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Avengers Assemble
The Avengers are coming!

Who are the Avengers? Well, they are just the 'Mightiest heroes on earth' (DC comics and its flagship super-team JLA might differ, but there is no doubt that in the Marvel universe, they are). Just imagine, if you have the Hulk, Thor, Iron Man and Captain America in your team - what else do you need?

The Avengers is not the first super-team in the Marvel universe by the way; the Fantastic Four is. But when the original Avengers - Thor, Iron Man, Hulk, Ant-man and Wasp formed together, it was written on stone that they will band together forever to fight evil.

Here is an interesting trivia - just like The Avengers movie, the original team was formed to fight Loki. In 1962, created by the legendary team of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby - the Avengers was formed when Thor and Iron man, with the help of Ant-man and Wasp, realised they were duped by Loki in fighting Hulk. So they decided to assembled together to take Loki down.

Captain America was re-introduced in the Marvel universe in Avengers #4 and has been the most popular Avenger ever since. Cap was suspended in a block of ice since his 'death' in World War two, and was found by Namor in this issue. For the record Cap was created in 1941 to fight Hitler in his own series.

Here is a small recap of the classic first issue. Loki, as usual, driven by unfathomable jealousy of his popular half-brother Thor, plans his demise by making him battle the incredible Hulk. Loki first dupes the Hulk into believing that there is a bomb on a rail-track. When the Hulk smashes the rail-track to bits, he sees a train coming. To save the train, he pulls the track and allows it to pass on his body. But the people think it is the Hulk toying with them and a distress signal is sent. Loki makes sure that the premiere super-team that existed at that time (the FF) did not get the call but Don Blake (aka Thor) sees it. Iron Man sees it too. Thor and Iron Man with Ant-man and Wasp come together for an epic fight with the Hulk. In the end it becomes clear who was behind all the mischief and the usual defeating of the bad guy ensues.

RS has the movie review this week as well. Check it out in the centre.

Avengers Assemble!!

Avengers vs X-men

The X-men are willing to take on the Avengers to ensure that Hope (Hope Summers, the daughter of Cable) becomes the new Phoenix. The Avengers believe if the new Phoenix rises, that is the end of the world.

This high-octane mini-series has stormed into the comics sales chart this month, and has replaced JLA as the number one seller. In fact, the first print was sold out in 24 hours, a feat not seen since the release of JLA #1 last September.

This story follows directly after the Avengers: X-sanction saga, where Cable come from the future and believes that the Avengers will harm Hope, and starts taking them off one by one. For the record, Cable is Scott Summer's son from the future.



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