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Mixed Tape launch @ Cuppa Coffee

WHAT can be more relaxing than a cup of coffee and listening to good music? Watching its groove trap your soul in a live performance, of course! With a new melody and a set of brand new melody Cuppa Coffee, Banani was dazzling with a very happy aura as the launch of Mixtape took place on August 7, 2009. The combination of big names and a blend of great and promising songs were promoted that very day after the launch.

The album offers a platter of different genres, starting from an easy listening track by Radiosis, to the funky and jazzy tune of Groove Trap, from the complicated yet brilliant composition by Bonny Prince to the Alternrock tune of Bohemian.This album consists of songs from 12 bands, namely: Shunno, Bohemian, Groove Trap, Shade, Alternation, Soothsayer, EFN, Abseil, Story Tellers, Aftermath, Radiosis, and Bonny Prince

Munir Hossain, proprietor, Fahim Music, inaugurated the album, which was coordinated by the vocalist of Bohemian, Shams Quader and the drummer of Bohemian and Shunno, Rafatul Bari Labib. After a press conference, the concert began with an astounding performance of Radiosis. They covered their own song, along with songs like 'Cant Stop' of Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Bonny Prince was next and they dazzled the crowd with their performance and aftermath followed their performance. Their performance wasn't as promising as the others when they performed 'You remind me' of Nickleback, but their own composition was better!

Story Tellers hit the concert off with their cover of Ozzy Osbourne's 'Mr. Crowley' 'So Far Away' by Strained, and their own composition. Their performance was followed by Abseil, whose performance seemed a little too much 'metal' for a café environment. Soothsayer took the stage next and they covered all their original tracks, which was a bold and risky decision, but clearly paid off and was well received by the crowd.

Alternation performed a bizarre medley of Nantu Ghotok (by Momtaz), Jatrabala by Mila, following up with one of their own tracks, before yielding the spot to Shade. People were expecting a great comeback from them, but unfortunately their coordination wasn't satisfactory. After Alternation and Shade's performance, the crowd was eager for a dose of Bohemian.

Bohemian's crowd response was very good, and they had a very good coordination. They covered Crawl (Kings of Leon), Desire (u2), Lyra (Mixed Tape) and Cholo Cholo (from unreleased second album).

Shunno took the stage last, getting the best crowd response with their superior synchronization. They covered 'How to save a life' by The Fray, their album track, and an unreleased track from their upcoming album.

If you're looking for an album that provides some good variety on easy listening, you should check Mixed Tape out

By Raida Kifait Reza

“60 Shots”
Venue: Chobir-Haat, Dhaka University (Opposite Charukola Institute).

A single photograph can speak a thousand words. 50 photo-hunters from home and abroad are going to establish this fact again through “60 Shots”, a photography exhibition organized by “Bangladeshi Photographers” featuring young and emerging photographers of Bangladesh starting from Thursday, 13th August 3:00pm at Chobir-Haat, Opposite the Charukola Institute in Dhaka University area.

“Bangladeshi Photographers” is an online-based group of photographers from Bangladesh. Formed in 2006 it's a place where every Bangladeshi photographer, from home and abroad, shares their vision of photography. It was established as an online community in “www.flickr.com” and still continues to inspire the upcoming talents in photography. This group now consists of almost 1200 members actively practicing photography and helps new members learn various creative aspects of the art. And now this group has taken an incredible venture to promote undergraduate photographers.

“60 Shots is organized with the aim to create an opportunity for amateur photographers who have just tasted the essence of this art form. Many talented photographers don't pursue photography after a certain time due to lack of support, inspiration and other negative factors. This exhibition is aimed to give the young photographers a distinct platform to display their creative works. Photographers will present what they think and how they think, to the viewers.

Bangladeshi Photographers group, with the slogan “We share, We care, We inspire” called the young amateur photographers to submit their photographs. From a large number of entries, 60 images featuring about 45 photographers were selected for exhibitions. This pool of images is a clear representation of how youngsters perceive and think about their homeland.

Some dusty fingers of a village boy trying to touch its reflection in crystal clear water, a lonely princess is waiting for her prince under the golden sunshine or just a simple portrait. These are the little things we missed out in this hectic journey of life. But it really doesn't take that much of an effort to capture these beauties. With colors and shade these 50 young photographers freeze all these precious moments in a 16 by 12 inch frame.

And these images are waiting to be appreciated on the walls of Chobir-Haat form 13th August to 15th August every day from 3:00pm to 8:00pm. For any kind of art-lover this is a must go event. So if you are up for an extraordinary photography exhibition by the most talented upcoming photographers of Bangladesh, welcome to “60 Shots”.

By Zabir
Photo: Sajib Paul

Bangladesh Racerz Club
“Char chakai pura desh kapai….”

'Bangladesh Racerz Club' or BDRC had been initiated on March 26, 2008. It proudly states its own slogan as the phrase, Driver's Passion. BDRC gives a warm welcome to any Bangladeshi who has a strong interest in cars. The history behind this club is big, indeed bigger than any other automotive club in Bangladesh. It was first formed on 26th March 2000 comprising of a small group of modified cars named as GDSR. Since then things started to change and on 26th March 2008, the Group transformed itself into something big, something more different 'BDRC'.

As it is a club fully dedicated to cars, its prime focus is in upgrading or modifying cars. Apart from that they also do a number of other activities such as - free driving lessons for members, general meetings, event managements, cultural activities, rallies, etc. BDRC has spread its wings all over Dhaka and Chittagong and recently on 24th July 2009 the Vice President Junaid Rahman formally inaugurated the BDRC Sylhet unit. Around sixteen different types of cars rallied to Sylhet for the opening ceremony where more thirty cars of Sylhet BDRC welcomed the Dhaka BDRC team. This was the biggest cross-country rally to be organized by any automotive club in Bangladesh. Very soon a Bogra unit will be formally inaugurated.

BDRC firmly asserts that they do not support reckless driving and always try their best to assure safety for their members. BDRC is proudly presenting the country a different type of automotive club, satisfying their members with a friendly and helpful environment.

By Nishita Aurnab
Thanks to Zunayeed Noor Alam (BDRC)

Nano tales

She was sitting there, pretending to look calm. She looked at her husband's brown eyes that still seemed fascinating to her. Finally, the time had come. Her husband would get what he has wanted for years. He was ready, and somehow, she was too. She felt a drop of tear rolling down her cheek as she signed the divorce papers.
By Mishel Sikde

This was going to be memorable, one I'll never forget- but I'll try ... hard. As my surroundings froze for the last 55 minutes, I started to realize that my worst anticipation was coming true; beads of perspiration formed over my face. I could see the 'crimson' giving me its fixed stare- I was stuck in the traffic-jam of Moghbazar.
By Nabila Anika

Hard worker
The sweat dripped down his forehead but he quickly wiped it off with the towel around his neck. I watched as his muscles bunched and flexed resulting from his movements. He was tired, but getting his reward was enough to keep him going. He stopped. I got off and handed him ten taka. I watched the rickshaw puller ride off.

By Tarneem Islam



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