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Nano tales

Evil One
He looked at me with that half-mad expression and grinned that
irresistible grin that could deceive anyone. But me. I gazed back at him
warily but defiantly. It didn't work, it never did. He lunged toward me,
ignoring my frantic screams of, "Aiyam! No!" The evil-two-year-old
simply bit me as hard as he could with those pointy little milk teeth.
By Tasfia Fairuz

I ran faster, my breath coming out in jagged gasps. The leaves formed barriers around me as I fought with them to get through. It was coming closer. I turned around, trapped, and it leaped onto me. I woke up. It had all been just a dream. But then why was I in the garden and not in my bed?
By Tajneen Islam

His grip around my throat tightened. As I began to feel my air supply run out, I reached out and grabbed a vase and struck him on the head. His immediately let go of me and slumped to the ground. Blood spread over my floor. The door bell rang. I had to do something. I had to hide the body.
By Tarneem Islam


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