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Stereotypes are there for a reason, because they exist without fail. But there's some undeniable truth. For one, sons will clash with fathers; daughters will begrudge them at some point of time. It will usually happen around the time the kids are stepping into adulthood. Like most of our readers.

I was no different. I hurt my father's feelings the first day of university orientation; he wanted to tag along and I wanted to face it by myself. I was being 'cool and independent'. He thought I was embarrassed to be seen with him. He couldn't have been more wrong. That's just me, trying to handle everything on my own. I realised that after he moved to another country and it was tough to see him. Also, I grew up. This is my story, and it has similar echoes throughout other young lives.

My dad instilled a few basic traits in me. Not that I follow very well, but he did. He wouldn't steal when everyone around him got rich doing just that. He still managed to do everything he wanted but through hard work. Though I think he was luckier than others. What did I learn? It's tough in Bangladesh to be honest. Should have stuck to wanting to be a bank robber.

He taught me to drive, but slowly. I wouldn't; another point of discontent. We probably got on each others nerves a lot while behind the wheel. Isn't that the story of our lives? Except I think the world of him.

This has been the most difficult and probably worst strung together piece of writing in my career. So what does that say for our readers? Don't be an ass like most of us are for a time. You will have a tough time, you will have grudges, but at the end of the day, fathers, and mothers (partly because she will be reading this too), are the ones that care for you unconditionally. If there's anything you want to do right, you want to do right by them. Start this Sunday, Father's Day.

-- Ehsanur Raza Ronny, RS Editor

Before you buy another tie for the dad, read this

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Farhat Chowdhury Zishan
If I were a millionaire, I would have made a movie titled Step Up Ultimate Fusion: Break Dance vs Bharatnatyaam!

We take it you mean US millionaire? A Bangladeshi million doesn't get you much. - RS

Rhidita Khan
Why don't you guys do those things which used to have questions and we would choose the answers and add them up to see the result kind of things? Those were pretty fun.

Our Big&Serious surveys will be back soon. - RS

Saad Nazh B
Extreme sports? Dude honestly, it seems more like a 'run or die' marathon (word of advice - constantly bang your face on the table near you, when face-palming ain't called for).
Arittra BizWaz One Does Not Simply Travel in a Bangladeshi Local Bus.

Fuad Hassan Number 13 bus; the unlucky one indeed. If you are more than 5'7'', you can't stand upright and will have to stoop low. And when you face the suffocating jostling your mind will automatically sing 'You take the breath right out of meee...' aww... eee..

Saad, most extreme sports IS run or die. Or at least break a few very important bones. - RS

Mustabeen Qazi
Gopi bahu has a new face - said my mother, and officially quit watching Sathiya today. That'd be one serial down and eight more to go.

How about they do the whole Face/Off thing? The faces of all actresses switched in every serial. Now if only we had Nick Cage's plastic surgeon. - RS

Tanima Sonar
Loved the article Time Travelling by Mahir. That piece made me laugh to death!

“Excuse me, are you the imprint of a departed soul?” - RS



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