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Satire makes life's repetitiveness interestingly repeatable. Boring things become more interesting when we look at them differently. Such as when we add jetpacks to our imagination (and ourselves). Or when we talk about cheese but really talk about the lack of money in our pockets with which to buy cheese. Head over to page 3 for some cheese (or lack of). Also we have a rebuttal to a portion of last week's article on Mens Rights. Some said men don't need rights. Some say men have all the rights. But most say, men should be making the sandwiches. I know, we don't always have our screws on tight, but then that's how we make RS the crazy fun read that you say it is. Let's start with our Totally BS survey below. BS stands for 'Big and Serious' in case you were wondering. We're serious.

-- Ehsanur Raza Ronny, RS Editor

6.5% Won't let you kill someone because they like bad music.

8.7% Wants you to study something that you don't necessarily want.

7.3% Before leaving you home alone says, 'Don't open the door to anyone."

32.6% Mobile phone related woes are quite big. 45 respondents cried about it. CRIED! All those tissues! Other, similar answers were:
If you're under 16, won't/didn't let you have a mobile phone.
Ask me who it was every time I hang up the phone. Who was that on the phone? ki chay?...oh....WHY?
Eavesdrop on phone or near door.

13% Regarding the following, we have no idea why or it's apparent significance but people felt inclined to add these and vote. What it really shows is that people like to waste time. At least, 18 people did. No mention of magur maach. Simlar complaints were:
Muri khaite dey na.
Didn't allow Mutton Leg Roast at Star Kabab.

6.5% Looks through your drawer for drugs, sex and joint rolls.

0.72% Pretend they know nothing but actually they do, Makes you spill the beans anyway.

24.6% Where you are, what you're doing, being the eternal spy. Of course, in their defence, young people (teens) cannot be trusted. So they have to worry. Some of the respondents said their parents:
Camp outside every coaching/tutor (like chaperoning to school wasn't enough).
Call them every 30 minutes.
Call them every 4 hours.
Call them every 2 hours.
Will scold them for playing with fire.
Ask friends about possible relationships.

If the text below looks sideways, your eyesight is going bad

Blame it on the Germans - or the British. Next time your mom runs after you with a carrot because it will give you twenty-twenty vision - blame it on them. You might have secretly hoped that all the carrots you ate would one day pay off by you getting Cyclop's laser vision thingie. Just cause the Brits didn't want the Germans to find out they were using Radar, they spread the word that their pilots had good visions due to carrots. Talk about long term effect.

So what do we do with carrots now? Well Dr David Hepworth and Dr Eric Whale thought carrots could be better utilised to make cars. Curran, their new carbon fiber-ish material is made from carrots. Imagine riding a car made of carrots. Also kids here who like putting up stickers and decals on their cars to "pimp" it up, could try sticking carrots to their dad's new Toyota Corolla.

On that note, korollas or bitter gourds - we seriously need to dig up some dirt on these bad boys. At least with carrots we could always look back on Bugs Bunny and think we looked as cool as him munching on a carrot. But korollas, not so much.

Speaking of cartoons, Popeye needs to be sued for tricking all those kids (read yours truly) into eating spinach while flexing their 5 year old muscles (or lack thereof). All that because some German misplaced a decimal point on a study on the amount of iron contained in spinach. Damn those Germans.

Take some time to rant. Feel better? Come to our Facebook page for more.

Ramisa Nawar Promee
Are we permitted to post some drawings on the page wall or send those via mail? May we have it?

We've had a few more questions like this coming up time to time. Send us any artwork you think you'd like to have featured. We will either make space for it on the paper or create a separate folder on the RS Facebook page. - RS

Affan Ahmed (via email)
It's really great to see Kidstars back in the pages of RS again. My first ever contribution was as an 8 year old way back in the stone ages. I'm not much of a writer but that recognition by RS gave me excitement, hope and sure got me hooked on this magazine.

Samira (via email)
Wow, didn't know independent artists, especially digital artists in Bangladesh can get any amount of recognition. This just goes to show that if you want something done, do it yourself. Kudos to the young people who organized this. So when is the next Untitled exhibit by Bangladshi Deviants taking place, if at all?

We spoke to the organizers and they are planning and 'Untitled 2' for later this year. Also, a little correction. It was a street show, not street art show as mentioned. - RS

Ahmed Mustahid
Really interesting cover story! Had no idea Dhaka had such place lurking behind the concrete. Anyways I don't know how to go there...Google says it's deep inside Dhaka.

Google still isn't sure what to make of our alleys and by lanes. We've had a dumpster in Lalmatia being marked as a side road. - RS

Our Men's Rights article last week had some supporters from men, obviously.

Rumman R Kalam Men's rights? MEN ARE ALWAYS RIGHT.
Peter Regal Whittam Except the times we actually say we're wrong.
Ehsanur Raza Ronny When we actually say it or made to say it?
Rumman R Kalam We are right when we say we are wrong.



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