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What's easier, a boyfriend or a pet? They both require constant attention but only one is always willing to give you a big sloppy kiss and doesn't get mad at you for a little harmless flirting with that cute guy at the concert. Lets compare and contrast each other in the following areas, shall we?

PERSONAL HYGIENE: boyfriends can sometimes smell a little funny and be completely messy with zero fashion sense and no colour co ordination skills whatsoever, but they win this category hands down. At least a boyfriend is capable of using the bathroom all by him self and doesn't have to be taken outside thrice everyday. Also, finding your pet licking himself in places ain't all that nice.

OBEDIENCE: in obedience skills, a boyfriend falls short. Sit, stand, beg… guys understand these simple commands but don't always obey them (try telling your boyfriend to stand during an X-Box marathon). A pet can easily be trained to do these things on command without the whining and the complaining. Plus, pets don't talk back (thank god!).

ATTENTION AND AFFECTION: This one goes to the boyfriend, again. While pets require a fair amount of attention (you need to take them for walks, give them cuddles and feed them a treat occasionally) it's just a lot more fun showering your boyfriend with attention because it makes it easier to lead him around on a leash.

COST: having a pet includes the occasional expenses such as vet bills, pet food bills and grooming costs but it's better than the endless cost for boyfriends! They need to be taken out quite a lot and lets not forget the presents for anniversaries/birthdays/Valentine's Day. It also takes a toll on your phone bills, which you have to pay off because your dad would freak if he saw the TK. 3000 you worked up in two weeks. And lets not forget about feeding him on a regular basis (which is equivalent to the gross national income of a small country). You need the bank account of an heiress just to keep up!

TRAINING: breaking in a new boy is challenging. He needs to learn to please your friends, deal with your mood swings (which are completely normal, why don't boy's understand that?) and win-over the parents. A pet however only needs to learn how not to destroy the furniture and pee on your moms expensive Persian carpet!

VERDICT: Pet 3, Boyfriend 2.
So for a trouble-free soul mate it's much easier to get a furry companion than it is to get a boyfriend (although, sometimes boys can be a tad on the furry side as well). However, pets aren't all that great to take along when you go shopping and you need a big strong man to carry your multitudes of shopping bags. Also pets don't compliment you on the way you look. Or even buy you presents!

Maybe you can go for a 'best of both worlds' approach and find yourself a pet boyfriend? And if you’ve successful, please let the other girls out there know how to get one too!

By Musarrat Rahman

Bangladeshi Style!

HIGH school girls with their BCBG dresses on, holding a Prada clutch with a lily corsage on their wrist. Boys wearing perfectly fitted tuxedos standing outside the girl's house waiting in front of the rented stretched limousine. All the boys and girls gather in a hall room dancing, taking pictures followed by dinner. This 'grand' event is known as Prom. The event does not finish with just music and dance, three or four post prom parties (the most popular and 'controversial' one being the 'After party') takes place as well.

Now, this is a common scenario in North America sometime between spring and summer. Imagine all this here in Bangladesh ... well some schools especially the International ones have proms already but what if this was to become a common trend here.
What would it be like?

First and foremost- The Parents
To send the child or not to send the child that is the question? How to decide?

Mothers will call up all the “bhabis” then they will have a week long conversation analysing the prom, the pros and cons and finally they will give their verdict.

That decision will by passed onto the father, the financial contributor who will raise his eyebrows at first then ask a few questions followed by “12 tar age chole esho”.

Second- The designer, the tailor ...the doorji bhai
The man who made “anarkali kameez” and “choli blouse” will now be making your prom dress! (Poor guy). If Eid and the weddings weren't stressful enough these men will be dealing with confused teenage girls and furious mothers.

The boys?
Well, two days before the prom they will buy a shirt, borrow a friend's suit , dad's tie and Voila! They are all set to go.

Third- Getting ready on the big day!
The hairdressers are not use to prom hairstyles so don't be surprised if you ask them to tease your hair a little and end up looking like our ex prime minister, ahem.

The beauticians might also get carried away with the “smoky eyes” making you look like a bride.

Oh and the boys ...just give them a reminder two hours before the main event because according to them it's just shower and putting on clothes (the most challenging part being the tie of course).

The Prom
It's the big day! You were stuck in jam and hence you are an hour late to your own prom.
Your mother will call you exactly at 9 pm asking you if everything is fine. 30 minutes later she will call again asking the same question. Then finally at 11 pm you will get 'the call' with a more serious, concerned and threatening tone “bashai asho, or else . . .”

Well, the whole idea of a prom might be overwhelming at first but it doesn't sound or look all so bad. A prom with a deshi twist and drama might make it twice as more fun than the real thing. So, Bangladesh, are you up for it?

By Fariba Rakhsanda

Celestial Blackout

THE current century's only total solar eclipse, slated to occur on Wednesday, July 22 will be visible from Bangladesh. The eclipse will be visible from north-east Bangladesh, in Tetulia, from the Panchagar district, starting from 6 am and lasting till 8am. The full eclipse should be visible for a maximum of 3 mins 59 seconds.

The Bangladesh Astronomical Association
(BAA) has organized a viewing camp to allow you to watch this celestial event safely, and comfortably. Starting off on July 21, the team will return on Wednesday afternoon the next day after the viewing. To find out how you can participate, do contact the BAA at 01819978936

By the way

Total eclipses are rare, and even though solar eclipses occur every 18 months or so, it has been estimated that they recur at any given place only once every 370 years, on average. Totality can never last more than 7 min 31 s, and is usually much shorter: during each millennium there are typically fewer than 10 total solar eclipses exceeding 7 minutes. The last time this happened was June 30, 1973 (7 min 3 sec).


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