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Nano tales

Fading Lights
He sat nervously in the waiting room, waiting for the nurse to bring him his results. Finally the nurse arrived with the ominous looking envelope in her hands. With trembling fingers, he took out the piece of paper, which would change his life forever. Yes, he is a dying patient now; he could now see the lights slowly fading away...
By Seik Avinno

A cold hard slap
I was left speechless. My ears were still ringing and my cheek was sore. My cheek felt hot to the touch and I was branded by a large red mark. I should have been furious but I was dumbfounded. It was surreal. But soon my shock was replaced by an uncontrollable rage. My employee was so fired for slapping me.
By Tanzin Sultana

He looked at me with loving eyes. What I felt for him was overwhelming. He smiled that devilish smile that made me happy. I had known him for ten years now, yet each time I looked at him, I knew we would be together forever. Then, my ten-year-old brother told me about what happened at school that day.
ByTarneen Islam




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