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If only we could bottle laughter and sell it, we'd be rich because apparently laughter is the best medicine. But we found another way to capitalise on it. We print laughter, and you, our readers, buy it. Unfortunately, we're not charging you enough. While we rectify that, you can have a few good laughs this week at the old low, low prices. We begin with what's down below, then talk about monkeying with cameras, weird friends, weirder math known as statistics and ads for animals. Sincerely haha-ing,

Ehsanur Raza Ronny, RS Editor

Harry Potter

"Hey Muggle, you're about to be mugged."


“Click. Click. Click” Then they skin you.

Captain Jack Sparrow
Unsheathes and sneers drunkenly
“Ever since I sold the Black Pearl for those eye liners, I've had nothing to stand majestically from. I'm going to have to ask you to give up that fine looking pouch; nice and easy, savvy? ”
Termintor as Arnold (yeah, we know)
"Gimme your wallet if you wanna live." Then he shoots you and says, "Hasta La Vista, Baybee." And then he runs shouting, 'Get to the Choppah". Yeah, we can't stop quoting Arnie.
Marches with 299 men behind him
“THIS IS a mugging.”

Barney Stinson
Fixes ruffled suit and holds you at laser point

“You know how they never tell you what I do for a living? What I do is, well, I mug people and tonight is going to be legen…waitforit…givemeallyourmoney.”


Vito Corleone

Clasps hands and stares you right in the eyes

“I'll make you an offer you can't refuse. All your money in ten seconds or you die, capiche?”


Darth Vader
“Look, I'm your mugger.”


Eddard Stark
Produces sword and shivers

“Winter is coming. Money is tight and thermal underwear is expensive stuff. Hand over the coins and you won't get thrown over The Wall.”





Take some time to rant
The cover story captured a lot of attention:

Real Warda
The cover story about Bangla idioms was fantastic. I had my Bangla class before I went to the library for "The Rising Stars" and we were being taught Bagdhara-Probad Probochon (IDIOMS)! 'The Valentine Disaster Diary' was funny and kinda gross too!

ScaRlet Rin Chan This Baghdhara article helped me a lot in my test :)

Ehsanur Raza Ronny And that's what we're here for, helping people with life's problems. Actually we are here to make people laugh but that'll do too.

Wasim Alam Unbeatable fish people! Best!

There was some general love:

Maeesha Ryaan
This week's RS rocked! Really loved it.

Some pointing out of mistakes:

Ahnaf Kamal
In response to article 'The ultimate diversion Why SOPA was necessary'
thepiratebay is still alive and working perfectly.

The Rising Stars We should've mentioned that thepiratebay is on the run. Thanks for pointing it out.

And some old friends:

Zarif Tajwar
Wow! RS has changed a lot since the last time I read it, a long time ago. But it's good to see that it's still retaining its glory among the readers. Great job, keep it up.

And, strangely enough, a job offer/business idea:

Basma Rahim [via e-mail]
This week's issue was amazing and thanks for FINALLY reviewing Fairy Tail! I was wondering that since there are so many awesome writers at RS, why don't you guys team up with some good animators and create "Bangladesh's 1st ever anime"? I know. Crazy idea.


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