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Princess Bieber

Arecent phenomenon has swept the Interweb of websites like the Facetube and Youbook. A 16-year-old girl who pretends to be a boy but still sings like a girl has won the hearts of millions of other girls, by singing of course. New terms have even been coined, with those crazed fans being called true Bielebers (they also happen to be crazed fans of gTwilighth in most casesuggghh) . Of course, this comes from the name of the scrawny little kid, Justin Bieber.

A Canadian (I know, right? Hilarious) by birth, he sang and crooned in homemade videos, which eventually made their way onto Facetube. Just like in a Disney fairytale, a music producer accidentally watched the video and he was so impressed he swept the beautiful princess off her feet. Oh wait, wrong story. But princess Bieber did get his lucky break though. He signed a record deal with Raymond Braun Media Group and was on his way to fame, releasing his debut album gMy Worldh in November 2009, which went on to be certified platinum.

To learn why gheh has so many crazed fans, apparently we have to delve into his troubled past. He was raised mostly by his mother, and his parents got divorced when he was ten years old. Boo hoo. This is what helps emotionally weak teenage girls connect to him. Of course it has nothing to do with the gcuteh looks, the massive fame or the insane amounts of money hefs getting from the record deal, whereas thousands of average Joes with family problems would be branded losers by those very same girls.

Enough about the person, what about his songs? Apparently another reason why people connect to him is because they can find a true meaning to his songs. The only thing I found out on listening to his songs is that I had disconnected the speaker cable unconsciously. I bet that makes him harder to connect to for us guys. A typical girl who listens to Bieber wouldnft be able to find the speaker cable, let alone disconnect it. All good for Princess Justin then. And the fact that hefs frolicking around holding hands with Kim Kardashian isnft going to win him points from the guys either. The haters will always hate.

As with almost all celebs, there is no shortage of rumors about the Princess. A fave among the interfishingnet community seems to be labelling pop stars. Further proof of Bieber being one comes from 27 year old Katie Cormier, who was almost arrested on charges of underage drinking. Say word? It seems that Katie is almost a perfect Justin Bieber lookalike and the cops thought Bieber was out partying and boozing. So not only is he a she, but gshefsh also OLD.

I get the whole crazed fans thing with pop/rock stars. Beatlemania comes to mind. Bear in mind though, the Beatles were pioneers and were bursting with talent at their prime. Theirs was a new type of sound, and it revolutionised music and cemented their place in history. I donft think Bieber will be any more than a washed up junkie musician by the time he finally starts growing facial hair. And since that seems to be like forty years away, enjoy the fame while it lasts kid.

By Shaer Duita Fish Reaz.

Alumni at Arms

SCHOLASTIC Alumni Association hosted their first alumni play at the Scholastica STM Hall on 22nd and 23rd July 2010. The play was a first after almost two years of no dramatic ventures by Scholastica and because it was an alumni play, the cast consisted of students who had already graduated from the school. Mrs. Yasmeen Murshed was personally involved in the project and together with the 2008 batch graduate, Wajed Al Rahman, who also participated in the play, directed the production. Supported by the Scholastica Alumni Association, Ascent Group and Scholastica School were sponsors to the event.

The cast members also took charge of the costumes and props, music, stage construction, lights and sound departments, and with the help of the Scholastica support staff, put together an excellent array of costumes and a stage worth gazing at forever.

The play was George Bernard Shaw's chamber play “Arms and the Man”. It had a simple yet intriguing story as it depicted the mocking of societal status and showed how practical minded individuals took advantage of this status from those blinded by their need to be above in position. The play is set in the middle of warfare and shows how people used senseless things like war to raise their importance. The play is set in late 19th century.

The story is about how Captain Bluntschli, a mercenary soldier fighting for Serbia against Bulgaria though he is of Swiss nationality, takes refuge in the bedroom of Raina Petkoff, a spoiled young Bulgarian woman who believes in the glorious side of war and is oblivious to the horrors of it. Raina is at first fearful of him but eventually begins to sympathise with him and even becomes contemptuous of his escapist nature because she believes that men who stand and fight are real soldiers. Bluntschli on the other hand, observes Raina's innocent nature and begins to explain the reality of war. In doing so, he removes the blindfold of romance from Raina's eyes and she begins to understand the world from his point of view.

The audience appreciated the performances of each and every actor especially those of Major Petkoff (played by Zarif Bazme Hafeez), Nicola (by Ayman Arka Khondoker), Sergius Sarahnoff (by Imtiaz Zahan Chowdhury) and Louka (by Tanzia Amreen Haq), that's right, it's me!!

By Tanzia Amreen Haq

Youtube's Got Talent

YOUTUBE is one of the more popular Internet revolutions over the past decade or so. It's given us cute baby videos, memes, and even short films (We're looking at you, Dr Horrible). It's also given us some original musical talent in a day and age where artists like Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry manage to ride the auto-tune wave into stellar record sales. This week, we look at some musicians who made it big on the Tube.

Storming the Tube
Singer, songwriter, producer and fitness expert, 'DeStorm Powers' is a man of many talents. Getting a head start on the biz, he received a scholarship to the Baltimore City School of the Arts at age 15, and went on to major in Music and Fine Arts at the Bowie State University. Juggling his physical pursuits along with the artistic, he competed in various sporting events at the Olympic level, receiving certification as a Master Trainer, specialising in kickboxing, speed dynamics and sports specific training. He founded his own music production company Platinum Rings Productions in 1998.

On the Tube, in addition to his workout videos, he does these crazy musical experiments every Monday and Friday, bringing you one-man-acapella (OMA) covers of popular RnB, hip hop and pop numbers. We particularly loved his 'One Goal' anthem for the Fifa World Cup, and his Lady Gaga/Ke$ha mash-up.

Instrumental warfare
Face-offs are fun on a normal day, but these super Gleeks have upped the ante with the ultimate OMA battle. Yale buddies Kurt Hugo Schneider and Jake Bruene, both aspiring music producers, each fairly popular on Youtube because of their quirky covers, challenge each other to play songs on the most unlikely instruments, from recorders and glockenspiels, to even Gameboys, and crockenspiels! Their mad skills with the chosen instruments, and hilarious posturing will have you laughing, even as your jaw hits the ground. Start with 'Baby on Recorder', and follow the boys on their zany game of one-upmanship.

Also worth a mention here is Sam Tsui, a young cover artist that Kurt Schneider is producing for, whose MJ and Lady Gaga medley went viral and inspired many other artists to pitch in with their own instruments (civicdude101's trumpet rendition is worth a watch). Schneider and Tsui ended up on Oprah to perform, and recently signed deals with iTunes for their medleys.

Cousins in Concert
Another OMA artist that quickly gained prominence on the Tube is Daiyel. Part Filipino, part Spanish, part Chinese, all-American, this acapella artist hails from Houston, playing in bands Del Soul and Legaci. Daiyel soon surpassed his band-mates in terms of popularity when he uploaded his OMA cover of Jason Mraz' 'I'm yours', following with the popular 'Fireflies' by Owl City.

Riding on the success of his ventures, he promoted his cousin Naya Marie when she made her Youtube debut with a Lady Gaga medley sometime last year. Naya's done some Gleek-style mash-ups since, and recently recorded her own music video for her original song 'A Million Soldiers”, which is truly a work of art, considering it's a budget project.

These are just some of the many, many artists out there who are finally getting some exposure thanks to the Tube. Listen and enjoy!

By Sabrina F Ahmad
References: brotherhoodofthegame.com, imusicdaily.com, Youtube



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