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Tennis Season Review

This year the tennis season began with Nadal holding out the Throne of no. 1 tennis player while Federar pursued closely staying at no. 2 etching for the slightest chance to regain his kingdom.

His new girlfriend

As the media frenzied over this year for Nadal's taking, in the end we observe the tables are turned as the dark horse Djokovic, outmatched all his opponents and grabbed the top spot for himself, winning 3 of the 4 Grand Slams of the year while Nadal whimpers in the 2nd and Federar surprisingly falling off to the 4th while Britain's last hope Andy Murray sleazes into the 3rd.

The contest started in the Australian open where Novac Djokovic defeated Murray and declared his claim to the throne but it was momentarily dispersed as Nadal won the French open, his beloved fortress after last year's injury slip. However, Djokovic displayed his unsurpassed skills in both the Wimbledon and the US Open winning both of them which secured the no. 1 rank for him. Federar has been a mere shadow of his former self the whole year, occasionally blazing up but only to submerge quickly and as for Murray, the only people who actually believed he could win a grand slam were the British media.

The women's tennis, however, was very unpredictable as it pretty much turned into a game of musical chair and whoever played well at the moment seemed to win the Grand Slams resulting 4 different winners in 4 tournaments. The reason, basically, is the absence of the favorites as both Serena Williams and Justin Henin Hardin succumbed to injury.

Although Caroline Wozniacki is the current no. 1, no one have the slightest doubt of her losing the spot in the future tournaments. This year we saw the rise (and fall) of some new tennis sensations in each GS and at the end of the year none of them successfully managed to establish a solid platform for themselves. The former no.1 Kim Clijsters won the Australian Open defeating the Chinese Li Na who surprisingly won the Rolland Garros. Petra Kvitova won the Wimbledon while Samantha Stosur of Australia won the US Open needless to mention none of these contestants were anticipated to win the trophies.

With the end of the season, we wait for the new one to see if the current king and queen of the tennis world will be able to hold on to their reign or will a former ruler or a new rookie banish them and seek the glory.

By Mahir

Last week our topic was Fat. A cluster of very good entries turned up and it came down to a very close vote among the editorial team and the piece below won out, mainly because the message it sends and the overall jolly vibe. We hope you like it. For next week, our topic will be: Lollipop. Submissions have to sent to ds.risingstars@gmail.com before Sunday noon. Word limit: 500 words. Good luck.

Burn and Learn

By Sarah08Nasri

'Oh cool, there's ice-cream today! Want some?'
'Na dost, ami khabo na. Mota hoye jabo.'
(For the umpteenth time that week, she had been all conscious of her diet. And I mean COME ON she wasn't even fat!)
'You're still on that dumb diet?'
'It's not dumb!'
'Sure it's not.'
'Was that sarcasm, Sarah?'
'I dunno.'
*Next day*
'WHAT THE, why? It's just chocolate!'
'Do I look like I'm out of my mind?'
'You're insane!'
'Well, I seem to be pretty sane.'
'Mota hote jabi!'
'Ami already mota!'
'You're not fat!'
'Ok, then let me eat dost! We have a match only hours away and gosh, Niketa, people are staring at you!'
'Do you want him to dump you?'

'God Nikki, HE IS NOT GOING TO DUMP ME! He loves a girl with a good appetite. Plus, I'm an athlete, I burn whatever I eat, loser kothakar!'

'He does, does he? We'll see. Just wait till you put on a few more Ks. He'll leave you before you can say fat!'

'Accha bhai, thikase. Can I please eat now? I'm starving and HELLO, I can't run on an empty stomach!'

'Tor ja khushi ta kor, ami ar kisui bolbo na.'
'Finally, the day has come!'
*sigh* “It was good while it lasted.'
'I'll show you why controlling your diet matters.'

'Relax Nikki! I believe in controlling my diet, but not starving myself! In times like these, you should remember the stuff the coach told you, “Sir, 18 porjonto ja paben tai khaben, tarpor theke kintu shabdhan hoye jete hobe. Shejonno jotodin paren, kheye nen” '

'I'll show you why I'm doing this! You'll regret not listening to me!'

'You don't think I know why you're doing this? It's to get Sadman, isn't it? Well good luck with that because he's already in love with someone else, and she's not thin!'

'He's with someone else?'
'Why didn't you ever tell me?'
'You never asked.'
'So, all of this was useless?'
'Not all of it, you still look awesome, buddy.'
'You're just saying that to make me feel better.'

'No, I'm not. Look, you can't just impress someone with what you look like. Even if you do, it's not gonna last very long. My point is, you need to get him using yourself; what you really are. That's how you guys will be inseparable. Kinda like me and you-know-who.'

'I guess you're right.'
'Hey, you win some, you learn some.'
'I'm hungry, wanna get something?'
'Now we're talking!'

For all you girls out there, who aren't happy with the way you look, relax! Honestly, none of us are. Just accept the fact that you're awesome your own way and don't give a crap to what the others say. Show the world that you have what it takes!

(This piece is based on true experiences. Identities have been changed to retain privacy.)



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