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Lovin' With Dr. Lovelove
The Love Doctor that makes Cupid cry for his mommy…to get his diaper changed.

It's been so long since I've sat down to waste My time on you lot, but it does feel good to be back, and I wait for the inevitable cheer of My worshipping fandom to soothe My ears. A brief explanation for My absence is in order, this much I owe to My fans. I've been to a lot of places these past couple of weeks, touring Europe (where I added Larissa Riquelme to My list as number 798), visiting unworthy royalty, helping William and Kate go through their obnoxious round of couple's counselling (100 bucks says they're divorced by Christmas) and finally coming round to India to help Sreesanth and Kohli manage their anger issues (It was intolerable. I ended up flinging Bhajji's turban at Sachin's throat who, finally, has a man's voice now.) But here I am, ready to tackle issues un-tackle-able.

Hey Doc,
Well, I have a problem. You must have read that sentence a lot of times before me and yet here you are reading our worthless love problems. Seriously Doc, maybe they should promote you or something! Anyways, back to my problem. But before that, I know this column is here just so that you can show off your corny humour but I really do need help. I am 15, cute and have the most complicated life a 15 year-old can have. You see, 2 months back I was seeing this guy who was everything I wanted in a guy but not after 1 month after we were together he decided to take a break because his exams were coming back. But before things between us ended he had introduced me to a friend of his, who was so different from him! After things were done between us, and I moved on I got really close to his friend. Let's call this friend the A guy and my ex, well…the X guy. So I got really close to A and soon, I found myself falling for him. And that was way before I even met him. I fell for the type of guy he was. After that I heard from a friend of mine that A also liked me and just to make him 'fess up I confessed to him that I liked him. That's how we got into a relationship.

After a few days X heard about us and we got in contact and according to him, he never got over "us" but he wasn't pissed at me when I got together with A. He said he moved on and we have started talking again. The usual talk in the morning, in the afternoon and from the evening well into the night. Sooner than later, I realised that I never got over him. Now I'm stuck in the middle between these two guys. Oh, did I forget to mention that due to a fight they hate each other now? Yeah. It's just that I don't want to end things with A and hurt him but I want to get back with X too. I want both without losing either. I know that's whacked so now I'm stuck in a "Twilight" moment, but unlike Bella I do really like both of these guys. Come on Doc, you know the solution to this! Please help me out? And no I'm not ugly so don't even think of going there. You should see my mom's pictures when she was in college. I'm a girl and even I'd call her hot! Anyhoo, help me out of this complicated situation?
Complicated Teen
P.S. Don't you dare criticise this whole thing or I swear you'll get an endless stream of hate mail.
Toodles! =D

Dear Bella,
I didn't realise I would be in for such a treat the moment I got back. The material you have given me to criticise is making Me drool enough to cater to the Egyptians when the Nile has dried up. When I look at you, it reminds Me of a word. I'll give you a hint: starts with an S, has a LU in the middle, and also has a T. You guessed it, SoLUTion! Whatever you do, don't take your advice from Meyer (I've met her, and she's the one who told John Travolta to become a Scientologist), but the Solution is simple. As I've said countless times before, love is like a unicorn: it's pretty and it doesn't exist, but it still has a horn it can poke you with. Just play it out with Mr. A/X/E/F/F/E/C/T, whatever their names are, until you eventually get bored and then go for the other one. Go after the one who looks better first, because the uglier one will be mighty insecure and stay single for as long as you need him.

P.S.: It's SIR Dr. Lovelove. I'm just getting back, so I'm in a forgiving mood.

P.P.S.: Some mentions to Afrida Tabassum and Umama Akthtar Turna for the correct answers, though I don't remember what the question was.

Problems, inquiries, endorsements and KMAs:

By Dr. Lovelove

Career Planning Workshop at FBS, DU

Early on a rainy Saturday morning, the FBS auditorium was awake and buzzing. Inside, one of the country's most renowned Human Resource specialists, Mr Quazi M. Ahmed, was conducting a highly motivating workshop on career planning. “Careers are something that we tend to worry about a lot, but also something that we rarely think about in a systematic manner,” he says. And thus this workshop.

After some inspiring words from Mr Quazi, the participants were all charged up. Mr Quazi then showed them how to find the perfect match between what they are passionate about and what they are actually good at. Those present had a chance to objectively analyse themselves and their skills through the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. This career test looked at several aspects of an individual's personality, before providing a list of career suggestions. Some were delighted with their suggestions, while others needed to do still more 'career shopping'. “I was already heading towards my chosen career, and this helped give me the confidence that I was choosing the right profession,” says Joyita, a participant. The session was interactive, with Mr Quazi coming up with different activities to keep everyone engaged. Light refreshments ended what seemed to be quite a successful workshop.

Ovick Alam, speaking for the organisers Synectics BD says, “We are seeing that young people these days focus excessively on their studies. They need to stay in touch with the real world.” In the upcoming months, Synectics BD aims to hold workshops on topics that hold considerable public interest, so that students remain engaged in extra-curricular activities. The event was broadcasted live online by Comjogot.

By T. Zaman



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