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When Weird Wears Clothes

If you thought Lady Gaga and her meat dress was news, then just wait till you check this out-

Remember those mood rings we had as kids? Well, some bizarre people are taking the concept one step further and building sensors right into your clothes. They measure things like heart rate, blood pressure and body temperature, as well as the way you move. The dress changes colour according to the feedback from your own body. So now if you see your mum wearing red, you know it's time to run. On a more helpful note, these sensors can come in handy when monitoring patients. Now, the nurse won't come in and bother you every half-hour to check your stats - your underwear will already be sending the info to the doctor over a wireless network in real-time.

Another weird, but totally cool piece of clothing is the 'printed organism' jacket. If you wear the jacket for long enough, a creature slowly starts to appear on your jacket. When you take it off, the creature fades out. It uses your body heat to stay alive, much like a parasite. Creepy, no?

Another awesome jacket that does more than just keep you warm is the electrostatic jacket. This cool creation is covered with fur, which can stand on end, much like a cat's, to provide extra insulation. And that's not all. Anyone who gets too close to the electrically charged jacket gets a nasty shock. Perfect for those mugger-infested Dhaka alleys.

Speaking of jackets, have a look at the force feedback jacket. It looks like a bulletproof vest, but does exactly the opposite - it lets gamers feel what it's like to get hit when they're playing. Now with this thing around, you can really get punched professionally. A less violent version of the force feedback jacket is the 'taptap'. It's a jacket that lets you transmit hugs over a wireless connection in real-time. Pressure pads give the wearer the sensation of being hugged. This would make the greatest going-away gift for a loved one, especially for those who are going abroad.

Ok, so this one gets wacky. What if you had a swimsuit that could also save your life? Well, that's exactly what this weird thing does. The bikini inflates at the front and the rear to double as a lifejacket when the wearer is in trouble. Unlike the female version, however, the male version doesn't have any visual benefits. For the guys, the swimsuit inflates at the stomach to give a very Homer Simpson-esque pot belly. SO not cool.

Moving on to more flattering clothing, have you ever put on something gorgeous only to find that it really doesn't fit you properly? Instead of running to your tailor for alterations, why don't you just program it differently? When you put on clothes in the future, the dress will first run a current through the fabric. The microchip in the dress then 'remembers' your curves so that you'll get a perfect fit next time you wear it. And no worries if you've lost weight. You can always reprogram the dress to fit you, and you'll look just as stunning.

Now for the really crazy ones - how about headphones that look like bunny ears? When you're listening to music, they clamp on to your ears just like any other normal earphones. But when you're not, they stand straight up, just like real rabbit ears, showing that you're paying attention. It also makes you look stupid, unless you're under five years old.

Here's one for the lovebirds. Matching T-shirts with heart motifs on the front. But what's so special about that? It's the fact that the hearts light up when you get close to the other wearer. The closer you are, the more the number of hearts that light up. Now isn't that sweet? Hopefully it will catch on as a new form of PDA and give us some relief from the current gag-inducing forms.

And the best of them all is... the guitar T-shirt! For those of who have air-guitar-ed all their lives, this T-shirt comes as the answer to your prayers. It's a T-shirt with a guitar design on the front, which you can actually play. It's not just a couple of pre-recorded sounds. You can actually play your own music on this thing. It comes with magnetic guitar picks and has in-built speakers to help you spread your noise. And don't worry about washing, because all the electronic components of the T shirt are fully removable.

So, what are you wearing tonight?

By TheAlien4mEarth
source: www.2leep.com

Lessons in Shopping - Buy it Cheaper

This has happened to almost every teenager- you go shopping alone and buy some really cool stuff. You return home and show off to your relatives that you bought it so cheap. Then one of your uncles (or cousins, mean ones) chirps up, “I can buy it at half the price,” with such a swagger that you can't exactly defy him without having doubts. Then all others would agree and someone helpful would kindly announce that you would do better next time. You feel incredibly stupid as they point out the faults in the product. Well, there is about 78.65% chance that the same thing could really be bought at a much cheaper rate. But you need to learn some tricks and strategies. Here's the occasional useful article you find on this tabloid on the art of shopping: how to haggle and buy things cheaper.

Know your Place:
Obviously shops at fancy markets would rate a product high and hang boards that say “fixed price”. When you try to bargain, they would smilingly point at them. To prevent further embarrassment you just buy the shirt or the pair of denims. The only things good about the place are that you get a warranty and you can swap if it doesn't fit; and maybe 'bideshi maal' too. But there are places where you can buy similar things at a much lower price. Like Bongobazaar, the footpaths in Gulistan and opposite of Dhaka College and Holiday Markets. Avoid flashy, nice-looking shops and shopping centres if you want clothes cheap.

Know your Price:
There are a lot of people who think that one should start bargaining from half the amount the shopkeeper asks. This theory is not even half-right. Don't forget their experience. They can easily spot a 'murgi' (n00b) among thousands and can ask four-five times more than the original price. So what you really need to do is know about the items. Go around in shops and ask the prices. You can even ask your mean cousins too. Knowledge is your greatest friend.

Lose the Pride:
When you are browsing through stuff in Bongo or other places, you will obviously encounter insulting remarks (“shala koy ki?” and the likes) and queries (like if you or your gusti have ever worn a pant). Many lose their cool and buy the thing just to show that “Yes, I can”. Don't. That is just what they want. Neither should you fall for their flattery. You know who you are and what suits you the most.

Watch what the other customers are doing. I know, it is a great pain to walk around the whole place, but if you do so and take mental notes, you will get good products at a cheap price.

And here are a few more wise suggestions:
- When you want to lower the prices and they ask you how much you are willing to pay, lower the prices to your lowest minimum and work up from there (but not too much).

- When the salesperson still tries to raise the prices, walk away. Soon enough, they'll call you back and offer it to you at your price. Salvatore Ferragamo sunglasses were bought at Tk600 (not dollars but TAKA) by implementing the above mentioned methods of bargaining.

- If you are at the-place-opposite-Dhaka-College, then head to the shops that aren't full to the brim with customers. If you like the super cute denim military jacket at the over-crowded store, chances are you'll get it at the other one too at a lower price. If not, then splurge!

- Try to look like a veteran. Ask questions. Don't act like you really need the stuff or you really like it.

- If you are a pretty girl, just smile. If you are bigger and taller than the sale person, just glower.

We are not saying that no salesperson can be trusted or they are all thugs and cheats. But you can never know. We have spoken.

By Musarrat and Jawad


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