the kid is having his/her first birthday (which means the subject is unable to voice his/her demands because of his/her under-developed vocabulary), you should go and ask if s/he would like to cut a cake or a pizza for the party and all the other relevant stuff. This is the real deal to getting a successful party. After all kids do not have peer pressure and what they care about is what they themselves want. So you will only have to try to impress the 'birthday boy/girl'. Their friends can wait ten more years to have fun at their bday.

Five/Six year old kids do not care if their party is held in a community center or in a museum. So it is best to have the party at home and by home I mean one large room inside the home that has only one exit (it is pret-ty important). Once the room has been figured out about, remove from that room everything that can be broken and put in the room sofas, cushions, a whole lot of pillows and a nice soft rug. These are the basic precautions unless that room sports a burning fireplace.

Okay this is the fun part. Instead of buying all the decorations, try to make those yourselves at home. Make the kid take part in it. Both of you will love it. And for a special touch you can even try to make handmade invitation cards. Once the kid is grown up, seeing these invitation cards will help him reminisce all the cool times he spent with you. Aside from those the cone shaped hats are going to be tricky to make. So just go and buy the hats and the balloons, and prepare all the other stuff at home and go creative.

Now the only detail we have left is food. Cakes, pizzas, sodas and pop corns and noodles, you are done. Actually no! All these foods and these kids combined, you don't get Captain Planet; you get a room, the paint job of which just got ruined. So plan to have chocolate bars, tasty chips that could be eaten fast and neat, and a nice, small, cute cake with something funny written on it. Also ask your mom and dad to stay home for an afternoon and cook up some home made stuff.

The Actual Party:
The party should, as always, be planned to be held during the evening. And well, yeah it would not be a party actually! It would be something where you will see cutest of the cute kids, roaming about wondering where they are at. And you would just want to keep talking to those kids and marvel at all the funny words that would come out of their mouth. But well as far as the birthday boy/girl is concerned it should be a party.

Now first of all you should not keep any of the food in the 'room' from the start. Once the kids start showing up one by one, take them to the 'room' and keep them mesmerized with your own 'show' until all the invitees are there. If there are any accompanying adults, take them to another room where your mom and dad will keep them company. Now, the 'show' could be you with the guitar teaching the kids to strum, you with two small teddy bears trying out your first ventriloquism act or you and your friend participating in a live 'mock wrestling match' (Yeah I took it from Daddy Day Care). Once everyone is there, bring out the foods, make the bday kid cut the cake, clap, take pictures and then leave them alone to have fun themselves. After that you become a 'successful' party planner.

You will not probably get a recommendation for arranging this party, unless the kid is very smart and you are smart enough to ask for a recommendation. But be sure that you will be having lots of fun.

By Hitoishi Chakma

Super Cell Phones

Colour screens, MP3 players, Internet access, text-messaging, voice activation, games, photo caller ID, personal organizers, e-mail…you name it, cell phones seem to have it these days. We've come a long way from the early days of cellular communication, when cell phones could barely pick up a signal.

We have become a wireless world where cell phones have progressed from long-range walkie-talkies to complete communication systems used by young and old. Now you can find cell phones in an array of funky colours and in sizes smaller than your fake ID.

So what's next? By the end of this year or early 2003, expect to see handsets with Java capabilities. These phones will be able to download colours, graphics, and motion, enabling us to watch streaming video, play high quality video games, and store pictures on our cell phones.

Not far off is a built-in Geographic Positioning System, which allows you to pinpoint location. For example, you could use your GPS to find the nearest all-night coffee shop relative to where you are. Also, a tracking capability (similar to ICQ) will soon be available, enabling you to know who else is on their phone at the same time as you.

However, the latest thing is often old news by the time it hits your ear. Engineers around the world are continually working to develop creative new applications for your cell phone.

As you read this, designers are working on phones that will fit into your car dashboard and automatically set preferred radio stations, adjust the temperature, position your seat, and display the best way to get you where you want to go. You should also be able to access your bank account, send and take digital photos, remotely lock and unlock the door of your home and even monitor your heart! Your stored information will hopefully be secure with fingerprint or voiceprint identification capabilities.

Of course, pre-existing technologies are continually being updated and expanded.

It is expected that by 2005 more than 50% of all calls in the world will be wireless, and by 2006 wireless phones will outnumber traditional landlines across the globe.

With more and more tech-savvy teens using cell phones, it is apparent we are an important part of the cellular picture. Mark Langton of Telus Communications says, “It is estimated that 50% of new cell phone subscribers this year will be from the youth market.”

According to a recent Bell Mobility survey, of Ontario and Quebec cell phone users between the ages of 16-24, we are heavy, but responsible, cell phone users (more often using our phones to call mom and dad, rather than to call friends). On average, we use our phones two to three hours per week and make purchasing decisions based primarily on price, functionality and reception.

By Sapna Jain



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