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Fantasy football team

By Musarrat Rahman

THEY have the riches to keep you in Louboutin's and Galliano gowns for the rest of your life, perfectly toned, muscular bodies and chiselled features that would put Michael Angelo's David to shame, accents that would make any girl weak at the knees and, erm, football kicking skills. What is this new breed of ubermensch, might you ask? The men of World Cup 2010, of course.

With the World Cup kickoff on the 11th, most of you will be into the game watching them kick the ball around the field, but some of us (or maybe it'll just be yours truly) will be watching the scrumptious behinds of the splendiferous football players. Who cares about the darn ball when some of the most sumptuous creations of mankind are on the green?

So we have decided to bring to you a list of the best looking eye-candy to look out for this summer. There were so many to choose from but after extensive research, debating and girl fighting, a team of awesome chicks have come up with the ultimate top 15.

The list is random and in no order whatsoever. All these players are equally gorgeous, Fernando Gago being the best looking.

1. Michael Ballack: The German with the nicest tush will not be playing this year due to injuries. Such a travesty, how will we survive without this fine specimen playing for the Germany team?

2. Fernando Gago: Apparently he is a midfielder, whatever that means, but all that is just irrelevant when it comes to this handsome brown eyed, silky smooth locked Argentinean. It should be illegal to look this good.

3. Victor Valdes: He is credited as the most successful goalkeeper in the history of Barcelona (even opposing players cannot bear to hurt this gorgeous goalie) with numerous championships under his belt. But it's probably his Colin Farrell looks that made him famous and landed him his model girlfriend.

4. Kaka: This handsome Brazilian is hot off the field and on it, and is considered “one of the best footballers of the past few years”. Even the football legend Pele, a tiny little old guy considers Kaka as “the best player in the world”.

5.Holger Badstuber: Germans are very dominant on this list; they seem to have the best-looking men. Model-esque Badstuber plays defence and hypnotises the opposition with his gorgeous smouldering gaze.

6. Fredrik Ljungberg: The Swedes are famous for their tall, blonde haired, blue-eyed hunks and Ljungberg delivers all that and much, much more. Maybe not as famous as the rest of the aforementioned, he is certainly one of the BEST looking. He even modelled for Calvin Klein recently.

7. Wayne Rooney: Why does everyone say he looks like Shrek? He most certainly does not! He has got the James Bond accent and ruggedly handsome good looks. He practically oozes manliness from his pores, and at the end of the day, all a girl really wants is a man. Did you read that properly, guys of Dhaka city? A MAN!

8. Cesc Fabregas: It's a rule of the world that Spaniards are gorgeous creatures, be it women or men. Look at Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem. Look at Fabregas. It is how the world works. Thank you God for them beautiful Spaniards.

9. Joe Cole: Another Englishman with the James Bond accent. It is a double whammy when they have that accent and the looks to match.

10. Arne Friedrich: He's German, enough said.

11. Luis Fabiano: This Brazilian honey looks like a toned, non-violent version of Chris Brown, what more do you need?

12. Rafael Van Der Vaart: The Netherlands team was practically invisible eye-candy-wise until this gorgeous Dutch caught my eye.

13. Patrice Evra: This Frenchman has the most beautiful bone structure and the most amazing brown eyes.

14. Benny Feilhaber: He is the one and only gorgeous player in the US team.

15. Yoann Gourcuff: He is supposedly one of the best strikers in the world and very 'quick and agile'. Does that mean he'd be able to outrun us when we give chase? Hmm, we'd have to think of a more foolproof plan.

So there you have it folks, our Fantasy Football Team!
Wait, are there 15 people in a football team?

Special hot-guy mentions go out to: Mario Gómez, Matthew Upson, Nani, Rio Ferdinand, Joe Hart, David Villa, Steven Gerrard, Gary Neville, David Beckham, Phil Neville, Carlos Bocanegra, Gregory Van Der Wiel, Adam Johnson and Emmanuelle Adebayor.



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