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Miss Trophy 2010

The ultimate prize in every football tournament is always a beautiful trophy. But which one is the most aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Let trophies make their own statements on who is the most deserving of the title “Miss Trophy 2010”

Comedy, Magic, Music and World Cup

THE World Cup is finally here! After weeks (for some, even months and years) of waiting, it has finally arrived. To celebrate the kick-off match between South Africa vs. Mexico, a lot of places in Dhaka had World Cup kick off concerts but Cofi11 was definitely the place to be. Featuring bands from Chittagong and comedian/magician Max Mystel, it was a night to not be missed and it sucks for those who missed it.

The show started off late as always, but this is Dhaka, it would be surprising if the show started on time. The long wait in the hot terrace was well worth it though with Tanshi, from My 31st Demerit, introducing the audience to finger style acoustic. He did a couple of his own compositions ('Waves splashes on your shore' and 'Desolated shadow of the picture') as well as 'She' by Andy Mckee and had the crown begging for more by the end of it. It was entirely too few songs for such a good guitarist. My 31st Demerit, a band very popular in Chittagong, took the stage next and did Iris by the Goo Goo Dolls, Watch Over You by Alterbridge and their very own Chaardeyal. Again, it was a little out of tune but overall it was a great performance to listen to. They had amazing musicians and a vocalist with a beautiful voice.

Blunderware, who has become this writer's new favourite local band, took the stage next and did Semi Charmed Life by Third Eye Blind, What Time Is It by The Spin Doctors and two originals titled Moshaari'r Ei Diin Raatri and Afim Chaash. They kept saying that this was one of their worst shows, but to the audience it seemed pretty gosh darn fantastic making us wonder what their good shows are really like. Here's hoping we get to find out soon enough.

Max Mystel, the funniest magician in town, was up next to entertain the crown. Max is one guy you must catch live because there is no way of describing his terrific bit. He uses sleight of hand and street magic with his own blend of dry humour to keep the audience holding their sides in stitches.

It was a great night that ended entirely too soon, but the first football match of this year's World Cup couldn't be missed.

Cofi11 (House # 34, Road # 21, Block # B, Banani) will be screening all the football matches on big screen, so be sure to check them out! It's a great environment and has some of the best coffee in the city for those late night football games.

By Musarrat Rahman

Nano Tales

As I looked out the window, suddenly everything started rumbling. Then I heard the sound… Coming like a sting, it pierced through my eardrums and pricked my head. It struck me that the moment had come. And along itself it brought forgotten memories, melancholy tunes of farewell... I looked at the scenery for one last time. And the train started.
By Umama Akhtar Turna

A Name Without A Face
He stood, mask in hand, looking down on metropolis. A thousand faces dreaming of money, fame and power. He knew nothing of the first two, but for the latter, he held in his hand more than anyone could ask for. Just one more time, he said to himself as he donned the mask and smiled behind the face of obscurity.
By Tahsin M. Tanzim



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