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Shunno back with Shoto Asha

After their success with their first album 'Notun Srot', Shunno is back again with their 2nd album “Shoto Asha” within a span of only about one year. Cuppa Coffee Club hosted a concert organized by Shunno and KRI Events on December 4, to mark the formal launch of the album. Tickets at the gate were sold with a free album per ticket. The line-up featured artists such as Stoned, Downbreak, Aftermath, Alternation, Circus Police, Groovetrap, Elita, and of course, Shunno.

Setting off on a slightly late start due to technical blips, the show treated the avid audience to covers of song by U2, Guns n Roses, Rage against the Machine, and Michael Jackson, in addition to home-grown hits. The energy was high, each band performed with aplomb, and Shunno, which was the last band to take the stage, took some time to hand out their vote of thanks to everyone involved in the venture.

After the concert, which was sponsored by Kri Events, Avidmax Wifi, and Green Delta Housing Ltd, Shunno's drummer Labib and vocalist Emil gave a small interview to RS regarding their music and future plans for the band.

Band formation: Emil and Shaker started the initial band, Shaker on Guitars and Emil on vocals, joined by Michael (through Shaker) and Labib (after their previous drummer left). Before Michael and Labib joined, however, Shunno performed with just Emil and Shaker for some time to promote the band and gain a fan base.

Inspiration: Emil and Shaker discovered their talent and similar interests in music during their jam sessions, and there sparked the idea for a band, to be named Shunno in the years to come.

Lyrics: While Michael writes a few songs, Emil admitted during the concert that without their friend Brishti's talents as a lyricist, Shunno wouldn't have come this far.

Genre: They experiment around with music during jam sessions, but alternate rock is their main genre so far.

Current plans for the band: as the second album is just launched, they plan on promoting the band to reach far and wide with more concerts and deliver music videos.

Future plans: the band's aim is to make Shunno one of the best live bands of Bangladesh and keep on doing live shows as long they can. They hold strong admiration for all young and new bands that are trying to produce music and want to promote them through Maroon Music. M-Music's second mixed album 'RONG 2' is going to be launched next year, which will promote new bands.

When they are not rocking the audience with their amazing talent that gained them such high recognition in such a small span of time, the four members hang out and watch movies and over the years, have become very close friends.

The immense success of Shunno so early in their career should inspire young musicians all over Bangladesh. Being nominated in the category of best band alongside Black and Aurthohin in the Meril-Prothom Alo awards 2008 for their first ever album is a quite the achievement. And starting their own music label to promote their music shows great promise as a band and an admirable dedication towards music and all those who revere it.

Shunno's first performance for their second album was a huge success, no fan was left disappointed, no observer was left with doubts about their talent and a very elated crowd left Cuppa Coffee Club that day.

By Tanzia Amreen Haq

The buzz is here

It's weird that photographers spend years or even a whole lifetime, trying to capture moments that added together, don't even amount to a couple of hours. But a single great photograph is full expression of what one feels about what is being photographed in the deepest sense, and is, thereby, a true expression of what one feels about life in its entirety.

BBC Buzz, a youth magazine show, celebrates the best of everyday life in Bangladesh. Through stories and characters that you've never heard of or seen before BBC Buzz reveals a different side of Bangladesh. And To find the best amateur photographer in Bangladesh, BBC Buzz has organized a Photo Competition each episode weekly for the past two months.

Every week, the three best photographs are selected which are submitted by online submission process by armature and enthusiastic photographers, and featured on the show. One photograph is chosen each week to go through to the series final. The weekly winning photographs with the other weekly finalist photographs were recently exhibited at the DRIK Gallery from 1st to 7th December.

Sahriar, a student of Dhaka University, expressed his opinion about the exhibition, “I'm surprised to see all these pictures. Where all these photographers are hiding and clicking their shutter to capture all these magnificent images? It is a very good initiative by the organizers. But I feel deprived because I cannot find any booklet or any other means to find out more about the exhibition.”

Some of the featured photographs in the exhibitions were really admirable. It is a very positive motivation that BBC Buzz has created a platform for a group of emerging photographers who need proper support and inspiration to take themselves to the next level. So if you are interested to know about the competition and BBC Buzz, please log on to www.bbcjanala.com.

By: Zabir Hasan
Venue: Drik Gallery



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