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The week in re(ar)view

Hospital hospitality
Dhaka Medical College Hospital has been dealing with patients without requiring any ambulances for about 30 years. That's a world record right there. But that's no surprise as they sometimes also operate without doctors (pun intended). Most patients usually depend on some microbuses that have no patient-friendly features, oxygen support or even a good DVD player to while away the traffic jams.

Four ambulances have been put into service this week to bring about a change. With about 2400 patients being treated each day, 4 is slightly better than zero. With a minimum rent for a trip fixed at Tk 300, the microbuses still have no good DVD player.
Maybe another 30 years.

Inhospitable hospitals
The government has cancelled approval of the Nightingale Medical College at Ashulia on the ground of non-compliance of certain terms and conditions. Its 165 students are to be migrated to other private medical colleges from this academic session. The permission has been cancelled, as college authorities did not establish a hospital, which is now mandatory.

Name begone
Public Works Department (PWD) removed two nameplates from the city's Zia Udyan on March 6. These contained the late President Ziaur Rahman's name. Back in 1991-96, BNP government renamed Chandrima Udyan as Zia Udyan. Currently, no one knows what if anything this place will be named. Maybe it's a marketing gimmick for a U2 tour of Bangladesh where they appear and sing 'Where the streets (and bridges) have no name'.

The online crush
People these days pretty much live online. They even commit crimes online. So it's no wonder crime prevention has also gone online. Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) on March 5 formally started registering general diaries (GDs) online. To avail the service, one would have to log on to www.dmp.gov.bd and click the link “Citizen's Help Request” for filing a general diary. But do we pay bribes with a Paypal account or with credit cards?

Further online traffic continues with Bangladesh Railway launching electronic ticketing service. Using Grameenphone's "Mobitaka" service, rail passengers will be able to book or purchase electronic railway tickets 10 days prior to their travel using mobile phones. This is to ease up the human shuffle at queues. Customers can book or purchase tickets through the cell phone and receive a number with which they can collect the actual hard copy from the train station. And that means queuing up all over again. The mobile phone service provider will charge Tk 20 for availing each seat.

Some death and morbidity
Ship breaking workers have been fighting valiantly to state their occupation as riskiest in Bangladesh. But then garments workers laid down their lives to prove theirs was a profession to die for with several workers dying at a fire at Garib & Garib Sweaters in Gazipur on 25 February. Now tannery workers are rising (or rather falling) to the occasion as three workers died due to toxic gases at a tannery in Hazaribagh this week.

Ostriches at RAJUK
Instead of going by the High Court directions to protect Gulshan-Banani and Gulshan-Baridhara lakes from encroachers and restore them to their original state, Rajdhani Unnayan Kartripakkha is pursuing a scheme to conserve only whatever of the lakes are left. Since doing otherwise will ruffle some feathers.

It seems RAJUK is run by ostriches in disguise, something our Resident Conspiracy Theorist (RCT) has always stated. Their motto: When in trouble, bury head in sand. And considering the widespread encroachment, there's now plenty of sand on the lakeshores.

Interestingly, Rajuk itself endorsed creation of such plots over the years with approval of government high-ups at different times.

By Mood Dude and Someone

Lovin' With Dr. Lovelove

The Love Doctor that makes Cupid cry for his mommy……to get his diaper changed.

I come back from a 5-day work trip from the States, trying to help Ms. Lewinsky and Mrs. Clinton bond over their mutual grievances, and THIS is what I get? Apparently, some lesser than less than mediocre writers (I do not recall their names, Dhoni Something and Ero Sanya, I think) have unleashed their hate towards the Doctor. I bless these people at the RS with my presence, but I see my benevolence gets me nowhere. But worst was seeing my followers turn their backs on me. I help them every week with their puny, pathetic little lives…I must shake my head. I knew that the newer generation had no respect left. But this was low even for their own standards.

Dear Doc,
Well, first let me tell you one thing even though there's a disclaimer at the very end of your column, if anything goes wrong in my life after taking your advice (if I do take it that is), I'd continue cursing you for the rest of my life; and trust me, a heart-broken, shattered, nothing-to-live-for girl's curses do actually work. So, starting with my problem, in one line: I am in love with my best friend, and I can't stand any girl he talks to or goes out with.

