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Nano tales

The Human Subject
“Marry me, Emily.”
What!! This is soo not right.
Didn't professor say emotional attachments with subjects would lead to negative marking?
I'm surely gonna fail.
For I am intensely in love with this human.
Should I tell him that I am an alien from Inter-space University of Mars sent to earth for my final light-year thesis paper on “Human Relationships”?
By Nuzhat Tabassum Ahmed

In The Back
As the sun scorched overhead in a caustic manner, an atrocious cry resounded from behind, resonating in circles around his ears. Suddenly…an invigorating blast from heavy duty hydraulic horns… screech of rusty brakes pressed hard…screams of outmost fear. At an instant something hit him violently in the back, blasting his ribs outwards. The man was declared dead an hour later.
By Ahmed Saquif Alam Anough

The minute hand inched closer and closer to the mark. She waited with abated breath, willing it to move faster. She had been waiting so long, for oh so long, for this magical moment to come. The clock struck 12 and then suddenly the room was flooded with light. Another hour of loadshedding had come to an end.
By Nisma Elias


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