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Nano tales

This was the moment. My family looked on eagerly as the last over was going to be bowled by Dale Steyn. Bangladesh needed two runs for victory from the last six balls. Just then the electricity went away and the room went dark. Disappointment for everyone present. The next day we learned that Bangladesh had lost to South Africa. Again.
By Tarneem Islam

It was the final. We needed 3 runs from 4 balls to win. It was the last wicket partnership. I was on strike. The bowler bowled, I hit the ball... it sailed straight into the hands of a fielder. I couldn't see the opposition hugging each other. I just collapsed on the ground and didn't move. Defeat... hard to accept.
By Tajneen Islam

Prelude to a duel
The tension was in the air. Both men glared at each other, murder in their eyes and nostrils flaring. One said to another, “I will make minced meat out of you and splatter your brains all over this place.” The other snorted, “I can tell you something more interesting. Far more interesting really.'
“What's that?”
“You are standing on dog-poop….!”
By Kokoro-chan





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