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COMICS Book Review

DC: The New Frontier

By Munawar Mobin

DC: the New Frontier was one of the many comics stashed up and left to gather digital dust in my pc. Last week, four hours flew by - and with extraordinary pace at that - as I finished all six volumes of this miraculous book.

Written by Darwyn Cooke, the comic is based on the formation of the Justice League; but in six solid volumes, it does not simply tell the story of the superheroes joining hands together. Instead it talks about origins and you can see the past and the political concepts behind each superhero's creation reflected in their characters.

Walking in slow motion while the world around you ends; it's how heroes do it. And how we walk when no one's looking.

The ones from the '30s are “born” right after the Great Depression, becoming symbols of hope and redemption; The superheroes of the '40s show signs of patriotism, bravery and sacrifice, coming from the era of World War II; the ones after that, in the '50s, tell the tale of a post-war USA and having the faith to rebuild and live with loss. To be frank, it's very easy to get lost in the beginning with all the different tones that the comic is written in. But bear with it.

The book focuses mainly on the origins of Green Lantern, and it is through the telling of his journey that all the other origins are talked about. The spark in the plot is an alien of massive proportions invading earth and exterminating humankind. Hence the teaming up of superheroes, some unknown to others, while some feared and threatened by mankind.

It's a rollercoaster ride of amazing artwork and insane scripting. In the end, it makes one realise that superheroes, the classic costumed superheroes, can still be as much fun even today. It makes one understand that not every hero's background needs to be sketchy, dark or filled with blood. They can be quite colourful and still be just as inspiring and badass.

Yours truly highly recommends you read this one.

"Perfect, immaculate, pure... flight. The kind of flight that fills your spirit in a way only a dream can."

- Hal Jordan



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