I can never be that mushy-gushy romantic girl with any guy, especially not with him, but it hurts a lot when I see other girls flirting with him. He knows about my feelings, but he does not feel the same way for me. However, he doesn't even let me break every sort of relation with him either. As I pointed out first, he certainly is my closest friend, this friendship does mean a lot to me and until now I used to think that between love and friendship, I'd gladly choose to remain as friends if the alternative meant losing him forever. But things are getting too complex these days… Do you think he'd call me a fake if I do eventually hook up with someone? Or should I try to be an evil mastermind and drive all his friends/girlfriends away? I personally prefer the last one by the way, but as it is a matter of 'life and death', I decided to rather rely on a professional's judgment. Hoping to hear from you soon, before my stock of tissues runs out...
With love,
P.S: Are you single by the way?

I would apologize for cutting your letter short, but I don't think you deserve it. Your letter was so humongous and monotonous, I did not have the patience to read it all the way through. It went on and on and on, and I got so bored, and because there was nothing else on TV, I actually had to watch One Tree Hill reruns. It was torture either way, so I thought I might as well stare at some good-looking people while I was at it.

Here's what I believe (hence, it must be true): A girl and a guy, if they're attracted to each other, can never truly be friends. A platonic relationship between members of the opposite sex is an urban myth, an urban myth that mostly girls believe. But guys, they know otherwise. See, as far as I can see, he is a selfish tool, who just wants to use you, regardless of what you feel and being a girl (i.e. stupid and incapable), of course you fail to see that. I'm assuming what you feel is not due to how good he is, but rather because of constantly being close to him. (I am also assuming inferior beings such as yourself have the capability to feel.) So, here's the solution: let that idiot rot in the dust. Leave him; don't talk to him, about him, etc. Pretend he doesn't exist. Now, one of two things might happen. One, and there is more chance of this happening, because, c'mon, you're no looker, or else he'd be with you. And believe me, there are finer specimens for him to choose from. As for the jealousy, you'll get over it when you realise you're not important to him. Or anyone for that matter. And two, he will realize how much he misses you yadda yadda and come running back to you. Don't hold your breath. Remember, no matter what he does, don't go back to him unless your terms are fully met. You won't be happy otherwise. Heck, you won't even be happy with him. He's an idiot. And he's a guy, and trust me, men don't think with their brains when it comes to women. So he won't think anything of you.

P.S.: Do you even know who I am? Am I not grand? The most benevolent? The Great One? Of course I'm not single. But I don't mind some action on the side.

Problems and inquiries: dr.lovelove@live.com

Disclaimer: To all those who hate-hate Love love's views; the RS dosn't endorse them. This is a humour column, and not to be taken seriously

By Dr. Lovelove

RS Mailbox

Your one-stop junction for love, hate, suggestions and counters for the Rising Stars.

Word on our last issue:

Ahmed Saquif Alam Anough: Tell you what? Hatehate was ten times better than Lovelove! (They) really blasted your Doc apart! Anyway 'Genius in the family' was awesome too!

Redwan Hossain: Tolerating one Lovelove isn't bad enough, now we have an anti-Lovelove to bug us. Just kidding! You guys (Ero Senin and Don Khan) have always got our attention (not to mention other writers in RS as well). I liked the writing by Anarchist Kitten and Ahsan Sajid, but was surprised as to why Alvin and the Chipmunks didn't make the cut for the Top 8 fictional bands. No doubt the furry chipmunks were quite popular when the cartoon was aired on Cartoon Network.

Klanty Islam: I really, really liked 'Genius in the Family'. It was really awesome. I am completely mesmerised by this article.
Tasmia Tasin: I really loved today's anime review.

Zarin Khushnud: This week was okay. I liked the opinion about subjects because I'm about to choose my O'level subjects next week, and it was quite a good help! Thank you RS! Love you

Tania Hossain Firoz: I'm flattered AND confused. my nano tale was printed this week and the last. If I had known about this nano situation I would've been more than glad to submit a new one for this week :)

An honest mistake. Sorry about that, on hectic Sundays and Mondays, when we're yelling at the writers for not delivering and getting yelled at in return, things sometimes get overlooked. Thanks for your vigilance!
RS Desk

Dear RS,
You have been my favourites since..... see you have been my fave for so long that I have forgotten since when. All of your writers are awesome; they are all my favourites specially Don, Ero, Fakir, and Doc Lovelove. I almost forgot, I had something very important thing to say regarding The Don Khan and Ero Senin insulting Dr.Lovelove. Why? It's not necessary that you have to like all the articles.... and it's not also necessary for you to write something bad about anybody. So my sincere request to Don and Ero: please stop insulting Dr Lovelove. Just because you don't like him doesn't mean no one else does.
Nusrat Jahan

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