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The World's Finest Police Cars

Every time this writer sees one of those Harley clones or run down Hyundais that the Dhaka Metropolitan Police uses, it just breaks his heart. Okay, maybe not; but he does wonder what happens to the money he pays when he gets a ticket (which is not very rare).

Although, we might never know where all that money goes to, but we sure know what happens to the fines paid in other countries: the police get themselves supercars. Logically thinking, why not catch baddies and do it while driving cool?

Here are some of such awesome examples from around the world (okay, pretty much Germany):

Germany: The Brabus CLS Rocket

The Brabus Rocket is a supercar based on the Mercedes-Benz CLS C219. With 730hp from a twin-turbo V12 and a top-speed of 225.19mph, the Brabus CLS Rocket is currently the world's fastest legal sedan. In the 2006 Tune It Safe! program created by German Federal Traffic Ministry and the Association of German Automobile Tuners (VDAT), Brabus unveiled a police car version of CLS V12 S Rocket. Germany feels a whole lot safer now.

Germany: The Porsche 911 Carrera

Albeit an extremely hideous car, the Porsche 911 Carrera S has been extensively modified by TechArt (sirens, police scanners, etc.) for its role as a police car. In the 1999 international poll for the award of Car of the Century, the 911 came fifth. It is the only one in the top five that has remained continuously in production, and was until 1998 the most successful surviving application of the air- (now water-) cooled opposed rear engine layout pioneered by its original ancestor, the Volkswagen Beetle. It is the one of the oldest sports car nameplates still in production. With a 6 cylinder engine and 500hp it's capable of over 186 mph and sprinting to 60 mph in just 4.6 seconds.

Italy: The Lamborghini Gallardo

Lamborghini donated one of these beauties to the Italian Police back in 2004. They probably liked it as they purchased another one a year later for around $166,000. Top speed: 190mph. Powered by a 5 liter V10 with 500hp. However, it must be noted that the paint job by the Italian Police is hideous. That is what happens when you get free Italian supercars.

Texas, USA: The Dodge Viper
It is Texas' way of greeting visitors. The Dodge Viper is a V10-powered sports car manufactured by the Dodge division of Chrysler. Production of the two seat sports car began at New Mack Assembly in 1992 and moved to its current home at Conner Avenue Assembly in October 1995.

Miami, USA: The Hummer H2

Featured extensively on crime drama CSI: Miami, the Hummer H2 is actually used by the Miami-Dade Police Department in real life. Originally intended as a standard civilian armoured vehicle, this SUV is now used by law enforcers as well. Ironically, a study by the ISO Quality Planning also finds the H2 as the most ticketed vehicle in the USA. Sadly, both the H2 SUV and SUT are being discontinued after the 2010 model year as GM is winding down the entire Hummer brand. Unlike the other full-size GM trucks and SUVs, the H2 remained on the GMT800 platform after 2007, but was given an interior facelift similar to the likings of the new-for-2007 GMT900 SUVs.



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