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Will The real ideal girl, please stand up?

IT is fairly difficult to pinpoint the exact characteristics/qualities that one looks for in an ideal female. In fact the very existence of an ideal girl is questionable. But what are the desired elements that one feels must be present in an ideal girl? After extensive research, pouring through tons of age-old manuscripts, searching with a fine-toothed comb and interviewing as many people as possible, we have identified some of the most vital requirements. And if these are true then Alicia Silverstone, Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Aniston, Cinderella and all fall short.

1. It seems that nearly 60% of the male populace considers looks to play a vital role. Considering that nearly 40% of the same populace can easily be branded as liars, we assume looks are significant for all of us. Those that beg to differ do so only to preserve a good, self-righteous image. It must be said, that looks don't make the choice, it merely makes up about 25% of the full criteria. There are other things that are just as, or more, important.

2. Attitude plays a pretty vital role. Now the kind of attitude one looks for in a girl, escapes most mortal minds. Girls have attitude, in fact they have just too much of it. Asking for their number is indecent and not asking for their number is just impolite. There is the Shakespearian dilemma. But, yes males look for attitude, preferably good ones, when searching for their ideal female counterpart. We feel, here attitude means how well a girl carries herself, presents herself etc etc.

3. Intelligence seems to be the clincher. In fact a lot of males consider the girl's intelligence to be of most significance when dreaming up their ideal girl. That eliminates a considerable portion of females, or so we'd like to think. The truth, on the contrary, is that most girls are extremely intelligent or rather cunning and sly. And since most of us are neither of those, choosing an intelligent female, who is always right by the way, exposes us to many dangers, such as those of dominance.

4. Would you believe that CHOICE OF BOOKS is also important? You wouldn't right? Well, neither did I, until all the materials of the survey and research were compiled together. It seems choice of books are very important as well. Some males believe that their dream girl must have a thing for Harry Potter, Lord of The Rings and stuff. This helps the males get along and communicate with their female counterparts. Now if they think, it will help understanding the girl, they are dead wrong. Women can never be understood. Only appreciated. Period.

5. Humor seems to be a desired trait by the males as well. Get this, guys want their girls to crack a joke and understand manly jokes as well. Yeah, good luck with that. While you are searching for such a girl, why don't you try discovering Atlantis as well? But, yes, as girl's dig humor in guys, guys dig in humor in girls as well. You have to be funny to impress or you have to at least smile when the guy cracks a joke, regardless of its level of lameness in female terms (men's valuation differs). To illustrate this, when someone gets hurt or hit by a bus or trips or something, it is funny. Wearing yellow in the winter? Not so funny for us. So women are requested to understand their audience, who are very understanding by the way, and then choose to laugh or say something ridiculous.

These components, per se, do make up the ideal women for us males. However, for purists like yours truly and some other males, we believe that women should cook well, earn a good living to sustain our lethargy and take care of us and everything else. We will love them beyond love itself and watch TV. Now, looking at all these points, it shall now be easier to locate your ideal women and for women to start becoming like our ideal women instead of always insisting on us to become the way they want us to be.

By Osama Rahman

What makes her so perfect?

SHE is what every man yearns for in his dreams and every girl aspires to be. For a man it is much easier to portray how she should be like. But we women do have opinions of our own, being the opinionated creatures we are! So guys, move over as we give our description of the perfect girl.

There can be numerous ways to define the “ideal” girl. Should she have the perfect figure with neatly plucked eyebrows and fine-toned skin? Should she be the ultimate hottie or just a simple plain Jane? No matter how much we say looks don't matter but actually it does, yes even a little teensy weensy bit! Because whenever we read or tend to write a novel we usually depict the female protagonist as pretty and perceptibly in real life the attractive girls get more attention. But do not be disappointed since being pretty does not mean that you have to be the next contestant for Miss Universe. Over here what we are trying to say is that the girl should be conscious about her looks. She should be clean and tidy in her appearance, which means bushy eyebrows, and reckless dress-up is a must NO.

Let us elaborate the term “reckless dress-up” sense over here. If they say, “clothes make the man”, so it's natural that clothes make the woman as well. Hence our Miss Ideal should have a sense of style when she dresses. We suggest keeping up with the latest fashion trends or even better creating one's own style statement that would make all the other girls wonder, “why didn't I think of it before?” We always like someone who'd be budget-smart and know where and when to spend. Be sure to keep it in mind that whatever Miss Ideal does, she does it for herself only. She looks good obviously, has a facial done once in a while, only to please herself.

She is beautiful and so she must be bold too, she is definitely not afraid to speak her mind. If any guy makes a pass on her, she is witty enough to give her own piece of mind. She roughly has an idea of the right and wrong and so does not stagger while making her own decisions. If her judgment turns out to be drastically wrong then she is modest to admit that it was her fault

And now the most interesting part- how is Miss Ideal among the guy she likes? Of course she does not make a fuss about him nor does she go all starry-eyed when he's around. She maintains her gravity but also gives him subtle hints without sounding desperate. At first she will play the hard-to-get type cause she knows that's how most guys fall for a girl. She'll make sure that the guy likes her back, only then she will reveal her feelings for him. When in a relationship, she gives enough space to her guy and expects the same in return. She devises her own method of showing how much she cares. If she ever suffers from heartache, she will not sit and cry over it; she will accept everything with her head held high.

Last but not the least, she has a heart of gold. Her friends love her for the kind and caring person she is. She is not at all condescending and always tries her level best to help out her friends from a tight spot. She is a great listener and the type whom everyone would want to confide into. She is mature to give sensible advice but she must also know when to draw the line.

So can you find at least one of these qualities in you? You never know, she could be YOU as well. I am sure there are some of them are in you if not whole because at the end of the day Miss Ideal is merely a make-believe character. It is all the aforementioned characteristics that make her the person she is. But hey we're okay with that!

By Faria Sanjana

Nokia and Warfaze

NOKIA is famous for making dependable cell phones that last and give your money's worth. The brand has given us not only devices to that help us communicate, but phones that are so much more.

Over the years cell phones have changed drastically, most of us now use them more for the entertainment value than for the actual use they're meant for.

On February 22, Nokia and Warfaze got together to launch a novel new idea to promote music and music phones.

The novelty of the whole event was that Warfaze is releasing a new album, but the catch is that it's not available at the stores. The songs and the albums will be pre-loaded into the XpressMusic phones. The phones will contain the new songs from the band, Tomake and Omanush. The songs are exclusive and the Nokia has the rights to distribute the album through their phones till April.

“We are delighted to be associated Nokia, a brand truly close to peoples' hearts. Music is meant to be shared and our fans can now share their favourite Wafaze tunes though their Nokia XpressMusic devices. We hope they would enjoy listening to some our old numbers including our new tunes and play them loud!” commented the band members.

“For many people in emerging markets like Bangladesh, their mobile device is their favourite, and sometimes only, source for entertainment. The appeal of music is universal and so should be music lovers' access to their favourite songs.” Prem Chand, General Manager for Nokia's Emerging Asia markets commented at the event.

The full album will be available in the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic and the 5310 XpressMusic phone will also contain four pre-loaded tracks.

For fans of music, the band and cell phones this is great of getting the best of both worlds.


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