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Nano tales

It felt cool to the touch. I lifted my face to catch the first of the heaven's answer to our fervent prayers. Tears mingled with it just from sheer happiness. I felt reborn as I watched it splash all around me. It pored down on my eager and upturned face, as I stood alone on the pavement, under the rain.
By Tanzin Sultana

The starving child
She smiled up at me. It was a sad smile. Her little hands were outstretched as she sat there, on the cold hard ground. Her cheeks were flushed from the cold and her wavy locks of hair fell softly around her oval, dirty face. I gave her a taka and walked on, while she stared at the note, still smiling.
By Tarneem Islam

You shameless pest!
What seemed like dreary eyes pleaded to me, “Please spare my life.”
But I felt ruthless. “You shameless pest! You have not only nibbled at my food, you have soiled my belongings with your excreta and laid eggs to extend your ignominious clan.”
And with one sweep of my broom the cockroach lay on the floor, wriggling its tiny feet.

By Nuzhat Tabassum Ahmed


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